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EggRobo Comic

An EggRobo from Sonic the Comic #49. Art by Richard Elson.

EggRobo is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is an egg-shaped humanoid Badnik resembling Doctor Robotnik. They first appeared during the Sonic & Knuckles adaptation.


The EggRobos first attacked Sonic and Knuckles in the volcano beneath Robotnik's Launch Base Zone. In this instance, Knuckles was able to defeat them by punching a hole in the wall, melting them all in a flood of boiling hot lava.[1] They reappeared after the Death Egg's launch. Sonic was able to reach the rising Death Egg by leaping off of a gliding Knuckles and ricocheting between dozens of EggRobos with his Spin Attack until he could smash through one of the station's portholes, but Knuckles was forced to return to the Floating Island.[2]

Hologram versions of the EggRobos made of "solid light" battled the Freedom Fighters in Rhino Neil's Paradise Dome. These solid light constructs were invulnerable, but were destroyed when Sonic smashed through the wall of the building, breaking the circuits of the holographic projectors.[3]

After Knuckles cleared the Floating Island of Robotnik's forces, one EggRobo was left behind, separated from Robotnik's control. When its internal power supply run low, it attempted to kidnap Jake, a young member of the Emerald Hill Folk (who were living in the Mushroom Hill Zone), to use as an organic battery. It failed to capture Jake, and was subsequently hunted down by Knuckles. It fought Knuckles on the surface of the Lava Reef Zone, and was destroyed by a gout of flame from underground.[4]

EggRobos did continue to be used on Mobius for the remainder of Robotnik's rule there. Three EggRobos were used by Robotnik as part of a plan to take control of Shortfuse the Cybernik. They flew around searching for Shortfuse, who flew out to meet them when he saw them flying over Tekno the Canary's workshop. Shortfuse easily destroyed one, but another attached a Control Disc to the back of Shortfuse's neck, allowing Robotnik's program to take control of Shortfuse. These two EggRobos followed Shortfuse to battle the Freedom Fighters in the Rocky Desert Zone, and were destroyed by Tails and Amy while Sonic fought Shortfuse.[5]

Three other EggRobos later chased Amy Rose around the Emerald Hill Zone while she was test flying a Top that had fallen from the Marble Garden Zone. These three were not directly controlled by Robotnik, but did frequently use Egg related puns (for example saying "Eggs-termination" instead of "extermination"). One was also fitted with a cloaking device. All three were destroyed when Amy crashed the Top into them with a remote control.[6]



Robotnik communicating through one of his EggRobos.

EggRobos are small humanoid robots with egg-shaped bodies, equipped with jet packs and laser pistols.

The EggRobos were controlled directly by Robotnik from his control room aboard the Death Egg II. Each model had cameras fitted into its eyes, allowing Robotnik to see everything, and a voice synthesizer allowed the doctor to communicate directly via the robots.[1] EggRobos could also function as regular badniks without Robotnik's direct control.[4][5] Some have been customized with additional features, including a cloaking device.[6]


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