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Ebony from Sonic the Comic #184. Art by Richard Elson.

Ebony is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is an anthropomorphic black cat with green eyes, and she is a skilled magic-user. She runs a coffee bar named The Groovy Train and is best friends with a slightly senile seer called Pyjamas. She is also a rival of the magician Omen and opposed Doctor Robotnik's dictatorship of Mobius while he was in power.


Ebony learned magic through fifteen years of dedication and personal sacrifice.[1] At some point she met and developed a rivalry with Omen, who believed his magic was superior to hers.[2]

Ebony and Pyjamas attended a protest against Robotnik's destruction of the park in the Metropolis Zone, hoping to save the sentient Ancient Trees that grew in the park. When the protesters were accosted by Troopers, she used her magic to fight them off, and was aided by Knuckles the Echidna.[1] She soon encountered her old rival Omen,[3] but he managed to defeat her with a new spell he had learned, trapping her with green tendrils that sprang out of the ground. She was saved when Knuckles convinced the Ancient Trees that some "flesh creatures" were worth saving, leading them to use their powers to throw Omen and his gorilla henchmen out of the park.[2]

After Robotnik was overthrown, she went back to working in her coffee bar, The Groovy Train. When an amnesiac, powerless and homeless Super Sonic arrived at the bar looking for a job, Ebony quickly befriended him, despite Pyjamas' precognitive feelings that he was evil.[4] When Bio-Hazard arrived, looking for Super Sonic on the orders of Lord Sidewinder, Ebony used her magic to distract him while she, Super Sonic and Pyjamas hid in her office. She then convinced Pyjamas to perform a Mind Link on Super Sonic to unlock his memories and find out who he was,[5] but fortunately he was able to retain his pacifistic personality by not tapping into any of his Chaos powers. Impressed at Super Sonic's restrain, Ebony gave him the job he had originally wanted to apply for.[6] Despite her knowledge of what Super Sonic truly was, she was convinced that he had made a genuine change, ultimately putting her at odds with Sonic and his team. When Super Sonic began to die from a loss of chaos energy, Ebony helped him to recharge by bringing him to face the monstrous Perfect Chaos, confident that the power would not bring back his insane rage. When Super Sonic was transformed back into a raging demon, Sonic convinced her to rejoin the two hedgehogs once more.

Archie Comics

Amy Rose talking to Ebony and Tekno the Canary, in Archie Sonic the Hedgehog #134. Pencils by Jon Gray, inks by Michael Higgins and colors by Jason Jensen.

Ebony makes a brief cameo appearance in issue #134 of the Archie Sonic comics along with Tekno, done as an in-joke tribute by the artist Jonathan Gray.


  • There is a Marvel Comics character called Ebony, who is a black housecat with magic powers belonging to a witch called Agatha Harkness. Nigel Kitching was aware of Agatha Harkness and her magic cat, and the name Ebony may have come from there.[7]
  • In Sonic the Comic #116, "Hunter & the Hunted, Part 1", a text box claims that Ebony is also known as Mystic Mog. This is a reference to British astrologer Mystic Meg, and to the term moggy, meaning a domestic cat (often of unknown pedigree).


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