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The final words of Eddy

Eddy the Yeti was a member of a mutant race created by the first Days of Fury who befriended Nate Morgan. Eddy lived in the northern regions of Mobius.


\When Nate came upon Eddy, he was seriously injured and in danger of dying. Nate saved his life through the use of cyborg components. Eddy became Nate's close companion and protector, and shared his desire to protect the power rings from misuse. However, their happy life together in the castle they had built ended with the return of Ixis Naugus. In the ensuing battle between Naugus, Sonic, and Tails, Nate's castle collapsed. Eddy managed to save his friends, but at the cost of his own life. Sonic would later return to the site of Eddy's great sacrifice to leave a rose in tribute to him, only to be briefly interrupted by yet another attempt of Naugus' to escape the Zone of Silence.


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