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Not to be confused with E.G.G. Station or Egg Station.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I
E.G.G. Station Zone

Sonic takes a tiny personal rocket to chase Dr. Eggman into space. After tearing through a boss gauntlet, Sonic faces the fearsomely restored Death Egg Robot.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia

E.G.G. Station is the fifth and final Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I. Most of this Zone is a boss rush against the four main bosses of the game, only this time, they can be beaten with less hits than before and the first and second boss use their newer attacks earlier while the third and fourth bosses only uses their second phase attacks. After defeating these bosses, Sonic runs after Eggman as Eggman hops onto his Death Egg Robot. After the player damages the robot enough times, it goes berserk, thus making it much more difficult to defeat Eggman.



Before the Zone starts, there is a short interlude in the console and PC versions. Right after Sonic defeats Eggman for the fourth time, the hedgehog chases Eggman through Splash Hill Zone at sunset. At Splash Hill, Eggman turns around and meets his tailgater, laughs, and then rises toward the sky. Sonic then jumps to the bottom of the screen and rises with a small red rocket with a handle on the outside. Sonic recklessly flies after the mad scientist to the space station in outer space.

E.G.G. Station Zone: Final Showdown in Space

After Sonic arrives on the station, Sonic runs forward to the first corridor with the same layout as the Splash Hill Zone, as Eggman hovers from above to fight Sonic with his first of four battles. The first battle starts with Eggman using his hammer ball, Although there are two slight differences to it. One, the platforms Sonic can stand on are floating slowly up and down, and two, Eggman takes considerably less hits than his Splash Hill Zone encounter. After being defeated Eggman flies away, and Sonic uses a elevator to go deeper in the station. Sonic comes to a second corridor where he speeds towards a room (with a layout similar to the Casino Night boss) where the exits have been blocked and Eggman descends from above in Catch Eggman. One difference is that Eggman has lost the ability to drop exploding spike balls, and now can activate spike traps from the center floor. Soon after being bested, Eggman files upward as the exits open. Sonic takes another elevator higher in the mechanical contraption.

Running to his third elevator going higher in the station, Sonic finds the retreating Eggman in the Egg Mobile. Eggman laughs, then giving a "fist pump" signal; mechanical pillars arise from the ground, and more pillars come out of the pillars, threatening to crush Sonic valiantly. Best the doctor feeling the heat, he escapes once again. Sonic uses another elevator to go higher in the station zone. Running faster than ever, Sonic passes through the fourth corridor, Dr. Eggman is still running away (as Phase 2 of his Mad Gear boss encounter, Flying Eggman) the differences is Eggman instead of throwing regular clones, he can now throw small blue ones, and three times the size of his on mechanical vessel; yellow ones, after taking a few blows the station lifts its outer flaps. Eggman flees from being defeated for the fourth time around. Sonic chases Eggman to see what's next, but can Sonic handle his most recycled creation yet?

Death Egg Robot

As Sonic corners Eggman during their last encounter, Sonic uses the next elevator to the fifth and final room of the E.G.G. Station Zone, and Sonic uses a spring to get to the next floor. Sonic then sees Eggman and chases him. Eggman then jumps into some hole which quickly rises up, revealing a giant machine that looks like the giant mustachioed mech from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, with a hasty paint job to reflect the doctor's new wardrobe. The mech has the ability to stab Sonic if he jumps to high and close to it, launching in the air to crush Sonic, and it can detach its claws to attack after taking substantial damage it'll stand still and the final battle will truly commence.

After Sonic strikes Eggman's mech a number of times it will suddenly stand still. After a few moments alarms will set off and red lights will glow and illuminate the stage red. The mech will go haywire and gets an electrical charge around its body, and will try to run in an effort to stomp and crush Sonic. If Sonic dodges it'll hop backwards to finish the job. After that it will fly above to crush Sonic as it will sometimes shoot red energy balls in this form. Just like before it shoot its claw in a "C" formation. The detached arm will fall smoking with electricity around it. After it lands, Sonic will have to hit it three times. After that, the arm will crash against the robot's head, knocking it over while temporarily disrupting the electric field on it. After taking enough damage, it will fly high above in a final attack and punch the floor. All Sonic has to do is avoid the blow and strike the machine's head. If he doesn't, the floor will collapse, and Sonic will fall into a bottomless pit. Sonic then runs out the room as the space station explodes.

In other media

Books and comics

Archie Comics

Main article: E.G.G. Station

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, E.G.G. Station Zone, simply known as the E.G.G. Station, was a massive fortress in outer space that was built by Dr. Eggman in the In Another Time, In Another Place Zone, shortly before the return of Little Planet on Sonic's planet. However, its existence was short-lived, as it was destroyed after Sonic defeated the doctor in the Egg Destroyer Battlesuit.


  • E.G.G. Station Zone is heavily based on Sonic the Hedgehog 2's version of the Death Egg Zone with a similar color scheme and final boss.
  • The rocket that Sonic uses to reach the E.G.G Station Zone in console/PC versions has Tails' logo on it, implying that he made the rocket in which in the website said Tails was secretly supporting Sonic. The rocket is seen again in all versions of the sequel.
  • It is unknown if the "E.G.G." portion of the name of the area has an actual meaning or is an acronym.
  • This stage is extremely similar to the XX.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Boss Rush" Jun Senoue 0:50
"Final Boss" Jun Senoue 1:30