Earth Quake

Quotation1.svg The fissure is right behind us. Be careful of the rocks and trees and head for the exit! Quotation2.svg
Lumina Flowlight, Sonic Shuffle

Earth Quake (割れる大地 Wareru daichi?, lit. "Earthquake") is a Stage Clear Mini-Game for Nature Zone in Sonic Shuffle.


Earth Quake occurs at the end of Nature Zone. Here, all four players run from a fissure along a forest path: dodge oncoming trees and jump over oncoming rocks. Jumping causes the characters to fall back however. Also, keeping to one side will slow the characters down. Smack into an obstacle and the character will be sent to last place.

The game warns the player(s) about half of the obstacles. Sometimes they switch to camera angle to a more difficult linear view. Sometimes the warning signal moves from side to side before deciding on a place. Whoever reaches safety first wins.

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