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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The E-Series (E-シリーズ E - shirīzu?) is a group that appears in the Sonic X anime series. It is a line of various robot models created by Dr. Eggman to serve as his main soldiers in his bid for world conquest. While many of them have been fully dedicated to serving their creator, others, such as E-102 Gamma, have rebelled and joined his enemies. Most of the E-Series have exemplified a personality to differing degrees.




Several E-12 Behemoths advance on Tails and Sonic, from "A Chaotic Day".

Some time ago, Tails was walking through a forest looking for Sonic the Hedgehog when he was caught off guard by an E-12 Behemoth. Running away from the robot as fast as he could, Sonic swooped in, flying the Tornado 2 and used its guns to disable the robot. Five more Behemoths came to back up their fallen robot brother as Sonic told Tails to dive at them all. The outcome of the subsequent battle is unknown.[1]

New World Saga

After taking Cream the Rabbit and Cheese hostage, Dr. Eggman set up heavy defenses around his fortress, awaiting the arrival of Sonic the Hedgehog. These forces included the likes of E-12 Behemoths and E-13 Guardbots. Although the Behemoths ended up knocking Sonic away from the fortress, Sonic soon returned, empowered by a Ring, and proceeded to tear through any robot he came across before getting into the fortress. As Sonic then confronted Eggman, a Guardbot snuck up on his and unleashed an assault. However, it ended up damaging Eggman's new machine that was being powered by the seven Chaos Emeralds. The damage inadvertently caused Chaos Control to occur, sending Eggman's base, his robots, the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic and his friends to Earth.[2]

E-23 Missile Wrist attacks Station Square, from "Missile Wrist Rampage".

Eager to continue his bid for world conquest on this new planet, Dr. Eggman choose E-23 Missile Wrist as his robot enforcer and proceeded to Station Square to conquer it. Upon arriving there, Missile Wrist caused havoc, with the local Police officers unable to stop it. Missile Wrist eventually made its way on top of a local office building where Dr. Eggman held a public broadcast, demanding the city surrender to him or Missile Wrist would destroy it. After trying to negotiate the hand over of the city with the Chief of Police and the Mayor of Station Square, Tails and Chris in the Tornado 2 arrived to attack Missile Wrist. During the fight, Amy Rose would attempt attacking Missile Wrist from behind, only to end up being captured by Missile Wrist to keep the charging Knuckles in check. Soon after, Sonic arrived and Missile Wrist dropped Amy to focus its attacks on the blue hedgehog. Sonic proceeded to top with Missile Wrist and even tricking it into destroying its own arm, before finishing it off.[3] The wreckage was later recovered by the Guardian Units of the Nations and used to create their own advanced robots known as Beetles.[4][5][6]

Eggman later activated E-11 Beacon to help him retrieve a Chaos Emerald from Station Square, but when the doctor noticed Sonic was after the Emerald as well, Eggman ordered it to attack Sonic. Beacon mainly bounced Sonic around but with the help of Tails and Amy, Sonic was able to destroy it.[7]

E-47 Pumpty ambushes Tails, Chris and Amy, from "Cracking Knuckles".

After Eggman tricked Knuckles into fighting Sonic, the doctor dispatched his E-47 Pumpty to the Silver Valley area and had it lie in wait in a lake. When Tails, Amy and Chris stopped by the lake for a picnic, Pumpty emerged and scooped the trio up inside of it to keep them out of the way as Sonic and Knuckles fought each other nearby. Eventually though, Pumpty's internal systems got smashed up by Amy, causing an explosion that cracked open their container and caught Sonic's attention. Arriving at the scene, Sonic took out Pumpty's legs, only for the robot to regain bipedal movements and attack Sonic. When Knuckles then interfered, Eggman across a lake due to Sonic's adversity to water and attempted to hold Tails, Amy and Chris ransom for a Chaos Emerald, only for Sonic to run around the lake and knock the robot down. Though Sonic's friends were freed, Pumpty rose again and attacked only for Knuckles to take it out.[8]

In a new scheme to conquer the world, Dr. Eggman decided to manipulate the children of humanity into admiring him. Eggman ended up deploying E-51 Intelligente, who blasted off from Eggman's island base and landed at Station Square Elementary School to put the doctor's plan into action. Intelligente took over Christopher Thorndyke's classroom, evicting the current teacher Mr. Stewart. Despite Mr. Stewart's various unsuccessful attempts to expose Intelligente as a fraud, he proved to be a highly capable teacher, and quickly earned the respect of the children. Intelligente soon decided not to serve Eggman, even telling Bokkun that he would protect the children no matter what Eggman did. However, when Eggman himself arrived, he quickly forced Intelligente to obey him again. When Sonic later arrived as Intelligente was having the students attend an art class for Eggman's benefit however, Intelligente attacked Sonic the Hedgehog. However, the hedgehog easily destroyed Intelligente.[9]

The Tornado faces off against E-90 Super Sweeper, from "Satellite Swindle".

Soon after his latest failure, Dr. Eggman decided to deploy E-90 Super Sweeper into the stratosphere of Earth and have it steal satellites for Eggman's benefit. However, Sonic and Tails soon took off in the Tornado and headed for E-90 in the stratosphere. However, the robot ultimately proved too strong and fast for the Tornado 2 and Tails' aerial maneuvers and weaponry. Eventually, E-90 won the fight when the Tornado 2's engine gave out and Sonic and Tails entered a nose dive. Meanwhile, E-90 returned to Dr. Eggman's base and was fully repaired. Soon afterward it was launched into the stratosphere again as Dr. Eggman broadcast his plans to "clean up the trash in the stratosphere." In the meantime, the military laid a trap for E-90 by trying to shoot it down with lasers from satellites. However, E-90 neutralized the attack, and swallowed the satellites. As this was happening, Sonic, Tails and Chris arrived in the X Tornado. Dr. Eggman thus took control of E-90 and began the battle. As he ran out of options against Sonic and Tails' new jet, Dr. Eggman had E-900 further up. There, E-90 got the advantage due to Sonic and the X Tornado freezing up. Thanks to Tails and Chis though, Sonic unfroze himself with a Ring's power and proceeded to destroy E-90.[10]

With new plans to create Eggman's Scream Park on Emerald Coast, Dr. Eggman deployed E-38 Octoron to attack Emerald Coast to make way for dozens of E-39 Quizons to tear down and remodel the site. Arriving at the site, the Quizons began demolishing it and turning it into Eggman's dream park. The Quizons then rounded up the remaining attendees at Hotel de Blanc's opening ceremony to force them to be the first guests of Eggman's new park, which included Chris, Mr. Tanaka and Ella. Sonic quickly appeared though, taking several Quizons along the way before engaging Octoron, whom he destroyed with some help from Amy and Tails. Not done yet, Dr. Eggman ordered the Quizons to combine into a Serpenter. who accidentally destroyed a seashell bracelet Amy had made for Sonic. While Sonic tried to goad Serpenter into attacking him, an enraged Amy attacked Serpenter and ultimately destroyed it.[11]

Dr. Eggman and his team of E-21 Ballios at Diamond Stadium, from "Unfair Ball".

A team composed of several E-21 Ballios were later deployed in the Diamond Stadium by Dr. Eggman to take on Sonic and his friends in a game of baseball, where the winner got to claim the Chaos Emerald that had just been discovered. At first, the Ballios robots' team easily took the lead due to their abilities but the heroes had some tactics that helped them to catch up. Eventually, Eggman activated one of the Ballios' abilities to detach its head and attach it onto Sonic's head, in hopes of killing the hedgehog with its self-destruction mechanism, but Knuckles destroyed the robot head before it could explode. The rest of the Ballios managed to escape while Eggman got away with the Chaos Emerald.[12]

When discovering Rouge the Bat and Topaz inside the Chaos Emerald vault in Dr. Eggman's Fortress, the Chaos Emerald's security detail, E-70 Noizi, was activated by their presence. During the ensuing battle with Rouge, Noizi altered Eggman to the duo's intrusion, who sent an E-12 Behemoth, E-13 Guardbot and E-14 Sneezer to reinforce it. However, all of these robots were destroyed thanks to Rouge, who in particular defeated Noizi with some aid from Topaz. However, the duo were forced to flee the fortress when the damage Noizi had sustained threatened to create a massive explosion (which it did).[4]

E-35 Funfun about to crush the X Tornado, from "Beating Eggman, Part 2".

In a bid to capture the third Chaos Emerald, Dr. Eggman brought E-35 Funfun to Tingalin Villa where Tails, Amy Rose, Chris and Frances were also searching for the Emerald in the X Cyclone.[13] The heroes did their best, but the fan of Fun-Fun was too much to bear and Tails and the X Cyclone were almost crushed under the foot of the robot.[13][14] Fortunately, Sonic soon arrived, saved his friends and took out Funfun, although not before making it blow Eggman high into the sky in his Egg Mobile.[14] Meanwhile, G.U.N. put their plan to attack Dr. Eggman's fortress into action while he was away. With their master gone, Decoe and Bocoe proceeded to command Eggman's forces to counterattack, deploying Sneezers, a Guardbot and a rebuilt Beacon to take on the government. As the fortress was being assaulted, a small GUN infiltration group managed to get inside the fortress, only for an Behemoth to be launched to deal with them, but was easily taken out. A two-pronged attack was then unleashed against the GUN agents inside the base, with an E-12 Behemoth taking on Rouge as her group went on ahead and then roughly ten E-13 Guardbots opened fire on the agents, only to be quickly destroyed by the timely arrival of Knuckles the Echidna.[13][14] Meanwhile, Sonic entered the fortress, where he ended up being confronted by Eggman piloting his new E-18 Guerra-Hard, which powered by the two Chaos Emeralds he had acquired. Though Guerra-Hard proved formidable, Sonic managed to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds from it and use their power to destroy Guerra-Hard.[14]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Arriving later in Station Square in his new Egg Fort, Dr. Eggman sought to demolish the city and built a new fortress for himself on its ruins. To do this, he dropped dozens of E-42 Toroles down on to the city and they proceeded to crush everything in their sight until Sonic came and began destroying them. Undeterred, Dr. Eggman launched a missile attack on the blue blur who deftly got the rockets to follow him and destroy more Toroles before finishing off the rest himself. Dr. Eggman then launched a squadron of E-43 Falcons to chase after Sonic. However, Sonic managed outwit them and ride one of them towards the Egg Fort until Eggman detonated them remotely. With Sonic surviving this tactic, Dr. Eggman launched scores of E-44s after Sonic and throughout the city. These robots ran Sonic's friends, who were heading back to the Thorndyke Mansion to retrieve the X Tornado, off the road and leaving them at the robots' mercy. However, Mr. Stewart took them out. Back on the road towards the Thorndyke residence, the E-44s quickly caught up and readied another attack, but were ran off the road by Mr. Tanaka in a truck loaded with the X Tornado. With the jet plane now in the fight, Tails helped Sonic destroyed the last of the E-44s.[15]

When discovering that Sonic and his friends were diving underwater in search of a Chaos Emerald which they refused to give up to him, Dr. Eggman deployed E-57 Clurken to attack Sonic. t initially had the upper hand thanks to Sonic's inability to swim, but when they surfaced, Sonic received some much-needed help from his friends that allowed him to take out Clurken.[16]

Knuckles facing the E-91 Lady Ninja, from "The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk".

After hearing from Decoe and Bocoe that Knuckles' friend Hawk had found the fifth Chaos Emerald, Eggman deployed E-91 Lady Ninja to steal it from them. Going undercover, Lady Ninja following the duo and subdued Rouge when noticing that she was following them, before unveiling itself when the time was right and going after Emerald. The ensuing battle made the subway they were in collapse, forcing Lady Ninja to retreat without the Chaos Emerald. When Knuckles later went to retrieve the Chaos Emerald, Lady Ninja kidnapped Hawk and held him for ransom, demanding Knuckles meet it later for the exchange. When the time came for the trade though, Rouge interfered, which led to a chase throughout the city for the Emerald. Eventually, Lady Ninja ended up subduing Knuckles until Hawk managed to short-circuit it, thus allowing Knuckles to sent it flying with a powerful punch.[17]

E-65 Gorru-Gaooh lands a surprise attack on Sonic, from "The Dam Scam".

When Dr. Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe were left stranded in the middle of the African savanna after the Egg Fort crashed, Decoe and Bocoe took passenger seats inside the E-65 Gorru-Gaooh and went searching for Sonic while Dr. Eggman remained in the Egg Fort. The trio eventually across some scummy humans before finding Sonic. Engaging him in battle, initially had the upper hand against Sonic using its camouflage abilities until Sonic adapted to them and lured the robot to aconstruction site where is camouflage did not work so well. With Gorru-Gaooh at a disadvantage, Sonic easily destroyed the robot.[18] Later, in an attempt to sabotage a race between Sonic and Sam Speed, Dr. Eggman ordered E-45 Sumo-Man to ambush the two racers on their race course. When the two speedsters rushed passed the robot however, a dismayed Sumo-Man decided to fight itself instead and sent itself flying back to the Egg Fort II.[19]

While Dr. Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe followed Chris, Tails, Cream, Cheese, Frances and Danny, whom Eggman believed to be searching for a Chaos Emerald, through a mountainous Japanese region, the doctor had enough of walking and decided to use one of his robots. Using his Selection Machine to summon E-66 Da-Dai-Oh, the villains used it to confront the heroes, only for Da-Dai-Oh to slip on the soft soil and fall into a river. After spending some time cleaning Da-Dai-Oh, Sonic came across the trio of villains and Da-Dai-Oh. Wasting no time, Sonic destroyed Da-Dai-Oh with ease.[20]

During the struggle to obtain a Chaos Emerald from the various parties at a filmset in Filmdom City, Dr. Eggman had E-74 Weazo enter the fight. Although Weazo provided the heroes some distraction, it was ultimately brought down by a collaborative effort between Sonic and Knuckles.[5]

Amy readies an attack against E-88 Lightning Bird, from "How to Catch a Hedgehog".

Later Dr. Eggman confronted Sonic once again, this time accompanied by E-88 Lightning Bird. During the fight, Lightning Bird took Amy hostage. However, it was not enough, and Sonic managed to defeat it. In the midst of this, one of Lightning Bird's components fell into Sonic's ear. Damaged from the fight, Lightning Bird would stay on the ranch it had battled Sonic on until Sonic returned to destroy it. Discovering the robot's component trapped in Sonic's head was causing him to run uncontrollably, Tails and Amy sought to destroy Lightning Bird. When Amy went after Lightning Bird though, it dodged her attack and trapped her in an electrified net, which resulted in one of its legs falling loose and giving Sonic the opportunity to finally destroy it.[21]

The E-99 Eggsterminator holds a battered Sonic in its grasp, from "Countdown to Chaos".

With only one Chaos Emerald still missing, Dr. Eggman created and deployed E-77 Lucky to find the seventh Chaos Emerald before Sonic and his friends, believing that the robot's penchant for luck would lead it right to the Emerald. While venturing out however, it got acquainted with Knuckles and Chris. After getting separated from the two however, Lucky ended up in the South West Dump where it found the final Chaos Emerald. It subsequently reported back to Eggman and awaited to be picked up by the doctor.[22] However, Lucky got caught up the conflict between Sonic, Eggman and G.U.N.'s Beetle units over the Chaos Emerald. In the end though, Sonic received the Chaos Emerald from Lucky. Desperate to get the last Emerald, Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe transformed the Egg Fort II into the E-99 Eggsterminator. Eggman then fed the Eggsterminator the power of the six Chaos Emeralds him had, thus granting it enough power to overpower Sonic. However, the Eggsterminator soon went out of control and began pummeling Sonic mercilessly before disposing of him into the sea. Enraged, Chris, who had been held captive onboard the Eggsterminator, ripped the Chaos Emeralds out of the Eggsterminator. As Knuckles then boarded the Eggsterminator's control room and distracted Dr. Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe, Rouge rescued the exhausted Chris and the Chaos Emeralds. Chris then began to stir mid-flight and broke free of Rouge's grasp. Chris and the Chaos Emeralds proceeded to fall into the ocean, only for Rouge to grab Chris. Moments later, the Eggsterminator snatched Chris and Rouge out of the air. However, the Eggsterminator was soon after assaulted by Super Sonic, who destroyed the robot and triggered Chaos Control.[6]

Chaos Saga

After discovering a legendary amorphous being known as Chaos, Eggman planned to bring it to full power to destroy Station Square and build the Eggman Empire on the ruins of the city. To that end, he invented six new robots known as the E-100 Series: E-100 Alpha (or ZERO), E-101 Beta, E-102 Gamma, E-103 Delta, E-104 Epsilon and E-105 Zeta. Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon were powered by animals and initial tests proved promising with their fine marksmanship on the shooting range and unflinching obedience.[23] ZERO was the first one to see action in the field, being sent after a bird who was in possession of a Chaos Emerald that had escaped from the Egg Carrier. ZERO traveled down to Station Square and after finding the bird (who had been named "Lily") in Amy Rose's care, kidnapped them both, and flew back to the Egg Carrier moments before Sonic could arrive to save them.[1]

Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon search for Froggy, from "A Robot Rebels".

Shortly afterward, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon were given the task of finding a frog that was in possession of both a Chaos Emerald and Chaos' tail. All four robots managed to find a frog, but Gamma was the one to find the right frog, having stolen him from Big the Cat and Chris who were also searching nearby. All of them returned to the Egg Carrier to present their findings, leading to Eggman becoming incredibly angry with their apparent incapability and stupidity. When he saw that Gamma had retrieved the correct frog, he dismissed the others as useless and teleported them away, sending Beta for upgrades to become E-101 "Kai", Delta to be tied to a rock pillar in Windy Valley, and Epsilon left in a cave.[24][25] This event marked a change in direction for the E-100 Series. Gamma was next ordered to retrieve Lily from Amy Rose in her cell, but was so distracted by the events that had taken place, and after suddenly seeing a vision of Lily, he accidentally walked into a room where Beta was being upgraded, but was reminded by Eggman of his orders and headed again for Amy's cell. Gamma threatened the pink hedgehog at gun point, but she staunchly refused and made Gamma question its motives. At this point, Lily flew through the cell's bars, looking Gamma in the eye and the robot clutched its head in pain before telling Amy to flee and blowing open the cell. Gamma then looked back at Lily who had still not left and told her directly to leave.[24] Before they left, Amy told Gamma that the next time they meet they would be friends and Gamma, contemplating this thought, returns to serving Eggman whilst still thinking about Lily.[24][26] Gamma was soon after called upon by Eggman to head to rear deck of the Egg Carrier and was ordered to shoot Sonic. Amy tried to break up the fight, telling Sonic that Gamma was good. The blue hedgehog initially hesitated, but the robot did not hold back in its attack and Sonic quickly knocked Gamma to the ground, disabling it. Before he could finish Gamma off however, Amy stopped him. Amy then managed to re-activate Gamma and told the robot that it did not have to listen to Eggman any more and should flee as well.[26]

Beta and Gamma battle, both landing a finishing blow at the same time, from "Revenge of the Robot".

After flying off the Egg Carrier and landing in a mountainous region, Gamma thought over all that had happened and deleted Eggman's designation as its master and went to free Beta, Delta and Epsilon, having visions of birds. Gamma first released Delta, erasing Eggman as its master and shutting the robot down, releasing the rabbit animal trapped inside. Gamma then did the same with Epsilon, making sure to destroy the statue of Eggman before he left to find Beta and Zeta on the Egg Carrier. Along with them was ZERO, who had been stranded in the Egg Carrier with Decoe and Bocoe. The three robot minions quickly discovered Amy and attempted to capture her, only for Amy to outwit Decoe and Bocoe and knock ZERO aside with her Piko Piko Hammer. Meanwhile, Gamma had successfully disabled Zeta when Beta, now upgraded to E-101 "Kai," attacked Gamma. The rebellious robot tried to reason with Beta, but his obedience to Eggman would not be broken. Amy Rose again tried to break up Gamma's fight, but the two robots struck each other down, arms entwined as their metal bodies went down in flames. Following their destruction, the birds powering Gamma and Beta were released, revealing them to be Lily's missing siblings.[25]

Emerl Saga

Metarex Saga

After saving the Resistance of planet Cascade from the Metarex, Dr. Eggman, Shadow, Rouge, Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun were asked to join their forces, but only agreed to (under false pretenses) in return for helping them find a Chaos Emerald. Suspecting that the Resistance's leader, Leon, was not being honest with him, Dr. Eggman eavesdropped on him and discovered he was working with Pale Bayleaf. Leon held the doctor at gunpoint and planned to turn Eggman over to the Metarex, along with assassinating Eggman's allies and his own teammate, Molly. Eggman was quickly saved by E-3000, who destroyed the roof of the building he and Leon were in, knocking the Resistance leader to the ground. Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe proceeded to head back to the Crimson Egg, only for the Resistance to try and stop them using their spacecraft. E-3000 snatched the ships out of the air with ease and threw them into the ground like lawn darts. It was at this moment Pale Bayleaf's Battleship along with a small fleet of Metarex ships attacked to try and capture Eggman, although the scientist ultimately evaded capture.[27]

Archie Comics


The cards with unidentified E-Series units.

  • When Eggman chooses robots with his cards, several E-Series robots (or parts of them) that were never used in the Sonic X anime series can be seen.
  • When Dr. Eggman selects robots via his cards and slot machine, robots that had been destroyed in previous episodes are visible (most obviously E-23 Missile Wrist), possibly indicating he mass produces all of them. Admittedly, this is recycled footage that we see in the episodes, but given how we see multiple E-12 Behemoths, E-13 Guardbots, E-14 Sneezers, E-30 Laser Tanks, E-44s, E-39 Quizons, E-43 Falcons and even see E-11 Beacon again after its destruction, it is plausible.
  • In the English dub of "Pure Chaos", Dr. Eggman incorrectly refers to the E-100 Series as the E-Series. This is seemingly a translation error, as in the Japanese version of the episode Eggman correctly refers to them by their proper designation of the E-100 Series.



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