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Egg Hammertank II is a mech built and controlled by Dr. Eggman and is the boss of Leaf Forest from Sonic Advance 2.


Egg Hammertank II, as the name replies, is an orange tank with two arms. One arm is actually a spiked-hammer that is gray and yellow, while the other arm is a real arm (during the boss battle, it holds Cream the Rabbit) which is gray and has spikes. The wheels on it makes it similar to a monster truck. It has orange headlights, black and red tires, and a blue circle inside the vehicle.


As shown when fighting it, the mech has an arm with Cream the Rabbit inside its grasp. The player has to attack the cockpit to deal damage. The mech attacks by slamming its hammer down but it takes a while to bring it back up. After a few hits, the mech blows up and Cream is saved. From that point onward, Cream would be playable.


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