The E-Mech[1] is a vehicle that appears in Sonic the Fighters. It is a mech built by Dr. Eggman as a defense mechanism in case his Death Egg II was attacked.


Powers and abilities

While possessing no special abilities, the E-Mech was a powerful mech in close combat, requiring no less that a Hyper Mode or Super State to be defeated within fifteen seconds. It could also launch bombs (in the 2012 re-release of Sonic the Fighters).


Sonic the Fighters

When the Death Egg II was rigged to self-destruct within seconds, Dr. Eggman activated the E-Mech and used it to engaged the intruder responsible for the triggering the Death Egg II's self-destruction. However, the intruder used the Chaos Emeralds to gain enough power to defeat E-Mech and escape the Death Egg II in time.


  • In the original version of Sonic the Fighters it only appears during the game's bonus stage, Death Egg's Hangar, where it is used by Eggman to battle the player. In the 2012 rerelease of the game however, it is used by the player when selecting Eggman as the playable character.



  1. The arena floor where the E-Mech is fought has "E-Mech Activated" appear on it's screen upon the start of the battle

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