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This article concerns the Archie Comics Egg Tortoise. You may be looking for Egg Turtle or Egg Turtle (Sonic Rush).

The Egg-Tortoise is a mech used by Doctor Eggman following the escape from his padded cell after he goes insane and the Eggman Empire was usurped by Snively and the Iron Queen.


As the name states, Egg Tortoise is a giant, robotic turtle. It has the primary colors of a regular turtle (green skin, brown shell, and the inside of the shell being yellow). It has three spikes as feet and a Egg Mobile is on top of the shell.



Eggman uses it to break out of the Eggdome, scaring away the opposing Dark Egg Legion and Yagyu Clan and going off to finish off Sonic. The Egg-Tortoise is heavily armed with missiles, lasers and a powerful beak able to uproot large trees, but is easily disabled when Tails manages to sneak under it (as Eggman's attention is focused solely on Sonic), and short out the mech via an access panel on the bottom. (StH: #205)


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