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The Egg Chaser is an enemy that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It is a rhino-based Badnik variant, and a more advanced version of the Egg Liner constructed by Dr. Eggman, which were deployed during Eggman's operations in Soleanna.


The Egg Chasers' design is very similar to the RhinoBots'. Highly detailed, it is a small robot consisting of a torso and head resembling a rhino's, and a single black wheel on their bottom. It has a gray body with a yellow-brown chassis, a large and long lower jaw, and two frontal horns. Additionally, it is equipped with yellow-brown and a black shield placed on each side of their horns which it can fold in. It has cyan eyes and lights on its shields.


The Egg Chasers are not very common enemies, only appearing in a select few Action Stages and Town Missions. They always appear in groups where they spearhead several Egg Liners, although there is rarely more than two Egg Chasers present. Destroying all Egg Chasers present in such a group will cause all the Egg Liners to be destroyed as well, earning the player bonus points.

In battle, the Egg Chasers attack the playable character by either ramming into them or deploying bombs that generate electrical fields. By using its shields, it can also completely block the player's frontal attack, but it cannot block attacks from above or the rear. The Egg Chaser has relatively heavy armor, taking two hits to be destroyed.

Powers and abilities

The Egg Chaser is designed for speed, and its single-wheel design allows it to rotate when at rest. It cannot adjust its path once in motion, but it can achieve solid speeds when moving in a straight line. Its chassis is fastened with two horns which it can use to skewer its foes. The Egg Chaser is also equipped with small shield plates that it can use to deflect frontal attacks and can deploy electrical bombs.[1]




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  1. Black, Fletcher (14 November 2006). "Dr. Eggman's Robot". Sonic the Hedgehog: Official Game Guide. Prima Games. p. 324. ISBN 978-0761555100. "Egg Chasers are smaller mechs designed for speed. A single-wheel design allows the machine to rotate when at rest, but it cannot adjust its path once in motion. However, the mech can achieve solid speeds when moving in a straight line, and does damage with the twin horns fastened to its chassis. Chasers are equipped with small shield plates on either side of the horns, which deflect attacks to the wheel. The Egg Chaser is weakest when attacked from the top or the rear."

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