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That Robot reminds me of the Egg Emperor.

E-123 Omega, Shadow the Hedgehog

The Egg Breaker (エッグブレーカー Egguburēkā?) is a boss in Shadow the Hedgehog. It can be encountered in Cryptic Castle, Mad Matrix, or Iron Jungle. In each level it has an extra ability.

The potential guides for the battle are: Amy Rose, Espio the Chameleon and E-123 Omega respectively.



The Egg Breaker is a mech with an open cockpit that Dr. Eggman sits in. It somewhat resembles the Egg Emperor from Sonic Heroes, except it bears a red and blue paint scheme instead of gold, and its right hand is a giant spiked ball that it can throw, which is used to try to crush Shadow and create shock-waves. On average it takes 23 shots from a normal gun to defeat.

Powers and abilities

The Egg Breaker can jump to create a shock-waves. It can spin around with its spike ball and throw it, with fire balls circling around it. It can quickly generate new spike balls easily. The Egg Breaker can also fire lasers, especially with its eyes, and has the ability to leap considerable distances. It can fire a horizontal array of bombs as well.

Boss guide

Cryptic Castle

Egg Breaker appears as a boss after the Cryptic Castle stage after any mission is completed. Amy Rose is the player's partner. The battle takes place on a circular platform. There is a trail of rings around the platform and ghosts sit at the very edge. During this battle, Eggman will attempt to smash the player shouting "Lights out!" as his main attack. If the player gets too far away from him, he will fire his hammer at them. The Egg Breaker's third attack is the deadliest. It will spin around and around as it swings its hammer, making it invulnerable to all attacks.

Mad Matrix

Egg Breaker also appears as a boss after the Mad Matrix stage after any mission is completed. Espio the Chameleon is the player's partner. The battle takes place inside a cylinder shaped room with a trail of Rings going around it. There are floating cubes above that have Egg Pawns and jars of Rings on them. The only way to get up there is by using an ascending bar of light. Eggman attacks similar to the way he did at Cryptic Castle. But this time he'll spin and send out bombs with his face on them while shouting "You know what they say, the more the merrier!". This fight is also harder because of the Egg Pawns helping the Egg Breaker being armed with Egg Bazookas, ensuring Shadow takes damage from being caught in the explosions of the rockets.

Iron Jungle

Egg Breaker makes its final appearance as a boss after the Iron Jungle stage after any mission is completed. E-123 Omega is the player's partner. The battle takes place inside Eggman's base; another circular room. There is a platform in the center. Near the outside of the circle, there are two turrets and two rockets. This Egg Breaker battle is vastly different from the previous two. Eggman doesn't engage in hand-to-hand combat with the player as he did before. Instead, he sits on the center platform and fires lasers from the Egg Breaker's eyes. The easiest way to defeat it is by using the turrets. However, the Egg Breaker's lasers will eventually destroy the turrets, leaving only the machine guns behind. Another method of attack is using the rockets to get to the Egg Breaker's level. After it gets down to half HP, the Egg Breaker will jump off the platform. It will still fire lasers rather than attacking directly, unless the player gets too close. Despite all of this, it is considered to be the easiest of the Egg Breaker battles because of the absences of the close range attacks.


"Lights out!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Where'd you go?!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Take this!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"You know what they say... The more the merrier!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Now, let me show you the power of my latest greatest creation!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Ohh, you little sneaky thief! I'll smash you to pieces!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"This is what you get for turning against your master."
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Ugh... Is that all you got?"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Ugh... You'll pay for that!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"ARGH! Know your place, Android!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"How dare you!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Alright, you asked for it!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Ohh, you asked for it! No more mister nice guy! Time to crush you... ONCE AND FOR ALL!!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"You haven't seen the last of me!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Curses! I won't forget this!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Next time we meet, you won't be so lucky! Just you wait and see!"
—Egg Breaker, Shadow the Hedgehog


  • This boss, along with the Black Bull, are the only bosses in Shadow the Hedgehog that can be fought twice in a single playthrough of the main storyline.
    • In the case of the Egg Breaker though, the Mad Matrix and Iron Jungle versions can be encountered (with the player required to complete the Dark mission of Mad Matrix to proceed to Iron Jungle) and the Cryptic Castle and Iron Jungle versions (with the player required to complete the Hero mission of Cryptic Castle and the normal mission of Sky Troops to reach Iron Jungle).
  • The Mad Matrix version of this boss fight is considered to be the most difficult of the Egg Breaker's boss battles because the most useful weapons are kept up on top of the blocks and the Egg Pawns armed with Egg Bazookas can repeatedly hurt Shadow while he's recovering rings because of the splash damage from their rockets combined with the Egg Breaker's bombs.
    • In addition, this version is known for carrying Eggman's infamous one-liner, "You know what they say, the more the merrier!", which he says every time he uses the bomb attack. Many players have found this quote very annoying due to Eggman's repetitive usage of it.
  • Despite the fact that destroying Egg Pawns in this boss fills the Hero Gauge, Amy and Espio will often tell Shadow to stop attacking them. Omega is the only ally to this boss that encourages Shadow to destroy them.
    • This is even stranger is Espio's case, as his reasons for sparring Egg Pawns come from fear of being detected by Eggman, despite the fact that Eggman has already discovered them and is fighting them at this point. Although this is most likly just an oversight by the creators.
  • The faces on the bombs highly resemble the Egg Monitor's face.



Shadow the Hedgehog (GC) Egg Breaker A Rank


Shadow the Hedgehog (GC) Egg Breaker 3 A Rank

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