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Begin charging core laser! Take this, Sonic!

Dr. Eggman, during the fight with Sonic.

The Egg-Genesis is a robot created by Dr. Eggman, and is a boss in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It has four arms, searchlights, and the ability to fly. It is only seen in the Sonic and Silver Episodes, as well as in the Team Attack Amigo DLC stage. After firing its missiles, it will charge up and fire its core laser if the player is caught in a searchlight. After two of its arms are destroyed, it will charge up and fire its core laster at the player automatically after firing its missiles. Once all of its arms are destroyed, it will attempt to crash into the player.


The Egg Genesis is a titanic battle station that carries multiple mech battalions in its four massive arms. The metal monstrosity is loaded with multiple offensive weapons, including missile launchers on each arm and a homing laser that erupts from its under- carriage, the Egg Genesis' weak spot.


Sonic Episode

In Soleanna Forest, as Eggman realizes Elise is standing on the edge of the Egg Mobile, he tells Elise that there is no escape for her. The princess then declares she would rather die then be the doctor's prisoner, and proceeds to boldly jump off of the Egg Mobile. Fortunately, Sonic arrives just in time to catch her. Eggman growls and sends the Egg-Genesis to attack.

Silver Episode

After beating White Acropolis, Silver fights the Egg-Genesis. Silver has to throw boxes and missiles at its core in order to destroy it.

Boss battle


At the beginning of the battle, the Egg Genesis rises into the air, closing its arms. When the player sees the arms lock into a vertical position, the Egg Genesis will. The missiles are slow enough for the player to outrun them, but with four individual volleys in play, the player must avoid running away from one salvo and into another. While running from the missiles, the player should pick up Rings.

There are two ways to beat this boss.

  • The first (and intended) way is to wait for when Egg Genesis lowers down and spreads its arms to release robots. Sonic must then Homing attack the robots to reach one of the arms, and then must get to the Egg-Genesis' head while avoiding the missiles it fires, and use either the Homing Attack or Bound Jump on its head to do damage. After a few hits, one of the Egg-Genesis' arms will break off.
  • The second (and easier) way is to wait until the Egg-Genesis lowers down enough, as the orange core underneath is also vulnerable. When its weak undercarriage is close enough, the player should use Bound Jumps to get enough height and latch onto the orange sphere with a Homing Attack. Once the player hits the weak spot, they should attack repeatedly to cause enough damage for the machine to drop one of its arms.

After damaging the Egg-Genesis sufficiently enough to make it lose one of its arms, Sonic will fly high and then land on the arena’s outskirts, just in time to watch the Egg Genesis rise into position to fire off a missile salvo. From this point, the Egg Genesis will use its core laser attack which is telegraphed by a red and orange target over Sonic. The Egg Genesis will lock on and track the player's movement up to the moment it fires a single orange energy laser, so if the player keeps running, the player can outmaneuver the laser attack. After the player destroys two of the four arms, the Egg Genesis employs the Core Laser attack after each unsuccessful missile volley. However, once three of the arms are destroyed, the Egg Genesis will power up the energy laser to fire three times. Additionally, as it takes damage, the Egg Genesis will hide its head to shield itself from damage more frequently.

Once the Egg Genesis' health is fully depleted, it will makes one last desperate move. Knowing it is going to explode, the machine targets Sonic one last time and attempts to crash-land onto him. If the player is caught beneath the titanic battle fortress they will be crushed, so they must constantly move away from the falling fortress until it finally lands upon which the boss fight will end.


Similarly to Sonic's fight, when the Egg Genesis closes its four arms and rises off the ground, it will be preparing to release a missile volley. The energy core is protected in this position. However, as the player cause damage to the Egg Genesis, the arms will fall away one by one. Not only does this expose the core, but it decreases the number of missiles the monster can fire at the player. The heat-seeking missiles move slowly through the air, and the player can use metal crates to deflect the missiles, or grab them with Silver's Psychokinesis and send them flying back at the boss. After firing several missile volleys, the Egg Genesis will resort to using its Laser Attack if the player gets caught in its spotlights. The machine will rise into the air and spread its arms to expose its core completely. A red sphere will then appear around the player, indicating that the Egg Genesis has locked on to their position. As in Sonic's version of the fight above, the player must run in order to evade the laser beam the boss will fire. The Egg Genesis shoots a single beam early in the battle, and if the player stays in constant motion, the player can escape the lock just as the beam fires. Attacks to the core will cause the most damage, but it is possible to damage the boss just by hitting it with crates. Every quarter of its health bar that the player chisels away destroys one arm. When the Egg Genesis has only one arm, it will become desperate in its attacks. When it locks onto the player with its laser attack, the player must keep running even after they see the first beam in order to evade all of the blasts.

Team Attack Amigo

Omega fights the Egg Genesis in White Acropolis. He must use his Homing Missiles to attack the Egg-Genesis and the robots it sends out.


  • The Egg-Genesis' head bears an uncanny resemblance to those of the E-Series robots (specifically the E-100s).
  • The Egg-Genesis may be named after the Sega Genesis. The Sega Genesis was the console which the original Sonic the Hedgehog was on, along with Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic & Knuckles, and multiple spin-off titles. This is further supported by the fact that Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) was made to celebrate Sonic's 15th anniversary.
  • When fighting the Egg-Genesis as Sonic, the weak spot meant for fighting him as Silver (under the middle) is still active, and with some precise maneuvering, it can be hit. Sonic will still fly upwards after doing so, like when the player hits it on top of the head.







Name Artist(s) Length Music track
[Boss] Egg Cerberus & Egg Genesis Hideaki Kobayashi 2:47


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