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Egg Commanders are combat automatons constructed by Dr. Eggman, deployed throughout Soleanna during the events of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Official guide

"Egg Rounders rarely travel solo. Most are found in larger packs, and are often under the stewardship of the Egg Commander. Commanders are painted blue and red, which sets them apart from the all-white Egg Rounder. If the Commander is destroyed, all the Egg Rounders in the pack self-destruct. The Commander possesses the same shielding as the Rounders, so wait for the commanding mech to lower its plates before launching an attack."



It is an advanced model of the Egg Rounder, colored blue and red and easily spotted among the white Egg Rounders it leads.

Powers and abilities

The Egg Commanders have all the abilities that the Egg Rounders have and additionally have the ability to control and guide any robots they lead against their opponents. The Egg Commander is usually the leader of a group of Egg Rounders, but can sometimes be seen leading other robots, such as Egg Guardians. The Egg Commander has a strong shield that can protect it from attacks such as Homing Attacks, and prevent it from being paralyzed by Silver's Psychokinesis until it opens itself for an attack. The Egg Commanders have enough armor that they take two hits to be destroyed. Destroying an Egg Commander will cause all robots it commands to also be destroyed, granting the player bonus points.


  • The Egg Commander is similar to the Egg Knight in that destroying it destroys all of the robots it controls.



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