The Egg Booster[2] also known as the Monster Machine, is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is Dr. Eggman's racing car in Team Sonic Racing.


In Team Sonic Racing, Eggman appears with the Egg Booster as his vehicle as the leader of Team Eggman. Similar to his other vehicles in the past, The Egg Booster is in actuality the Egg Mobile converted into a car for racing purposes.

Like other cars in Team Sonic Racing, its appearance can be customized with different paint jobs, performance parts and decals. Its horn can also be changed.

In the final race of the story mode, the Egg Mobile part of the vehicle is replaced by a smaller Death Egg Robot sentinel powered by the Ultimate Energy Engine. It along with the other race cars were destroyed after the Egg Booster went on a rampage and destroying the energy core of the Final Fortress sending the airship clashing intro the ground.


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