Quotation1 When the Egg Bull gets angry he'll smash through anything, so be quick, or be smashed! Quotation2
— Loading screen, Sonic Rivals 2

The Egg Bull is the fourth boss in Sonic Rivals 2. Taking place at the end of Frontier Canyon Zone, Dr. Eggman Nega attacks in a giant mechanical bull.


Egg Bull takes its appearance as a bull or an ox. It is mostly red, with a gray body, horns, and face. It has yellow parts on the body. The Egg Mobile is located on the back.


Egg Bull Defeated

The Egg Bull destroyed.

The Egg Bull chases the players while occasionally shooting packs of dynamite (happens when it receives enough hits). While running, the players will pass several stacked benches. The Egg Bull will either destroy these and keep running, or stop to attack the players with more dynamite packs and horizontal tornadoes which it blows from its snout. Players must jump on the benches to gain height, and then attack the cockpit positioned on the bull's head. Players can also attack from the ground if the bull lowers its head enough.

The Egg Bull must be hit six times from one player in order for the battle to end.


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