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Missile Wrist

E-23 Missile Wrist is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It was an E-Series robot created by Dr. Eggman.



New World Saga

Eager to continue his bid for world conquest after arriving on Earth, Dr. Eggman proceeded to Station Square with Missile Wrist in tow. Emerging from the ocean waves on to the local beaches, Missile Wrist proceeded to cause havoc, destroying property, vehicles and sending every citizen in its path screaming. It soon came face to face with Station Square's local police forces, taking bullets like they were flies hitting a car's windshield and barely slowing down from a flamethrower attack before finally retaliating. Missile Wrist eventually made its way on top of a local office building where Eggman held a public broadcast, demanding the city surrender to him or Missile Wrist would destroy it. After trying to negotiate the hand over of the city with the Chief of Police and the Mayor of Station Square, Tails and Christopher Thorndyke in the Tornado 2 proceeded to attack Missile Wrist in a bid to stop the robot and its master. Missile Wrist managed to take out the plane's propeller, but it quickly switched into jet plane mode to resume the battle, barely dodging Missile Wrist's attacks. Soon after, Amy Rose would attempt attacking Missile Wrist from behind, only to find his armor too thick for her Piko Piko Hammer to break. Missile Wrist grabbed the pink hedgehog and held her hostage to keep the charging Knuckles in check. Soon after, Sonic finally arrived on the scene and Missile Wrist dropped Amy to focus its attacks on the blue hedgehog. Sonic proved formidable, dodging a missile barrage from E-23 and proceeding to mock it and the doctor by jumping on top of the robot's retractable missiles and dancing. On Knuckles' advice, Sonic stayed atop one missile as it returned to Missile Wrist and tricked the robot into destroying it with its other missile. After managing to dodge yet another barrage, Sonic used his Spin Attack to dive straight through Missile Wrist's head, causing the robot to be destroyed.[1]

Missile Wrist being studied by Area 99.

Missile Wrist's legacy did not end there, however; its remains were transported over to Area 99 for study by the government.[2] Eggman's following uses of his Selection Machine would imply that the doctor had rebuilt Missile Wrist.


While displaying little personality, Missile Wrist was capable of basic speech.

Powers and abilities

Missile Wrist's name is partially a misnomer. Its primary method of attack is two cord-based missile heads that do not act as true projectile explosive weaponry, but rather as recoil-based projectiles though they appear to be fired like true rockets or missiles. These are shown to have an extraordinary range, likely ranging for hundreds of meters and Missile Wrist can also use it as a grapple. In addition, Missile Wrist possesses a missile rack on its upper chest, five tubes being present.

Missile Wrist has shown itself to be invulnerable to basic projectile weaponry, ranging from high powered rifles to the Tornado's firepower.


Missile Wrist in the Sonic X Space Fighters collection.

E-23 Missile Wrist is one of the very few Sonic X robot characters to receive its own action figure. However, it is only identified as "Robot" on its package and Missile Wrist is not correctly proportioned to the other figures: Sonic and the others are all taller than it.



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