Bracket results of the Egg Cup Tournament.

The Egg Cup Tournament is an event that appears in Sonic Pinball Party. It was a pinball tournament organized and held by Dr. Eggman in Casinopolis during an attempt to build up an army of robotic slaves.



Sonic facing off against a mind-controlled Tails in the second match of Egg Cup Tournament.

While kidnapped Animals coming to Casinopolis and transforming them into robots, Eggman organized a large pinball tournament dubbed the "Egg Cup Tournament" which Sonic the Hedgehog entered to save Tails and Amy, who have become brainwashed into serving Eggman and taking part in the tournament.

As the pinball tournament progressed, Sonic would conveniently face off against Knuckles and the mind-controlled Tails and Amy during the first three rounds, taking each one down and in turn restoring Tails and Amy's free will. Surviving to the final match, Sonic faced off against Metal Sonic and won, making him the champion of the Egg Cup Tournament. Suddenly however, Dr. Eggman entered the tournament and challenged Sonic to an extra match. In the end, Sonic won, defeated Eggman and rescued all the Animals.


  • Bracket results of the Egg Cup Tournament show numerous characters from different Sega games as participants in the tournament. These include ChuChu and KapuKapu from Chu-Chu Rocket, Linda from Samba de Amigo and Wizeman, Reala, NiGHTS and Puffy from NiGHTS into Dreams. Despite this, none of these characters are seen or mentioned in the game's story.
  • After Sonic defeats Metal Sonic and wins the Egg Cup Tournament, he mentions quickly, that he has to rescue his friends from the island.[1] This line refers to the tournament, yet the game's story itself takes place in Casinopolis which is located on the mainland. The island that Sonic mentions, has not been clearly determined.


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