The Earth Dragon is a boss in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is fought in the second mission in the Dragon's Lair level.


Although hard to tell, the Earth Dragon is a dragon and is mostly red and brown with a yellow horn on top of its head. Its mouth and under its neck and torso are peach-colored.


While Sonic, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain and Sir Percival try to find a barrier stone at their respective places, Sonic must go here to find his barrier stone. But the stone is actually being guarded by the Earth Dragon, so Sonic has to go fight it in order to get to his barrier stone.

Powers and abilities

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The Earth Dragon creating an earthquake.

Like the traditional dragon, the Earth Dragon possess a special skill that lets him spew fire. As an advanced user of this skill, he can spew out small fireballs which can split into a rain of smaller fireballs, or shoot enormous blasts of fire. He has as well a powerful roar which can create winds so powerful that it can blow his opponents hundred of meters away. In addition, it is very strong physically, causing wide earthquakes by simply smashing its head into the ground.


After Sonic runs through a short passage and automatically jumps off a cliff, the dragon will appear in a hole on the other side of cave. Dodging enemies and large fireballs that are shot from the dragon's mouth, Sonic must reach the other side of the cave and leap on the dragon's head. These fireballs cannot be guarded to avoid damage. After Sonic slashes its horn a few times (assuming it has not thrown Sonic off) it will retreat to another cavern. Sonic must repeat the process twice to defeat it. Each time Sonic encounters the dragon, it becomes more resistant to his attacks, requiring more slashes to defeat it. In the second cavern, the fireballs become more defensive, being positioned near to the dragon and releasing numerous smaller fireballs continuously before disappearing. In the third cavern, it uses both types of fireballs for attacks with both short and long-range advantages. Similar to the previously seen Mist Dragon, the Earth Dragon is vulnerable to the special abilities Dragon Slayer and Dragon Slayer+1, making it easier to defeat. There is also a large pillar on the right side of the stage near the dragon that, if attacked enough times, will defeat the dragon in one hit, regardless of its health. The dragon seems to know this weakness however, as it will roar and drive Sonic backwards if he remains near it for too long.


  • Before the battle begins, the Earth Dragon gets out of his cave and eats a red Fish-One.
  • One of Sonic's lines when encountering the Earth Dragon, "This brings back memories. Except last time, I was with Shadow", makes a reference to the Finalhazard from Sonic Adventure 2.


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