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Behold my floating masterpiece, the Egg Carrier!

Dr. Eggman, Sonic Adventure

The Egg Carrier (エッグキャリア Eggu Kyaria?) is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a large multifunctional flying fortress created by Dr. Eggman which initially served as the doctor's base of operations during an attempt to conquer the world. The Egg Carrier has been crewed by Eggman and various robots, including the first E-100 Series robots. The original Egg Carrier fell into the ocean after a mighty battle, but other iterations have been made over time to take its place.



The original Egg Carrier was a a large and heavily armored air cruiser-based fortress with a red, yellow, dark gray and white-colored hull. It consisted of a long and pointy bow with a red metal cover over its main cannon. The ship also had a fairly large and open deck and the Eggman Empire's decal emblazoned on it. In addition, each side was covered by a large plate of armor which could be folded out into a wing. The first Egg Carrier also had two massive jet engines on the rear. The ship also had two modes that it could transform into. In its pre-transformed form, its wings were folded up along the sides. In its post-transformed form on the other hand, the wings and thrusters were extended out to the sides and the top of the rear deck was raised.

The second Egg Carrier seen during the Solaris incident retained much of the former's coloration and shape, and had a more high-tech design, but was smaller and sleeker. It features a longer bow with what appeared to be some kind of cannon mounted on its underside, and it had several engines mounted on the back of it.

Features and abilities

The original Egg Carrier's battle mode, from Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.

The original iteration of the Egg Carrier was an all-purpose aerial fortress with numerous commodities befitting an evil genius. It was capable of flight and hovering, and was equipped with a plethora of weaponry. This included a large front-mounted laser cannon housed inside the bow known as the "Egg Cannon",[1] which could fire a powerful cyan laser beam that was capable of incredible destruction. Other armaments included laser turrets, deployable air mines for infesting airspaces, missile launchers, and cannons for firing spiked objects. It had as well hangars for quick deployment of aerial robot drones to defend the vessel. This Egg Carrier could also transform into two shapes; a cruise form and a high-movement battle form. While being somewhat streamlined in its pre-transformed state, its post-transformed state made it much harder to get from the landing area to the bridge.[2] In addition, it was equipped with a tractor beam for picking up objects and passengers .

The second iteration of the Egg Carrier have demonstrated identical flight capabilities, but not the same degree of offensive capabilities as the original; that said, it still showcased a number of armaments (like the plasma cannons seen during Sonic's battle with the Egg-Wyvern) and storage compartments for Badnik troops.[3]


Sonic Adventure

The original Egg Carrier, from Sonic Adventure.

In Sonic Adventure, Dr. Eggman created the Egg Carrier as a part of his agenda to use Chaos to destroy Station Square. He also created the E-100 Series to serve as the ship's elite crew.

The Egg Carrier first known usage was when Eggman used it to approach Angel Island in the sky, most likely so that Eggman could get close to the Master Emerald and shatter it in order to free Chaos. Later, the Egg Carrier appeared above the Mystic Ruins to pick up Eggman. Though Sonic and Tails chased after the Egg Carrier the Tornado as it took its leave, the Tornado was shot down by the Egg Carrier's main cannon during the duo's aerial battle with the ship. The Egg Carrier proceeded to fly over Station Square, during which birdie managed to escape from the ship, taking a Chaos Emerald with it in its locket. As such, ZERO was deployed from the Egg Carrier's deck to catch it. Dr. Eggman soon after also dispatched his E-100 Series robots from the Egg Carrier to search for Froggy, who had swallowed Chaos' tail and a Chaos Emerald. The Egg Carrier later made a brief landing at the Final Egg, where Eggman's E-100 Series robots returned with various frogs. When Dr. Eggman took a look at their frogs however, he found out that only E-102 Gamma had brought the right one. As punishment for their incompetence, Eggman teleported his remaining E-100 Series robots out of the Egg Carrier Hall for remodeling and banishment. In the meantime, Knuckles and Big snuck onboard the Egg Carrier, which soon took off again. Along the way, it picked up ZERO at the Mystic Ruins, who had successfully kidnapped Amy and birdie. Sonic, however, who had been following Amy, set off in pursuit of the Egg Carrier. As the Egg Carrier passed over Red Mountain however, Sonic was joined by Tails in the Tornado 2. During the heroes' aerial battle with the Egg Carrier, the Tornado 2 managed to severely damaged the Egg Carrier and destroy its main cannon. The Tornado 2 then crash landed onboard the Egg Carrier, as the battle mode it was currently in was not equipped with landing gear. At around the same time, Gamma was assigned to retrieve birdie from the Prison Hall onboard the Egg Carrier. On the way there however, he got into the room where E-101 Beta was being rebuilt into E-101 Mark II. The sight of Eggman's callous treatment of his own creations shook something in Gamma. Regardless, he proceeded to Amy's cell and was about to force Amy to hand over birdie. However, he ended up being persuaded to help Amy by freeing her, whom he ordered to run away. After thanking Gamma, Amy and birdie began to flee through Hot Shelter. Along the way, they were being tailed by ZERO. In the meantime, Big went to Hot Shelter too where he found Froggy in a big water tank.

The Egg Carrier beginning to fall from the sky, from Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.

Meanwhile, on the Egg Carrier's outer deck, Dr. Eggman changed the Egg Carrier's shape in order to make it harder for Sonic and Tails to get to the bridge. As such, the duo had to go through the Sky Deck, which Knuckles was also visiting in search of the last shards of the Master Emerald. Eventually, Amy managed to get out on the Egg Carrier's Deck, only for Eggman to attack her there. Sonic and Tails soon after arrived, but they were too late to keep Eggman from taking birdie and claiming his Chaos Emerald. Having no further need for birdie, he released him. Eggman then summoned Gamma to deal with Sonic and Tails while he himself withdrew to the Egg Carrier's Central Dome. Though Sonic defeated Gamma, Amy saved the robot from destruction by telling Sonic that he had helped her escape. Meanwhile, the Egg Carrier began to lose altitude. As such, Sonic told Tails to get Amy off the ship, while he dealt with Eggman. After transforming the Egg Carrier back into its original shape, Sonic rushed to Eggman's position. Meanwhile, Tails took Amy off the Egg Carrier, while Gamma flew off the Deck as well. Meanwhile, Eggman and Chaos 4 caught Big and Froggy as they were trying to escape. Eggman proceeded to take Froggy's Chaos Emerald and tossed both of them into Chaos 4, transforming it into Chaos 6. In addition, Chaos absorbed its missing piece from Froggy, regaining its tail. Fortunately, Sonic soon after came to the rescue. While Sonic fought Chaos 6, Big fished Froggy out from the creature and escaped from the Egg Carrier in the Tornado 2. Eventually, Sonic defeated Chaos 6, which forced Eggman to retreat. Immediately after, Knuckles arrived on the scene. As Sonic pursued Eggman off the Egg Carrier, Knuckles faced Chaos 6 as it recovered for round two. Regardless, Knuckles was victorious and retrieved the six Chaos Emeralds Chaos had obtained and left the Egg Carrier in order to return to Angel Island. Having been badly damaged, the Egg Carrier subsequently crashed into the ocean.

Gamma later returned to the wrecked Egg Carrier to destroy E-105 Zeta in Hot Shelter. Not long after, he encountered E-101 Mark II onboard the Egg Carrier too, whose reconstruction had been completed. Though Gamma destroyed E-101 following a massive battle onboard the Egg Carrier, he was left so badly damaged that he blew up afterwards. With the destruction of both robots though, the Flickies that powered them were freed. Not long after, Amy returned to the Egg Carrier to help birdie find his family, who were the ones powering Gamma and E-101. Upon finding them though, birdie was attacked by ZERO, prompting Amy to finally destroy the robot. Afterward, birdie recovered and flew off the Egg Carrier with his family.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

The Egg Carrier floating above Soleanna, from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Dr. Eggman had made a second iteration of the Egg Carrier that differed from the original one. During the Festival of the Sun, Dr. Eggman used the Egg Carrier for an attack on Soleanna to kidnap Princess Elise the Third from the ceremony. While Sonic thwarted Eggman's initial attempt, Eggman eventually managed to kidnap Elise. Taking her onboard his Egg Carrier, Eggman had it make its escape across Wave Ocean while Sonic chased after the vessel. While Sonic failed to catch the Egg Carrier, the vessel itself left for the Dusty Desert, where Elise was imprisoned. After Elise was rescued, Eggman flew the Egg Carrier to Soleanna again, where he threatened to destroy the entire city if Elise did not turn herself in to him. After Elise had complied in order to save her city, Eggman took her back to the Egg Carrier, from where he intended to find the Chaos Emeralds needed for his plans with Iblis, which was sealed inside the princess.

On its way to the Chaos Emerald however, the Egg Carrier's engines began to fail for unknown reasons, causing the entire Egg Carrier to crash, which resulted in Elise's death. With Silver's help , however, Sonic went back in time and got onboard the Egg Carrier just as it took off. As such, as the Egg Carrier began to crash, Sonic came to Elise's rescue. Eggman, however, refused to up and fought Sonic with his Egg-Wyvern. Eventually, their clash ended with Eggman's defeat at the hands of Sonic, who saved Elise from the Egg Carrier as it fell to pieces and blew apart. However, Eggman also managed to escape.

Other game appearances

Sonic Heroes

In Sonic Heroes, the Egg Carrier is briefly mentioned by Amy Rose while onboard the Final Fortress when playing as Team Rose. It is also mentioned by Knuckles in that same stage when playing through it as Team Sonic.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

The Egg Carrier, from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Dr. Eggman had built yet another Egg Carrier, which bore a distinct resemblance to the Final Fortress. At the beginning of the game, the Egg Carrier was used by Dr. Eggman to defend Metropolis against G.U.N.'s forces. During this, Sonic and his friends attacked the Egg Carrier and confronted Eggman onboard it. While there, Tails pulled out some cables in the control room, which resulted in the destruction of the Egg Carrier and its subsequent crash in Metropolis. While Sonic and his friends managed to escape safe and sound from the Egg Carrier's crash, Eggman went missing. He was later revealed to have been saved from his Egg Carrier by one of his robots.

In other media

Archie Comics

The Egg Carrier, from Sonic Super Special #15.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the Egg Carrier was important transport for Dr. Eggman during an attempt to conquer Station Square. The original Egg Carrier fell into the ocean after a mighty battle. Shortly after, a second Egg Carrier was made to stop the rampage of Perfect Chaos, but the creature quickly destroyed it.

After the Super Genesis Wave occurred, the Egg Carrier became identical to its game counterpart, with its remains causing the waters around Meropis to become polluted.

Sonic X

Main article: Egg Carrier (Sonic X)

The Egg Carrier, from "A Robot Rebels".

In the anime series Sonic X, the Egg Carrier is modeled after the iteration that appeared in Sonic Adventure. In this media, Dr. Eggman used it during his operation to destroy Station Square using Chaos. After several outings and battles however, the Egg Carrier crashed into the ocean, where it was visited by E-102 Gamma and Amy Rose. It remains were later salvaged by Eggman to create the Grand Egg Imperial.

In the Sonic X comic series, additional Egg Carriers were used by Dr. Eggman and his crew.


  • In Sonic Adventure, the Egg Carrier can be seen changing its appearance (rendering state) during certain missions. For example, during the battle between Amy and ZERO, the window bars on the bridge disappear and the yellow topped radar looks grey with red outlining. This may have something to do with the original Egg Carrier look before drastic changes.
  • In the cutscene depicting the Egg Carrier's freefall, it is visibly damaged, with entire portions of the ship missing. During Knuckles' battle with Chaos 6, the center turbine portion where the battle takes place is damaged as well, something not visible in Big or Sonic's battles. However when the Egg Carrier is revisited while floating in the ocean, there are no signs of damage whatsoever.
  • During the Egg-Wyvern battle in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), the Egg Carrier drops charges from the hold. It is not known if the Egg Carrier was lightening its load to stop falling or if that was a developer's method of making the battle more interesting.
  • When the player finishes Red Mountain, the Egg Carrier seems to change color.
  • If the player pauses the game when the Egg Carrier is transforming in Sonic Adventure, the Egg Carrier will disappear.
  • When the sequence occurs when the Egg Carrier changes forms, if the player is Tails and attempts to fly, the sound he makes when he flies can still be heard.
  • In the Sonic Underground episode "Come Out Wherever You Are," a ship called the Predator closely resembles the Egg Carrier.
  • The early design for the Egg Carrier seen in Sonic Adventure's concept art appears in the X-Zone table in Sonic Pinball Party.


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