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ESP,[1] also known as Psychic Control, is Silver the Hedgehog's Signature Move in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2. When using this move, Silver unleashes a psychokinetic wave that disorients his opponents.


Description of ESP.

When performing ESP, Silver jumps into the air and starts floating through mid-air, thanks to his psychokinetic abilities. While floating, Silver put his hands on his forehead and focuses psychokinetic energy, resulting in psychokinetic energy emerging from his body in the form of green waves, green transparent bubbles and green sparks. Once having build up the energy, Silver shouts "Psychic Control" while throwing his arms out, and releases a dome of green psychokinetic energy in all directions that affects opponents anywhere on the field. After performing the move, Silver falls back at the ground and resumes running.

While active, the ESP allows Silver to scramble up his opponents' controls over their own movements at random, leaving them disoriented and unable to progress through the stage properly (for example, if the opponent wants to go right while the ESP is active, the opponent can end up going left, up, down, or still right). In multiplayer mode, when the opposing player uses ESP, the player's control over their used character will be scrambled up at random.

As with every other Signature Move in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2, Metal Sonic can perform this move when using his own Signature Move, Copycat, while racing against Silver.

Game appearances

Sonic Rivals

Silver's Signature Move is ESP. He can scramble his Rival's controls!

Loading screen, Sonic Rivals

The ESP made its first appearance in Sonic Rivals where it was referred to as "Psychic Control" in the game manual. In order to perform ESP in gameplay, the player has to obtain a Star Power-Up which is located throughout the stage. The player then has to press PSTriangleButton.png to activate this move. ESP will then remain active for four seconds, before deactivating.

Sonic Rivals 2

Silver can use his mind control Signature Move to confuse his Rival's sense of direction.

Loading screen, Sonic Rivals 2

ESP returned in Sonic Rivals 2 as Silver's Signature Move again. To perform the ESP in the gameplay, the player must have their Signature Meter completely filled, which can be done by collecting Rings, defeating enemies or boosting. The ESP will remain active for as long as there is energy in the Signature Meter, which begins to deplete once the ESP has been activated. The player can slightly extend the duration of the move if they repeatedly press PSSquareButton.png.


  • There is a common misconception between psychokinesis and extrasensory perception (ESP) is that ESP generally applies to extraordinary sight abilities such as looking into the past/future while psychokinesis applies to exerting forces on objects without physical contact. Silver has not demonstrated any "ESP" abilities with the move.
  • In Sonic Rivals 2, despite the move being named "ESP", Silver will call out "Psychic Control", the name of the move in Sonic Rivals.


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