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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Mega City, a prominent location in Mega Man's world.

Earth 20XX is a location that appears in both the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs, and the main setting of the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. It an alternate reality where advanced robotics thrive, co-existing with humans. Dr. Thomas Light created advanced robots known as the Robot Masters to help humanity, and his own robotic "children": Blues, Rock, and Roll. Unfortunately, Light's partner, Dr. Wily grew jealous of his friend's successes, and determined to prove his own genius by taking over the world. Rock thus volunteered to be upgraded into a fighting robot who could bring Wily to justice. Thus was born Mega Man, who fought to protect his world from evil.

This reality exists within its own Multiverse outside of the Multiverse that the Prime Zone exists in.[1]


Dawn of the Robot Masters

Dr. Light created advanced robots known as the Robot Masters to help humanity, and along with his own robotic "children": Blues, Rock, and Roll. Unfortunately, Light's old partner Albert Wily grew jealous of his friend's successes, and thus seized Light's Light Robot Masters to conquer the world. With the Robot Master running amok, Rock volunteered to be upgraded into the fighting robot Mega Man, who would stop Wily schemes and protect his world from evil.[2]

Worlds Collide

The reality of Earth 20XX was rewritten by the second Genesis Wave employed by Dr. Eggman, who joined forces with Dr. Wily in a scheme to take over both their universes. This scheme moved Earth 20XX's timeline forward into the near future, which had seen Mega Man thwart several more attempts at world domination by Dr. Wily. Earth 20XX would then be invaded by the doctors' Roboticized Masters and Metal Sonic in their efforts to claim the Chaos Emeralds, leading Mega Man to pursue them to Eggman's home world of Mobius.[3][4] Mega Man later returned to his world with Eggman's nemesis Sonic the Hedgehog in tow, only for Dr. Light to be abducted from Light Labs by Metal Sonic and Bass. A rescue party consisting of Mega Man, Sonic, Rush, Tails, and Proto Man subsequently departed from Light Labs to the Skull Egg Zone via a Warp Ring.[5][6] They would be followed in time by Duo and the Light Robot Masters, who joined the battles taking place on and around the Wily Egg. Following the defeat of the doctors' scheme, Super Armor Mega Man would use the power of Chaos Control to return his world to its former state.[7][8] From there, Mega Man thus would be forced to contend with more of Dr. Wily's schemes.

Worlds Unite

Mega Man's present and Mega Man X's future would later collide and mingle with other worlds as well, thanks to the machinations of Sigma. After traveling to Sonic's World from his own time, Sigma would capture Dr. Wily from the past and force him to join Dr. Eggman in working on Sigma's plans to conquer both of their worlds. He would then send members of the enslaved Deadly Six to Wily's time to capture Mega Man.[9] Subsequently, Sonic Man would be sent to Mega Man's time to place one of the Unity Engines central to Sigma's plan.[10] This would result in battles between him and several of the Light Robot Masters, Quake Woman, and a handful of reformed Wily Robot Masters. In the end, Sonic Man proved victorious and activated his Unity Engine.[11] Shortly after, the Maverick Hunters and Team Sticks arrived as the Unity Engines began fusing Earth with Sonic's World, which led to a battle between Sonic Man and M'egga Man that saw them both restored to normal. An alliance of heroes soon formed between the robots of 20XX and 21XX and the inhabitants of Sonic's World and the Sonic Boom world.[12] Upon learning that the two merged worlds were in danger of being destroyed were they not separated, they set out to confront Sigma and put an end to his plans.[13]

Rise of the Reploids

In the year of 21XX, a century after the time of Mega Man, a scientist named Dr. Cain discovered Dr. Light's last and greatest creation hidden away in a capsule: an advanced robot known as Mega Man X. Attempting to replicate X's design, Dr. Cain created a new generation of robots known as the Reploids, who possessed the ability to think and reason like humans. Unfortunately, many of the Reploids-whether of their own volition or due to the effects of a virus-became hostile to mankind, becoming known as the Mavericks.[14] X would join the Maverick Hunters, a group dedicated to stopping this threat, alongside the mighty robot Zero. Together and with other allies, they faced off with the Mavericks and their evil leader, Sigma. During what seemed as the final battle with Sigma however, the evil Reploid escaped through a Genesis Portal as a computer virus.[9] X and several other Maverick Hunters would thus set out from their time to try and find Sigma, and land in a different Zone in the course of their search.[10]


Robot Masters from Earth in the year 20XX, from Sonic the Hedgehog #250.

In the year 20XX, this Earth's technology is comparable to-and in some cases compatible with-that of the present day on Sonic's World. One area in which the two differ noticeably is in the construction of robots. The robots from this reality are mechanical beings utilizing artificial intelligence that are typically created for aiding mankind. In his various plots for world domination, Dr. Wily successfully reprogrammed many of the robots for his evil purposes, albeit usually temporarily until his defeat. The most advanced of these robots are known as Robot Masters; whereas robots on Sonic's World can often be recreated even if they are destroyed, the Robot Masters are virtually unsalvageable if their Integrated Circuits are destroyed.

Reploids from in the year 21XX, from Sonic the Hedgehog #274.

Technology from the year 21XX is considerably more advanced than that of 20XX or Mobius, a fact that made Dr. Eggman covet its use. Its levels of advancement include the Reploids, robots possessing free will, as well as the technology that allowed Sigma to manipulate the Genesis Portals and design the Unity and Master Engines. Much later on, more advanced robots would succumb to a certain virus that would be known to turn robots into Maverick.







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