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The Egg Dragoon (エッグ・ドラグーン Eggu Doragūn?) is a boss in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It represents Sonic Unleashed in the Modern era. The battle is set underneath Eggmanland, near the core of earth. Unlike the original battle in Sonic Unleashed, Sonic the Werehog is not playable but rather Sonic himself will have to fight the Egg Dragoon.

Boss guide

The Egg Dragoon is fought in a long, circular tunnel, underneath Eggmanland. Throughout the battle, Eggman toggles between the Egg Dragoon's body and tail, the Egg Dragoon's attacks are dependent on what part Eggman is piloting. Whilst in the Egg Dragoon's body, Eggman attacks using eithers its Drill Attack that can be avoided by using Quick Step, or its Fire Beam that must be jumped over. Whilst in the Egg Dragoon's tail, Eggman will fire its Ice Waves at Sonic, which must be avoided by simply moving out of the way. Each part of the Egg Dragoon must be hit four times to defeat it. During the battle, the camera then changes to a 2.5D perspective and the Egg Dragoon will shoot ice at Sonic that can be avoided by jumping over it. During these sections, Eggman tries to trap Sonic between two walls whilst shooting ice blasts at Sonic, Sonic must Wall Jump between these two walls while avoiding the ice blasts to attack the Egg Dragoon's head. If Sonic fails to do so after a short time, Eggman will smash the two walls together, crushing Sonic between them.

Once the Egg Dragoon's head has been hit four times, the battle changes. Dr. Eggman will not try to trap Sonic between two walls. Instead, Eggman performs a "separation attack" where the Egg Dragoon's body and tail detach and attack simultaneously, and when the belly has been hit once, a portal opens up along the tunnel that sends Sonic and the Egg Dragoon into a long vertical tunnel. Sonic must dive towards the Egg Dragoon whilst avoiding its Drill Attack to hit the Egg Dragoon's belly. At the bottom of the tunnel, there is another portal which takes the player back to the normal area; to re-enter the vertical tunnel section, Sonic must attack the Egg Dragoon's belly again.

Once both parts of the Egg Dragoon's body are defeated, another mini-cutscene shows it crashing at the bottom of the vertical tunnel whilst Sonic simply lands there, unscathed. It takes a total of 8 hits to defeat the Egg Dragoon on Normal mode, and 10 hits to defeat it on Hard mode.


Image Name Description
SG achievement Boom Boom Dragoon.png Boom Boom Dragoon Defeat Egg Dragoon. (30G, Secret)


  • The Egg Dragoon is the only major boss in the game that was not a final boss in the game it originated from.
    • However, it is the last nighttime boss to be battled in Sonic Unleashed and was the penultimate boss overall (after Dark Gaia).
  • The Egg Dragoon is the only console/PC boss to not appear on an advertisement in the game (the Death Egg robot and Perfect Chaos appeared in the Chao in Space posters in Speed Highway and City Escape and the Time Eater's name makes a cameo in Radical Highway on the 3DS version).
  • In the 2D sections of this boss, you can see the floating world piece that Eggmanland is built through the glass, the actual boss stage itself is the falling section of the original boss battle. However, unlike Unleashed, it never enters the Earth's core, as the Dragoon vanishes through a portal before hitting the floor plate and just lands on the plate when defeated.
  • The music for this level's Boss Gate found in White Space, rather than a remix of the music heard in the level, is a remix of "E.G.G.M.A.N." from Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Sometimes, during the Skydiving scene, the Egg Dragoon will get near of Sonic without the need of boosting to him.
  • Even if Sonic does not deliver the final hit at the diving part, the cutscene still shows the Egg Dragoon falling from the vertical tunnel. Should the final hit be dealt in the running stage, the Dragoon is seen to start exploding and spinning into a portal, before the cutscene plays out as normal.
  • The Egg Dragoon in Hard Mode takes the most number of hits to defeat out of any boss (including Rivals) in both versions of Sonic Generations.
  • In the boss trailer, Eggman can be seen riding (or rather standing) on top of the Egg Dragoon. This was most likely a glitch.
  • Despite the stage clearly resembling Eggmanland from Sonic Unleashed, concept art for this boss fight in the Gallery simply refers to the setting as "the Egg Dragoon Stage", unlike the concept art for the other boss fights in Sonic Generations which refers to their settings by the original stage names (Death Egg, Stardust Speedway and Final Rush).


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Boss Battle: Egg Dragoon" Richard Jacques 5:54
N/A (White Space) Jun Senoue 1:21


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