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The EggHammerTankII[1] (エッグハンマータンク2 Eggu Hanmā Tanku 2?, lit. "Egg Hammer Tank 2") is a mech built and controlled by Dr. Eggman and is the first boss of Sonic Advance 2, that appears at boss act of Leaf Forest. The player has deal eight hits to destroy it.


The EggHammerTankII.

The EggHammerTankII, as the name replies, is an orange tank with two arms. One arm is actually a spiked-hammer that is gray and yellow, while the other arm is a real arm (when battling it for the first time, it holds Cream the Rabbit and Cheese) which is gray and has spikes. The wheels on it makes it similar to a monster truck. It has orange headlights, black and red tires, and a blue circle inside the vehicle.


The player has to run towards the EggHammerTankII and manage to attack the cockpit to deal damage. The mech's only attack is by slamming its hammer down and then retracting it back to slam it again. The hammer has three points, where it smashes. It can neither smash far away the screen, to the center part or near of the vehicle. The hammer smashes one of these parts during the battle.

After hitting four times, it goes to pinch mode where hammer of the vehicle starts now smashing to the point depending, where the player is moving during that time. After another four hits, the driving vehicle gets destroyed and the player has cleared the boss act of Leaf Forest and is able to move on to the next stage. After Sonic destroys Eggman's mech, Cream hangs on to him while he's running.

EggHammerTankII later appears in XX which is the boss rush before the final boss of the game. It has same attack patterns and only takes four hits to get destroyed again. As shown when fighting it first time as Sonic, the mech has an arm with Cream the Rabbit inside its grasp. After destroying the vehicle first time and the single cutscene, Cream would be playable character since then. Cream is not seen in the boss fight if the player is beating the boss after the first time playing through of it.





  1. As it is written in the Time Attack select (in caps and without spaces), although possibly due to space issues since it is the longest boss name in the game. Also written as Egghammer II in Prima's Strategy guide.

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