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Edmund is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is the guardian of Onyx Island in the year 3437 P.X.E.. In addition to training and aiding Silver the Hedgehog in uncovering the ruination of their time, he also owns a library chronicling the history of Mobius and the Freedom Fighters. Despite his age, he can come to Silver's aid with his Chaos powers.


Edmund PXE

Edmund's full profile.

Edmund is a red Echidna with purple eyes. While his limbs are somewhat spindly, he is severely hunched over and leans heavily upon a gnarled cane. He has bushy white eyebrows and a white beard; somewhat scruffy, his snout droops and his eyes are often squinted. His two foremost dreadlocks are adorned with gold bands and the rest are tied loosely behind his back. He wears a green, patterned poncho, metal sandals, pince-nez and mitts with spiked knuckles.



Having been named for the first Guardian of Angel Island, Edmund at some point became the Guardian of Onyx Island. His mother and grandfather apparently preceded him in the position, but it appears that Edmund's tenure saw some unfortunate events. As a result, Edmund came to consider himself a failure as a Guardian, and found himself protecting an island with no other known inhabitants. It seems that he either never had a family or lost them to some tragedy, as he has also been described as the "last Guardian."[1][2][3]

Helping Silver

Edmund gave Silver access to his personal library, which detailed much of Mobius's history, to help Silver's efforts to locate a supposed traitor among the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Silver was able to identify a new suspect from his research, and traveled back in time to eliminate him.[4][5] After returning to the future (present to them), Silver was confronted by the aged guardian, who, due to temporal changes caused by Silver's time traveling, didn't immediately recognize him. Once the effects settled Edmund recalled the hedgehog quite well, asking how much had changed; he pointed out the crashed remains of a burning Space Colony ARK in the distance, as well as the remains of the Great Krudzu Spore, complimenting the hedgehog on his impressive defeat of it in the new timeline. On the flip-side, he showed some disapproval of Silver's Master, referring to him as a "sad sack of lies" and making it clear that he was uneasy about Silver being instructed by this being. When Silver left to return to his Master, Edmund told him he was always welcome on the island, afterward remarking that this "failed Guardian" might be able to teach the time traveler something one day.[1]

The Silver Saga


Edmund berates Silver, from Sonic Universe #25.

While investigating something strange on Onyx Island, Silver found himself under attack by a mysterious being and was saved from ambush by Edmund, who helped subdue the attacker by stunning him with a well-placed Thunder Arrow. While the aged Echidna initially berated Silver for "rough-housing" and further destroying the remains of Portal, he eventually exhausted himself from getting so excited and demanded Silver for an explanation. After hearing the young hedgehog's story, Edmund observed the unconscious attacker and said that while he didn't know what was going on, the being somehow reminded him of his father. Despite Silver's attempts to jog anything useful out of the old Guardian's memory by describing what his attacker had been capable of, Edmund merely disregarded them with references of stories from his mother's and grandfather's times. When the being recovered and retaliated, Edmund was saved from being crushed by Silver lifting him out of harm's way with his psychokinesis. After it escaped through a self-generated portal, Edmund urged Silver to follow after, saying he had a bad feeling about the situation and that only Silver was able to do anything about it. Advising him to use the Time Stone to find his way back home, the old Echidna cautioned Silver to use his head wherever he ended up and watched as he departed.[2] Though he wished he could go with Silver, Edmund was certain his young friend could take care of himself and turned to leave, only to be startled as Silver suddenly reappeared in front of him. When Silver asked him, Edmund confirmed he recognized him as Silver had left just a second ago, and told Silver he was available to teach him more the following day as the hedgehog explained his journey made him realize other worlds were counting on him too.[3]

Helping Track the Traitor

After Silver's failed attempts to track the traitor of the present-day Mobius Freedom Fighters, Edmund decided to help Silver track the traitor, but the Echidna has doubts about the traitor. One day, though, Silver managed to find a hidden library and found Antoine's diary.[6]


Edmund is gruff but benevolent, though his age has obviously has slowed him down a bit and made him somewhat forgetful. Friendly, honest and outspoken, he makes no effort to hide his feelings, openly complimenting Silver's endeavors and skill, while just as openly insulting Silver's master, Mammoth Mogul. Despite often fumbling Silver's name, he enjoys the hedgehog's company and is wary of Mogul's influence upon him.[1][2]

Powers and abilities

While he tires easily due to his age, Edmund has been shown capable of using Chaos energy-based attacks such as Thunder Arrow.[2]


Silver the Hedgehog

Edmund has a working relationship with Silver the Hedgehog and had been allowing him to use his island for research in order to find the "traitor" among the legendary Knothole Freedom Fighters and save their future from destruction. Edmund acts as a mentor to Silver, teaching him how to outwit opponents and about the properties of Chaos energy


  • He was named after the first Echidna Guardian.
  • Edmund's reminisces suggest that his parents may have been some version of Lara-Su and Argyle. The former is indicated by his references to his mother and grandfather, from whom he apparently inherited his station. Edmund suggested the latter when, while observing Prelate-V, he commented that it "Make's [him] think of [his] poppa somehow...." If this is the case, then Edmund's grandparents include Knuckles, Julie-Su, and Vector.
  • Although Edmund was created by Ian Flynn, it's likely that he has still been removed from the comic after the Ken Penders lawsuit, as he is a direct descendant of two of Ken's characters, and his name is derived from a Penders character.


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