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The Echo Mine[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is an abandoned Eggman Empire mining base located deep underground.


The entrance to the Echo Mine, from Sonic the Hedgehog #15.

The entrance to the Echo Mine is in a cave in a mountainous area. The entrance itself to this cave is carved out so that it resembles Dr. Eggman's face. Inside this cave is a mining shaft with an elevator platform (which has since been destroyed) that leads deep into the ground. On the bottom of this shaft, it connects to a network of winding and narrow tunnels held up by old-fashion wooden support beams and with tracks for Eggman Empire-emblazoned minecarts leading through them. Because most of the tunnels have no lights illuminating them, most of the Echo Mine is draped in darkness, making it impossible for speedsters like Sonic to run around safely. In addition, the whole mine is equipped with surveillance cameras.[1]



During the war between the Eggman Empire and the Resistance, but before Sonic came back to them, the Resistance launched one of their biggest counterattacks against Dr. Eggman's forces in the Echo Mine. While the Resistance was successful in liberating a lot of people that day, they lost a lot of good people too.[1]


Sonic and Amy coming under attack by Rough and Tumble, from Sonic the Hedgehog #15.

After the Eggman War, Sonic and Amy came to the Echo Mine in order to access the Eggnet on the Eggman computer that lay in the mines. Upon finding it, Amy was able to restore power and hack into the Eggnet. There, Amy found files on an ARK-like space station and talk about "payload distribution". Before Amy could learn more however, the computer was destroyed by a tank with a massive drill and guns, which was piloted by Rough and Tumble. Pursued by Rough and Tumble. Sonic took Amy through the mines until they reached a refuse pit, and they decided to use the narrow floor in the cave to defeat Rough and Tumble. When Rough and Tumble arrived and were forced to follow the narrow floor, Sonic and Amy got the tank to fall into the refuse pit, but Rough and Tumble escaped and activated their back-up backpacks. This made a metallic liquid gush over them and turn them into Zombots. Unable to injure the Zombot brothers, Sonic got rid of Rough and Tumble by knocking them into the refuse pit. However, in the process, Sonic got infected with what had transformed Rough and Tumble into Zombots. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman and Dr. Starline observed everything through the cameras in the mine.[1]

Points of interest

There are at least two significant locations in the Echo Mine:

  • Central hub cave: A large cave that serve as the central hub for the Echo Mine. This cave holds a network of connecting rails and a power generator for the entire mine. Also, unlike most other places in the mine, this cave is fully illuminated. This cave also once hosted a large computer terminal that granted access to the Eggnet (until it was destroyed by Rough and Tumble[1]).
  • Refuse pit cave: A cave with a large refuse pit in the middle. It has a narrow floor leading around the pit and only a single way in and out of this cave.


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