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You keep getting in my way, you pesky little hedgehog! (...) Very well... I'll take you out myself!

— Dr. Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

The Egg-Wyvern, also spelled as Egg Wyvern, is the final boss of the Sonic Episode in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The Egg-Wyvern is a large robot that is similar to the creature of the same name: a breed of giant dragon native to Africa. It is completely red with spots of silver, white, and black here and there. Its lower jaw is actually the Egg Mobile used throughout Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) that is simply attached to the robot's neck.


After Sonic made it to Dr. Eggman's cockpit onboard the Egg Carrier to rescue Princess Elise knowing that it would crash, the doctor had finally had enough and decided to have a final showdown against Sonic. In the end, Sonic was able to defeat the robot and send Eggman spiralling into the sky on his detached seat, saving not just Elise, but also Eggman, from the Egg Carrier's total destruction.


The Egg-Wyvern has a large assortment of weapons. It uses its whole body as a weapon in the boss battle with against it, as it is able to charge at Sonic in an attempt at taking him out. It fires a random assortment of lasers down at Sonic from the laser emitters on its wings, which will strike in hexagonal or rectangular patterns, or attempt to target Sonic directly. At another point it flies around the platform and remotely commands the Egg Carrier to fire large red plasma blasts at Sonic. Throughout the course of the battle, it fires electric dart projectiles from its tail that are able to take out the platforms Sonic stands on.

Boss guide

The battle takes place onboard a large aerial platform in the skies that gradually shrinks in size throughout the battle. When the battle begins, the player must run around the platform to pick up Rings while Dr. Eggman gets in position to buzz the player from above. The player should avoid standing on platforms that have orange reticles targeted at them, as they show where the lasers will be fired at. When Dr. Eggman strafes the platform, he will swoop down low enough to clip the player; they should jump and aim a Homing Attack at the head so Sonic will grab on to the Egg Wyvern's horn. Much like the battle with the Egg-Cerberus, the player is able to temporarily control the Egg-Wyvern's flight. While in control, the player must steer it into the falling fuel canisters to damage it. If the player succeeds or takes too long in their attempt to damage it, they will be thrown back to the platform and the battle will resume as normal.

Sometimes when the Egg-Wyvern flies around the platform, Dr. Eggman will remotely command the receding Egg Carrier to rain down massive blasts down at Sonic. Afterwards, Dr. Eggman will fire two electric darts at the platforms. When the player sees the electricity crackling around the platform, they should either move or stay on safe ground, as the platform with the dart will soon fall.

After the player successfully steers the Egg-Wyvern into fuel canisters three times, the canopy (the top of the Egg-Wyvern's head) will fall off, leaving Eggman exposed. At this point, the Egg-Wyvern's attack pattern will change. From here, Eggman will try to attack by detaching the Egg-Wyvern's cockpit laser cannons away from the platform. However, this will cause them to become "stepping stones" for the Homing Attack, and allow the player to attack Eggman's cockpit. As he attacks, Eggman will constantly aim at Sonic before firing all of the Egg-Wyvern's lasers. With limited space to run on, the player must get uncomfortably close to the platform’s edge to avoid being shot. After three more hits, Dr. Eggman will sweep in for a final attack, during which the player must use another Homing Attack to finish him.


  • It is possible to finish the battle in less than one minute by utilizing the Sky Gem. If the player throws the Gun Drive just before grabbing the Egg-Wyvern's antenna, the camera will zoom in at Sonic's direction with no way to change it or to see the robot. After some time, the results screen will appear as if the player defeated the boss.
  • The Egg-Wyvern boss battle reminds many fans of the Egg Viper boss battle from Sonic Adventure. The reasons may be due to the color of the robots, the high elevation, the destruction of platforms, certain points where the player is able to hit Eggman directly, and the fact that they are both final bosses.
    • At some points during the Egg-Wyvern battle, Eggman will say "Can you make it here?!", similar to a line when fighting the Egg Viper: "See if you can make it through here, Sonic!". Both of these quotes occur when the player has to use the Homing Attack to reach Eggman.
    • In addition, the Egg-Wyvern may be a throwback to a similar boss concept for Sky Chase. The key difference between these battles is that Sonic is on suspended platforms surrounding the Egg Carrier, whereas the Sonic Adventure version would have likely been a minor boss for the Tornado.
    • Before the end of the boss fight, Princess Elise says "Sonic! Watch out! He's still trying something!" This is similar to the warning Tikal gives to Sonic in Sonic Adventure, saying "Watch out! He's up to something."
  • The Egg-Wyvern is the only final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) which is not fought multiple times in the story, unless one counts Solaris as a separate entity from Mephiles and Iblis; Iblis is fought at the beginning and end of the Silver Episode, and Mephiles is fought both midway and at the end of the Shadow Episode.
  • The Egg-Wyvern is very similar in design to the Egg Hawk, Egg Falcon, Egg Eagle and the Egg Dragoon.






Name Artist(s) Length Music track
[Boss] Egg-Wyvern Hideaki Kobayashi 3:36



Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Egg Wyvern 1080 HD-0

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