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Edible items[1] are objects that appear in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. They are items that can be consumed by the game's characters for various effects.


Like Souvenirs, food can be brought from Shops in each of the game's Town Stages with Rings. These objects can be consumed by both Sonic and Chip. When fed to Sonic, it increases his Experience and when fed to Chip, it causes him to make a comment. Feeding Chip enough food he likes will have him award Sonic a Videotape if done enough in Chun-nan, Adabat, and Holoska.

List of edible items

Image Name Shop location Description Experience granted Chip's reaction
Apple.png Apple Treeshade, Wang's Emporium, and Counter of Dreams 2 One of these a day keeps the blah, blah, you know the rest. 20 It's yummy, but kinda hard. I wonder if it was still a little unripe...
Aurora Oil.png Aurora Oil Traveling Salesman Wentos A vivid green oil that turns rainbow-colored in the light. A local specialty. 5 Its so sparkly and pretty!....But its not very tasty.
Baguetti.png Baguetti Josef's Bread that's crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. 5 Mm, just a hint of salt. I bet this would be good with cheese on it!
Banana.png Banana Flying Fish Beach Shop A sweet yellow fruit. You can grill the green ones, too. 10 It has a rich sweetness, like you can taste the nutrition!
Baobab Fruit.png Baobab Fruit Traveling Salesman Wentos Fruit of the baobab. The seeds yield oil, but the taste? Meh. 5 Pteh! Ptoole! GROSS! Is this even edible?
Big G Steak.png Big G Steak Counter of Dreams 2 A giant slab of stamina for the tuckered-out professional. 50 There's so much of it! I bet eating this would give you some pep!
Boelk Cream.png Boelk Cream Traveling Salesman Wentos Preserved food made from boelk milk. The key to a long life. 20 Mmm, creamy! I just wish it were a touch sweeter.
Chili Dog.png Brainiac Dog Spagonia's Don Fachio Sold only at Don Fachio's Spagonia location. Eat it and it will make you smarter! Or not. 70 Oh! What have we here? My intellectual curiosity is piqued!
Chili Dog.png Breezy Dog Apotos' Don Fachio Sold only at Don Fachio's Apotos location. It smells like the fresh Apotos sea breeze! 70 This tastes so light and refreshing. Suddenly I'm in a great mood!
Broiled Ibanga.png Broiled Ibanga Treeshade Flame-broiled meat from the fleet-footed ibanga. 20 That meat was tough. My jaws all sore!
Candy.png Candy Ursule's Trading Post, Wang's Emporium, and Golden Trading Company A bite-sized candy. Don't try to talk while you're chewing! 15 It's sweet and tasty!
Canned Horror.png Canned Horror Ursule's Trading Post Tiny but potent fermented fish whose odor carries for miles. 1 %#@%&@$?!
Canned Juice.png Canned Juice Surfside Seagull Sundries and Josef's The solution to your thirst. Shake it for volatile results. 10 This water's all fizzy and sweet! It's kinda invigorating!
Caqueo.png Caqueo Treeshade A pod whose seeds are dried and processed before use. 3 Hmm, not much flavor. How are you supposed to eat it. I wonder?
Chai.png Chai Golden Trading Company The local tea. Even in this heat, it's usually taken hot. 5 Ooh, this is good! It's sweet and mellow and smells nice, too!
Chao Chugger.png Chao Chugger Traveling Salesman Wentos A drink that reboots your battered body in one gulp. 20 This tastes weird... Do grownups really like this stuff?
Cheese food.png Cheese Josef's Cheese matured for five years. It tastes even better melted. 10 Ooh, its so rich! it smells so good!
Chili Dog.png Chili Dog Counter of Dreams 2, Flying Fish Beach Shop, Golden Trading Company, Josef's, Surfside Seagull Sundries, Traveling Salesman Wentos, Treeshade, Ursule's Trading Post, Wang's Emporium Sonic's favorite, a jumbo frank slathered with spicy chili. 30 You like these, right Sonic? I think it's a little too spicy for me.
Chili Dog.png Chilly Dog Holoska's Don Fachio Sold only at Don Fachio's Holoska location. Inspired by the local climate? You be the judge. 70 Hey, this hot dog is frozen solid! But not bad--kind of crunchy.
Chirp Peas.png Chirp Peas Traveling Salesman Wentos Beans culled from the desert and, like paaf, a staple here. 5 It's all hearty! I could go for a whole bucket.
Chocolate.png Chocolate Traveling Salesman Wentos A confection that melts in your mouth. Chip's a big fan. 20 Yaaay, chocolate! I LOVE chocolate!
Cookie.png Cookie Treeshade, Ursule's Trading Post, Golden Trading Company, Counter of Dreams 2, and Traveling Salesman Wentos Cream filling between two crunchy biscuits. Addictive! 10 The cream inside is really good! Hmm, there's a hint of lemon, too.
Curry.png Curry Golden Trading Company A spicy dish only true Shamarans would dare to eat in this heat. 20 Wh-Whoa! This is spicy! I'm sweating buckets now!
Chili Dog.png Doggone Dog Eggmanland's Don Fachio Sold only at Don Fachio's Eggmanland location. "It's Doggone delicious!" 70 Mmm, wow! This is doggone good! All this fighting must've made me hungry.
Dondora Fruit.png Dondora Fruit Treeshade Fruit from the tall dondora tree with a red, sticky-sweet pulp. 20 Sooo goood! Mm, now i feel awesome!
Donut.png Donut Surfside Seagull Sundries, Josef's, and Wang's Emporium A squishy treat that leads to a squishy physique. 20 It's a ring! Mm, and so fluffy and sweet!
Dureek.png Dureek Traveling Salesman Wentos (after Adabat is unlocked on the World Map) The King of Fruits, which tastes, uhm...try it and see. 50 Huh? Wh-What is this? It's kinda... It's weird. Too hard to explain.
Egg Candy.png Egg Candy Eggshop A sweet treat with Eggman's face on it. Careful you don't drop it and break it! 1 Gah! Bitter, bitter, bitter, bitteeeer!
Egg Dog.png Egg Dog Eggshop Eggman's favorite chili dog. It's positively scrumptious! 1 Bleagh! Gross! This is supposed to be a chili dog?! Try rubber dog!
Egg Puff.png Egg Puff Eggshop Eggmanland's top seller, with a yummy cream filling. 1 What the heck?! It's full of some weird-colored bitter gunk...
Egg-squisite Lunch.png Egg-squisite Lunch Eggshop An Eggmanland special. Every item on the plate is divine. 1 This has kind of a weird smell to it. It smells like... motor oil?!
Elastic Ice Cream.png Elastic Ice Cream Golden Trading Company Like ice cream, but stretchy. How? Sorry, trade secret! 10 Whoa, check this out! it stretches! Shoooop! Ha Ha! It's like your arms!
Empire Coffee.png Empire Coffee Traveling Salesman Wentos Pricey coffee, ground fresh. A connoisseur's delight. 5 Real men take their coffee black.. ...Ugh, bitter.
Fried Chicken.png Fried Chicken Counter of Dreams 2 and Traveling Salesman Wentos Juicy chicken fried to a nice, golden crisp. 30 Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside! That's good chicken!
SonicUnleashedFriedSuncake.png Fried Suncake Traveling Salesman Wentos A tasty, sun shaped treat made from a range of ingredients. 10 It's so sweet! Ooh, and they really packed it in. Just one and I'm full!
Grapes.png Grapes Treeshade, Counter of Dreams 2, and Flying Fish Beach Shop A cluster of sweet, plump grapes. Don't eat the seeds! 15 Mm, sweet and kinda tart. My mouth is super happy now!
Hamburger.png Hamburger Counter of Dreams 2 A quick source of nutrition for the busy professional. 30 So this is a hamburger! Bread, meat and veggies, together at last!
Hero Sandwich.png Hero Sandwich Traveling Salesman Wentos A jumbo sandwich stacked with tons of toppings. Open wide! 50 Whoa, super deluxe! It's like everything good, stuck inside bread!
Chili Dog.png Historic Dog Chun-nan's Don Fachio Sold only at Don Fachio's Chun-nan location. Some say its origins predate human history. (Wait...) 70 Hmm, tastes mysterious. It's almost as if I can feel my mind clearing!
Kebabwich.png Kebabwich Surfside Seagull Sundries Stir-fried meat and vegetables on "pane" dough. A local favorite. 20 Its got so much in it! Its hard to eat, so i just shoved it all in.
Lemon.png Lemon Surfside Seagull Sundries A lip-puckering fruit that thrives in the year-round warmth of the region. 5 Uwaugh! S-So...SOUR!
Lin's Meat Buns.png Lin's Meat Buns Wang's Emporium The famous steamed buns Lin's been whipping up for 90 years at same price. 30 I've never had this before! It's got a ton of stuff inside. Tasty!
Live Honker.png Live Honker Flying Fish Beach Shop A whopper of a fish with vivid green scales but a mild taste. 5 That's one big fish! Guess I can't just eat it as-is, huh?
Melloyam.png Melloyam Treeshade A staple of the Mazuri diet. Boil it, steam it, eat it up! 3 The potatoes all crunchy. Is this raw?!
Molsk.png Molsk Flying Fish Beach Shop A shellfish from the local waters. Served with garnish. 3 Mmm, tasty! it's like the flavor of the sea is flooding my mouth!
Nuclear Taquo.png Nuclear Taco Counter of Dreams 2 Beef, veggies, and hot peppers on a thin shell. Not for kids! 5 GAAAH! Water, water, water, water, water...
Orange food.png Orange Surfside Seagull Sundries A fruit loved around the world for its tang and fresh scent. 10 Its so refreshing! Kinda tart and kinda sweet.
Paaf.png Paaf Golden Trading Company Bread that puffs up in the oven. Goes perfectly with curry. 10 The middle's all puffed out! It looks funny, but it sure tastes good!
Pasta alla Paccico.png Pasta alla Paccico Josef's Pasta with a fragrant paccico herb sauce and ground nuts. 10 The green sauce is great! I feel all grown up.
Peach food.png Peach Surfside Seagull Sundries, Wang's Emporium, and Flying Fish Beach Shop A sweet and juicy fruit that's to die for. Don't bruise it! 10 Mm, it's so sweet! The huge pit makes it hard to eat, though.
Peach Buns.png Peach Buns Wang's Emporium A lucky bun; the more you eat, the happier you get! 10 It's got sweet stuff inside it. I wonder why it's shaped like a peach?
Perma-Meat.png Perma-Meat Ursule's Trading Post Meat frozen in the permafrost. Good luck defrosting this one. 5 AUGH! Hard! Hard! HARD! I almost chipped a tooth!
Pitch Nuts.png Pitch Nuts Surfside Seagull Sundries A tasty nut in a tough shell. Always crack before you snack! 5 Mmm, this has a great aroma! But, uh... it Kinda hurts my mouth.
Pizza.png Pizza Traveling Salesman Wentos A thin-crust, brick-oven pie, piping hot and topped to order. 10 Its all crispy! Mmm, this is heaven!
Popcake.png Popcake Counter of Dreams 2 A treat sure to make you smile, whether you're 8 or 80. 20 It's all fluffy and sweet! Yaaay, I'm so happy!
Poppin' Eggcorn.png Poppin' Eggcorn Eggshop Popcorn, for a light snack. Eggman munches on it all the time. 1 Ugh!, tastes like sawdust!
Power Vitamin.png Power Vitamin Traveling Salesman Wentos A quick nutritional boost, but you still need proper meals. 20 It doesn't feel like i ate anything... I'll take chocolate any day.
Prehistoric Ice.png Prehistoric Ice Ursule's Trading Post Just the thing if you want a cool drink. People here don't. 1 Mm-mm! it tastes like history! I'd say about three thousand years...
Sandwich.png Sandwich Traveling Salesman Wentos A sliced cucumber sandwich. Delightfully crunchy. 30 This is the professor's favorite, right? It's kinda bland, but good.
Item sandwich 02.png Sandwich? Traveling Salesman Wentos A sliced cucumber sandwich, but something seems... off. 1 Hm? Something's weird. It's a funny color, and it tastes strange, too.
Chili Dog.png Sandy Dog Shamar's Don Fachio Sold only at Don Fachio's Shamar location. Hey, is that SAND sprinkled on top? 70 Huh? Tastes... gravelly... But I think I like the complex flavor.
Chili Dog.png Seafood Dog Adabat's Don Fachio Sold only at Don Fachio's Adabat location. Smells fishy... and why is it soggy? 70 Whoa! What's this fish doing in here? Weird...but pretty darn tasty!
Chili Dog.png Scorcher Dog Mazuri's Don Fachio Sold only at Don Fachio's Mazuri location. The sun's scorching heat has given it that extra crunch. 70 One nibble gave me this HUGE surge of strength. Heeyah! I am on fire!
Smoked Mohn.png Smoked Mohn Ursule's Trading Post A river fish caught in the spring and cured. Oddly spicy. 10 It's pretty intense! The tip of my tongue's all tingly now.
Sparkle Gelatin.png Sparkle Gelatin Ursule's Trading Post, Golden Trading Company, and Flying Fish Beach Shop Jiggly, sparkly jelly that melts your jaded heart. 20 Ooh, it's all sparkly! Nice and smooth, too. I could eat a ton!
Strawberry Cake.png Strawberry Cake Josef's and Treeshade A slice of bliss with whipped cream and a strawberry on top. 30 The cream frosting is so good! It's all sweet and fluffy!
Sundae Supreme.png Sundae Supreme Surfside Seagull Sundries The ultimate chocolate sundae. It's utterly indulgent. 30 Wow, this chip-whatever stuff is great!
Tomato.png Tomato Josef's The magic fruit that puts the zest in Spagonian cuisine. 5 Its ruby red, and chock full of sun-kissed juiciness!
Tropic Juice.png Tropic Juice Flying Fish Beach Shop A soothing beverage that's as blue as this country's waters. 10 Wow, the color's so pretty! I'm almost sad to drink it.
Chili Dog.png Urban Dog Empire City's Don Fachio Sold only at Don Fachio's Empire City location. Bumpkins beware: the taste may be too much for you. 70 Yee-haw! I am pumped! What did they put in this hot dog?
Wang's Box Lunch.png Wang's Box Lunch Wang's Emporium A homemade lunch. Pop in on a good day for an extra helping. 20 Yay! it's extra-big! Perfect for a growing boy like me!
Wang's Noodles.png Wang's Noodles Wang's Emporium A little-known hit. The superb soup takes three days to make. 20 Mmm, the broth is great! It's hot, though. I've gotta be careful!


  • When Chip eats the Canned Horror, his reaction is only meaningless signs, which are to be interpreted as swears.
  • The name of the Kebabwich is a portmanteau of "Kebab" and "Sandwich".
  • The design of the Wang's Noodles resembles that of an Eastern Asian laimian/ramen dish.
  • The Don Fachio's Hot Dogs' descriptions only appear when Sonic tries to sell them.

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  1. Sonic Unleashed (PlayStation 3) European instruction booklet, pg. 17.

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