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For the version of this rank before the Super Genesis Wave, see Grandmaster (Sub-Boss).

The Egg Bosses are a group that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. They are an organization of twelve (thirteen counting Cassia) regional mobian enforcers employed by Dr. Eggman to lead different units of his Egg Army across Sonic's World.


Countdown to Chaos

Shortly after returning to Sonic's World following the Super Genesis Wave, Dr. Eggman encountered some of his forces in the Efrika Plains. He was quickly made aware that his military was now known as the Egg Army, with it's various regional leaders titled as Egg Bosses. This first of these whom he encountered was Axel the Water Buffalo of the Efrika Unit, followed shortly thereafter by Lord Mordred Hood in Avalon.[2][3] He next made contact with Tundra the Walrus in Artika, just before the beginning of the Shattered World Crisis.[4][5]

Shattered World Crisis

Act One

While attempting to find a solution to this development, Eggman attempted to contact one of his Egg Bosses near Spagonia but found that they were all busy trying to deal with the crisis themselves.[6] After obtaining the Gaia Manuscripts, Eggman contacted Axel again with orders to increase security at his unit's base, as Eggman suspected that it could be one of the Gaia Temples.[7]

Egg Boss sisters Cassia the Pronghorn and Clove the Pronghorn were later tasked with recovering a Chaos Emerald from Crystal Cave, but it was stolen by the Freedom Fighters thanks to files stolen from Eggman by Sally Acorn. Before reassigning the pair, Eggman contacted Soumerca Egg Army Egg Boss Thunderbolt, who had also located a Chaos Emerald, and instructed her to prepare for the Freedom Fighters' arrival.[8] Thunderbolt laid a trap for the heroes but was unprepared for Sonic the Hedgehog's Werehog transformation, which decimated her forces.[9][10] An attempt to redeem herself by deploying the Flying Dynamo robot proved unsuccessful.[11][12]

Act Two

Tundra eventually managed to capture two of the Guardians of the Gaia Keys, only to lose them when Sonic the Hedgehog and Rotor the Walrus managed to infiltrate his base.[13] Clove was later entrusted with the only one of the seven Chaos Emeralds that Eggman's forces had managed to retain through an engagement with the Freedom Fighters.[14] Nephthys and her unit in Shamar later closed in on another set of Gaia Keys, only to run into opposition from several of the Freedom Fighters and the Desert Raiders.[15][16]

The Egg Bosses with Dr. Eggman and the Witchcarters, from Sonic Universe #85.

Soon, all the Egg Bosses were summoned by Eggman to reclaim Eggmanland from Walter and Wendy Naugus and their minions.[17] Eggman paired them into teams of two so they could do their missions.[18] The Egg Bosses later confronted the Naugus Twins, and managed to defeat many of the brainwashed Badniks and the Witchcarters.[19] After Walter was defeated by Eggman, Eggman made Wendy an Egg Boss, due to him wanting an even number of Egg Bosses, plus not having an Egg Boss with magic. All of the Egg Bosses then returned to their respective regions, while Wendy was assigned to obtain a Cacophonic Conch.[20]

Axel and Conquering Storm later fought Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, in an attempt to prevent them from stealing the Gaia Keys they have in the possession.[21][22][23] Thunderbolt also fought Knuckles the Echidna and Mighty the Armadillo for possession of two of the pieces of the Master Emerald.[24]

Later, both Battle Lord Kukku XV and Wendy were contacted by Eggman for his counterattack against the Freedom Fighters. As Wendy sent her Witchcarters to back up the Hooligans and Metal Sonic in Mobotropolis, the Battle Lord sent his armada to ambush the Sky Patrol. The Battle Lord's son, Speedy, eventually captured Chip, and the armada blew the Sky Patrol out of the sky.[25][26]

After Eggman activated the Gaia Temples, Axel, Nephthys, and Cassia and Clove witnessed the rise of their respective Gaia Temples.[26]


  • The Egg Bosses include a total of twelve individuals, which makes a dozen. This is a play on the fact that a dozen is a standard container for eggs which is a reference to Dr. Eggman's name.




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