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Try using the Bombats against the Egg Crawler.

— Loading screen, Sonic Rivals 2

The Egg Crawler is the second boss fought in Sonic Rivals 2. The battle is fought near at waterfall at the end of the Sunset Forest Zone. Eggman Nega, disguised as Dr. Eggman pilots a giant robotic centipede.


Egg Crawler takes its appearance from a giant centipede. It has yellow spikes, red on the shell, feet, and front of the face, and gray on nearly every other part of the machine. The Egg Mobile is located on its head.


Silver fighting the Egg Crawler.

The Egg Crawler will come from one of two ends of a cave, and drive around the circular track. There are two ways to damage it. The tougher option is to jump between the platforms the players stand on and attack the cockpit directly. The easier method is to attack the Bombats that spawn over the ground, and have their bombs drop and hit the cockpit. As it takes more hits, it will travel around the path at a very fast speed or suddenly reverse back inside the cave.

After six hits from one player, the Egg Crawler is destroyed and the battle is done. In addition to dealing with the other player, who will be trying to win the battle for themselves, players must also take care not to be run over by the mecha. When playing against the CPU, it does not strategize correctly and will often rapidly attack all the Bombats in the area hoping for a lucky shot, meaning the player will be forced to wait for new Bombats to spawn and dragging the battle out much longer.


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