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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
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E-90 Super Sweeper is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It was a giant E-Series robot created by Dr. Eggman for high-altitude operations.


Super Sweeper was giant green spacecraft-like robot. It had a large head up front resembling that of a bird's while its body was akin to that of a cargo section. On its rear it had a set of wings on the side, along with a rear wing on top, and two red rocket thrusters. Connecting its head and body was a yellow "neck" with red rims. Super Sweeper's head also had wings on its jaw, a tall yellow fin on its forehead, blue eyes, and red on the tip of its "beak".



New World Saga

Super Sweeper was dispatched by Dr. Eggman to suck up satellites orbiting Earth, which were to be grinded into robot parts for Eggman. Sonic and Tails tried to stop Super Sweeper in the Tornado 2, but the bi-plane was no match for the robot, forcing the heroes to retreat. The government tried to stop Super Sweeper as well with orbital laser satellite, but they too stood no chance against it. However, Super Sweeper finally met its match when Sonic and his crew caught up to it in the X Tornado. It was then destroyed by a Ring-empowered Sonic.[1]

Powers and abilities

In aerial combat, Super Sweeper was nearly unbeatable. It was equipped with powerful missiles and lasers, a powerful suction force, and the ability to fly higher and faster than the Tornado 2. It also possessed a force-field that could withstand a rain of lasers without a scratch.[1]


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  • The E-90 Super Sweeper looks remarkably similar to the Aircraft Thunderbird 2 from Thunderbirds. It even has a removable section, which is shaped almost identically to the Pods used with Thunderbird 2.

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