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E-90 Super Sweeper is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It was a giant E-Series robot created by Dr. Eggman for high-altitude operations.


Super Sweeper was giant green spacecraft-like robot. It had a large head up front resembling that of a bird's while its body was akin to that of a cargo section. On its rear it had a set of wings on the side, along with a rear wing on top, and two red rocket thrusters. Connecting its head and body was a yellow "neck" with red rims. Super Sweeper's head also had wings on its jaw, a tall yellow fin on its forehead, blue eyes, and red on the tip of its "beak".



New World Saga

The Tornado 2 faces off against E-90.

Soon after his latest failure Dr. Eggman hatched a new scheme: deploy E-90 into the stratosphere and have it steal dozens of the world's satellites. This move allowed Dr. Eggman to remove spy satellites watching him, gain the ability to broadcast his own television show to the masses and give himself a new supply of technology to convert into robot parts. Feeling confident Sonic the Hedgehog stood no chance of stopping him, Dr. Eggman sent Bokkun to inform Sonic of his latest ploy. Sonic and Tails then immediately leaped into action in the Tornado 2 and headed for the stratosphere. E-90 retaliated as soon Dr. Eggman saw the heroic duo approaching, firing lasers at the Tornado 2 and attempting to catch the biplane in its "jaws" when they evaded its initial assault. E-90 pressed on, firing another round of laser fire and deploying explosives into the air behind it in an attempt to down the aircraft, but Tails evaded everything E-90 could throw at him. The young fox then retaliated with some cunning flying and tricked E-90 into performing an aileron roll, avoiding its gaze and allowing Tails to fire off a burst of machine gun fire on E-90's lasers, disabling them. Tails repeated the attack on the face of E-90, but the robot's armor was too strong. E-90 then changed course and got the unsuspecting Tails and Sonic to chase it before delivering a surprise attack with its removable midsection. Barely evading the attack, Tails and Sonic ducked into cloud cover and upon emerging were face to face with E-90. Dr. Eggman fired a barrage of missiles at the duo, only for Tails and Sonic to dodge the missiles and throw them off course by jumping on them respectively. One well aimed kick by Sonic sent a missile directly into the face of E-90 and under the cover of the smoke Dr. Eggman activated E-90's Super Sweeper. The plane was very nearly sucked into the machine's powerful vacuum but managed to pull away before meeting their demise. With the midsection of E-90 still gone the robot was now lighter and could fly faster than the Tornado 2. With E-90 gaining on them and threatening to suck them both into its maw, Tails and Sonic flew behind cloud cover, only for E-90 to start sucking in the clouds themselves. Under the stress of trying to outrun E-90, the engine of the Tornado 2 gave out and Tails and Sonic proceeded to fall into a nose dive. The battle won for now, E-90 returned to Dr. Eggman's base and was fully repaired.[1]

E-90 fires its missiles at the X Tornado.

Soon afterward it was launched into the stratosphere again as Dr. Eggman broadcast his plans to "clean up the trash in the stratosphere." The military had laid a trap for E-90 by arming satellites with laser weapons. Once E-90 was in range they opened fire, only to find the robot was equipped with a force field that blocked all their laser attacks. E-90 wasted no time in activating its Super Sweeper again and swallowing all of the attacking satellites. As this was happening, Tails, Sonic and Christopher Thorndyke took off for a rematch with E-90 in the newly built X Tornado. Dr. Eggman took the controls and began the battle with a round of missiles, only for the new jet plane to evade its assault and for Sonic to use the projectiles as stepping stones to land on E-90. The robot attempted to repel its blue border with laser attacks, only for Sonic to evade them and for the guns of the new X Tornado to destroy the lasers. Dr. Eggman then utilized the lasers of one of the captured military satellites to attack the new aircraft and keep Tails and Christopher Thorndyke at a distance. This plan was short-lived, however, as Sonic soon destroyed the satellite and the battle continued, all the while being broadcast to the public below on the planet by Eggman. The X Tornado gained on and overtook E-90, allowing Sonic to board it again, but the wind pressure pulled him off the hull of the robot and forced him to hang on for dear life. Meanwhile, E-90 took the opportunity to fire another barrage of missiles at the X Tornado only for the aircraft to evade them with ease. Dr. Eggman then activated E-90's Super Sweeper and attempted to suck in Sonic himself, only for the X Tornado to rush to the rescue and destroy the Super Sweeper. Out of options, Dr. Eggman let the robot's midsection loose to increase speed and gain altitude. E-90 managed to get behind the X Tornado and fired another round of missiles as several of the X Tornado's functions and Sonic were now frozen with the cold of space. Thanks to Tails' quick thinking and Chis' assistance using a Ring, Sonic unfroze himself as the missiles gained on the X Tornado. Sonic destroyed the projectiles in a flash before diving into the mouth of E-90, finally destroying it.[1]

Powers and abilities

In aerial combat, Super Sweeper was nearly unbeatable. It was equipped with powerful missiles and lasers, a powerful suction force, and the ability to fly higher and faster than the Tornado 2. It also possessed a force-field that could withstand a rain of lasers without a scratch.[1]


Concept artwork



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  • The E-90 Super Sweeper looks remarkably similar to the Aircraft Thunderbird 2 from Thunderbirds. It even has a removable section, which is shaped almost identically to the Pods used with Thunderbird 2.
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