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The Egg Bomber Tank (エッグボンバータンク Eggu Bonbā Tanku?) is the second boss of Sonic Advance 2, that the player fights in Hot Crater. It is a six-wheeled tank controlled by Dr. Eggman.


The Egg Bomber Tank.

As the name suggests, the Egg Bomber Tank is a tank with a cannon in the front, and a color scheme of gray, with blue and orange stripes. It has yellow headlights and six wheels, each being black and blue. The front of the cannon is black, and the left and right sides of the tank have a metal spike protruding from them.


Its attacks usually consist of moving its cannon up and down until it releases a bomb. The player has to jump on the cannon eight times in order to destroy it, then it leaves a hole in the mech where bombs come out faster than when the cannon was shooting it. The player must then hit the body of the tank four times before the robot is destroyed.

The Egg Bomber Tank appears again as the second boss in the XX stage, but it requires less attacks to destroy it (much like all previous bosses fought in this stage). Even though it requires less attacks, it still has the second most required attacks to destroy a boss in this stage (The first being the last boss of the XX stage). The reason for this is that its cannon requires four attacks to destroy it, but the body requires two more.




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