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The Earth, from Sonic the Comic #114. Art by Roberto Corona and John M. Burns.

Quotation1 So this is Earth, huh? Noisy, overcrowded, polluted! I'm trapped on a world gone mad! Quotation2
Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Comic #146

Earth,[1] also referred to as Planet Earth[2] or Terra Firma,[3] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a planet from a dimension parallel to that of Mobius'. Its primary inhabitants are humans, and only non-anthropomorphic animals lives here.[1] In comparison to Mobius, Earth has been described as noisy, overcrowded and polluted.[4] Despite their differences however, Earth and Mobius seem to share an inexplicable link due their highly similar ecosystems, which make them twin planets.[3]

According to the Kintobor Computer, Mobius lies in a small galaxy that is "117,63222 light years from Earth", in a parallel dimension, in a different time zone and the whole region is made up of dark matter.[5]


Ancient Egypt

Thousand of years ago, three exiled aliens (Set, Hathor and Thoth) arrived in Egypt to rule earth. Masquerading as gods, the trio were able to make the native humans build them temples. However, their plans were foiled when Sonic and Amy arrived through the Ring of Eternity and exposed them as mortals to the natives. While Thoth and Hathor were forced to leave Earth, Set's thirst for power led to him getting trapped in the Limbo Dimension.[6]

Ancient Greece

Thousands of years ago in Greece, Hercules was given twelve tasks to clear in order to join his father Zeus on Mount Olympus. However, Hercules was still denied access to Mount Olympus after clearing his tasks and slowly lost his way. During their travels through the Ring of Eternity, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary arrived in Greece during Hercules' time and helped the deity gain entry into Olympus.[2]

19th century

Around 1860, U.S. soldiers arrived in North America and began waging a war against the natives of the land. Arriving through the Ring of Eternity, Sonic and Amy interrupted a battle between these factions by driving the U.S. soldiers away. However, they got captured by the natives for intrusion. After unseen forces (whom the natives believed to be their guardian spirits) drove off the soldiers for good however, Sonic and Amy were allowed to return home by the natives.[7]

In 1870, Colonel Granite of Operation Starwatch arrived in Kansas from the future via time travel. From there, Granite began building an army with tools from the future that would allow him to conquer the world. However, brought to Kansas by the Ring of Eternity, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary were able to stop Granite's plans and force him and his soldiers back to the present.[8][9]

20th century

In 1997, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary had their first encounter with Earth (chronologically) when they crash-landed on the planet in a space ship after being teleported across the universe accidentally. During this short stay, they were mistaken for aliens. They befriended a human named Professor Cratermass and earned the enmity of Colonel Granite, the deranged commander of Operation Starwatch, who believed they were the vanguard of an invasion fleet. Amy and Tekno managed to escape and teleport back to Mobius with some help from Professor Cratermass, who deleted the teleportation program afterwards so that Colonel Granite could not follow.[1][10]

In 1998, Colonel Granite began his plans for world domination. Using military funds, Operation Starwatch secretly developed a time machine, which Granite used to begin the establishment of an army in 1870. However, Granite and his men were forced back to 1998 by Amy and Tekno. Unfortunately, by forcing Granite back to his own time and returning to Mobius using Operation Starwatch's equipment, they gave the humans the means to invade Mobius.[8][9]

At the beginning of 1999, Operation Starwatch led an invading army to Mobius. During the subsequent battle for Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic ended up on Earth.[11] Making contact with England's Prime Minister, Sonic informed the government of Granite's betrayal. Sonic then received info on another Starwatch base in Scotland which had an inter-dimension portal that he used to return to Mobius. When Granite and his army later got exile back to Earth by the spirit of Mobius itself, the entirely of Operation Starwatch was placed under arrest by the government.[4]

21st century

In the early 2000, the evil Dr. Robotnik had the Plax build a machine that channeled the Earth's life force to one of his new Zones on Mobius, causing the planet to suffer an environmental breakdown. Fortunately, the Freedom Fighters and their allies soon arrived on Easter Island and shut down the Plax's machine before returning to Mobius.[3]


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