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The Egg Carrier 2 (エッグキャリア2 Eggu Kyaria 2?) is a vessel that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It was a second Egg Carrier that Dr. Eggman had built as a back-up plan in case of a rebellion from Chaos.


The Egg Carrier 2 was identical to the original Egg Carrier in appearance (except for a large "2" painted on its flank), firepower and prowess.



Chaos Saga

The Egg Carrier 2 was built and stashed away by Dr. Eggman in the case that he could not control Chaos or that the creature would rebel.[1]

Ep32 Perfect Chaos vs Egg Carrier 2

The Egg Carrier 2 about to fight against Perfect Chaos.

Upon Chaos' betrayal, the Egg Carrier 2 was launched by Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe to take down Perfect Chaos in Station Square. Despite firing all the Egg Carrier 2's armaments at Perfect Chaos, the monster blocked them all. The ship was then blown up by Perfect Chaos' energy beam, sending Eggman and his crew flying.[1]

Archie Comics


The Egg Carrier 2, from Sonic X #10.

Eventually rebuilt, the Egg Carrier 2 would be used by Dr. Eggman as his base of operations and hiding spot on a number of occasions.[2]




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