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Egg Battleship

The Egg Battleship[1] (エッグ大魔 艦 Eggu Dai Ma-kan?, lit. "Eggman's great demon warship") is a vessel that appears in the Sonic X anime series. It was a powerful vessel built by Dr. Eggman and resembled an ancient sailing ship.


The Egg Battleship came equipped with a powerful weapon that bathed its target area in red light before firing a devastating blast, and its "oars" doubled as laser cannons.



Homebound Saga

The Egg Egg Battleship was used by Eggman in his plot to uncover the ruins of the Lost Kingdom of Murasia and set off a global volcanic eruption. It engaged the X Tornado and the GUN Fort V3 in battle, resulting in its destruction and that of the latter aircraft.


  • The Egg Battleship was the only airship employed by Dr. Eggman in season one and two of Sonic X that only lasted a single episode, and was also the only one not to reappear as part of the Grand Egg Imperial.


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