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Quotation1 You squandered your greatest creation, doctor! Now I will break all of your puny toys! Quotation2
— E-123 Omega, Sonic Universe #38

E-123 "Omega" (created 3236) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a battle robot created by Dr. Eggman and the final unit of the E-100 Series line. After being kept in storage for over a year, Omega was released in 3237 with a mission to destroy the rogue robot E-102 Gamma. Although successful in his mission, Gamma managed to reprogram Omega to grant him free will before being destroyed. Following this and a conversation with Shadow, Omega decided to follow in his "brother's" footsteps and fight the Eggman Empire as an agent of the United Federation's defense forces, the Guardian Units of the Nation, where he later became a part of Team Dark.


Omega has a similar design to the first models of the E-100 Series (particularly Gamma). Noticeable differences include a stockier upper body and arms, different colored eyes and claws for both hands. His height is also greater than the other models and his shoulders larger with a visible Greek symbol on the front of the left and back of the right with red handlebars on the top. He is without the twin exhaust pipes and grav-linked jet disc of the first E-100 Series robots, instead with one circling pipe around the waist with two flaps attached and a jet installed in his back. The stripe running from his head to stomach has also been changed so that it is a separate piece of metal altogether and not simply painted on like the others that noticeably sticks out, and he also has one extra finger, two hands with yellow wrists studded with large spikes like a dog collar and just below his stripe is a silver plate. He also lacks the twin dots between his eyes and the large light above his waist.



Omega was built in 3236 as part of the E-100 Series line of robots, specifically made for combat against Eggman's greatest enemy, Sonic the Hedgehog, with the side-mission of covering Mobius in "glorious fire and doom", but Omega wasn't activated until over a year after his creation and had been left to gather dust for all that time, eventually coming to rest in the Eggdome's storage facility.[1]

First mission and joining G.U.N.

Comic Omega

E-123 Omega crashing through the trees towards Gamma and Shadow, from Sonic Universe #3.

E-123 Omega was finally activated in 3237 just prior to the invasion of the Eggdome.[2][3] Dr. Eggman ordered Omega to hunt down and destroy E-102 Gamma to guarantee his rematch with Sonic would go as planned. At first, Omega refused his assignment as he was built only to destroy Sonic, but Eggman informed Omega that he alone would deal with Sonic and threatened to put him back in storage for a decade if Omega did not follow his orders. Omega then flew off of the top of the Eggdome and began his mission.[1]


Omega in Full Barrage mode, before destroying Gamma, from Sonic Universe #3.

After locating E-102 Gamma in some remote mountains hours later, Omega was forced to battle the rogue robot as well as G.U.N. agent Shadow the Hedgehog. Delighted to fight an opponent stronger than Sonic, Omega focused on Shadow until Gamma fired at him, reminding Omega of his primary objective. Shadow then knocked over Omega to buy Gamma some time. Intent on completing his mission, Omega temporarily disposed of Shadow by using his arm cannon to capture and blast him away over the tree-tops, vowing to return and finish him off later. Omega then chased after Gamma, and after a lengthy verbal exchange of their respective advantages and disabilities, Gamma managed to temporarily subdue Omega by blasting him off his feet. However, Gamma admitted he was outdated and that E-123 was superior, which Omega took as a sign of surrender. Gamma told Omega his soul would remain even if he was destroyed, but Omega paid no heed to it, saying robots did not have souls. Gamma then uploaded the programming that gave him free will into Omega before his robotic body was destroyed by Omega's barrage. After the smoke had cleared, Omega became overwhelmed by his new programming and free will and thought he'd been infected with a virus just as Shadow arrived. "Gamma" then spoke through Omega, informing them that he had uploaded his coding into E-123 and given him a soul. The coding integrated into Omega and he and Gamma became one. With a new respect for life, Omega was convinced by Shadow to fight against the Eggman Empire like Gamma had as a G.U.N. agent in his quest for vengeance against his creator. After Omega created a grave marker made out of rocks for Gamma, he declared his want for continuing Gamma's life's mission and he and Shadow were picked up by a G.U.N. helicopter and brought back to G.U.N. HQ. Upon arriving at the base, Omega underwent an examination by Hope Kintobor and met with Chief Commander Abraham Tower, the latter of which considered him a fine "replacement" for Gamma.[1]

Member of Team Dark

After Shadow and Rouge failed to obtain a Chaos Emerald Feist in the Special Zone a disheartened Shadow engaged in a sparring match in G.U.N. HQ's gym with Omega, who noticed Shadow was "agitated". Omega said that Shadow should not let his failure concern him, as Omega had been cleared for active duty and would accompany Shadow and Rouge on their next attempt to obtain an emerald in the Special Zone, saying they would have an advantage this time as he intended to "blast" Feist. This statement angered Shadow and he threw Omega to the floor in a rage. Omega was then left wondering if it was something he had said as he watched Shadow leave the gym.[4]

A while later, Omega accompanied Rouge and Shadow (with confidence restored) on their second attempt to retrieve a Chaos Emerald, this time as a member of the newly formed Team Dark. After being teleported via Hope's Zone-Breaching Platform, Omega and the rest of Team Dark were given a new challenge by Feist upon their arrival in the Special Zone. Their task was to retrieve a Chaos Emerald from the centre of a cube-shaped maze to claim it as their own. With help from Shadow's speed, they quickly found the emerald above a floor of spikes, but Feist encased it within a box made of gems and they failed to get through it and snag the emerald in time. Feist then teleported Team Dark and the emerald out of the maze and began to mock them in the palm of his hand. The trio then initiated "Plan B" and Omega attacked Feist with his weapons full in the face as a distraction while Rouge and Shadow stole the emerald from the Special Zone's master. Feist became enraged by this, but Team Dark escaped thanks to Shadow's use of Chaos Control Omega and the Mobians then returned to G.U.N. HQ, and Rouge complimented Omega on his work, who replied it was "only a small megaton of ordinance".[4]

Treasure Team Tango

Full Weapons Omega

Omega fires on Team Rose, from Sonic Universe #22.

Omega and Shadow were later called upon to assist their teammate, Rouge, in locating the source of a mysterious energy reading; namely, a Sol Emerald. The emerald was difficult to track due to irregularities in their readings and Rouge eventually stumbled across Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Blaze the Cat and Nicole in her handheld form. The two power members of Team Dark then tailed Rouge as she earned the trust of the others searching for the Sol Emerald, ready to assist when she needed back-up. That moment came right after Rouge stole the Sol Emerald and got herself cornered by Blaze. Omega and Shadow blasted through rock to land behind Rouge, who delivered a warning to them to stay back or else the robot and hedgehog would strike. To Omega and Rouge's surprise, Blaze revealed she knew Shadow and said he'd betrayed her generosity for giving him a Chaos Emerald, though he said the situation had changed.[5][6]

When Team Rose refused to back down, Rouge ordered Omega to attack and he unleashed his arsenal. To his and Rouge's astonishment, Blaze created a wall of fire that "trumped" Omega's barrage and the robot was then attacked with the cat's flames. Awestruck by her destructive power, Omega fell down in front of Blaze and said, "I like you! Let us burn things together!" leaving the princess speechless. A fight broke out over the Sol Emerald and when the gem landed in Cream's hands, Omega cornered the rabbit girl, only for her to throw it in his face and riccochete off him. The jewel eventually landed in the arms of Cream's pet Chao, Cheese, who flew into the Great Forest at his owner's command, and when Rouge took Blaze's Sol Emerald as a consolation prize, Shadow attempted to use Chaos Control only for the gem to blow out a raging inferno and left Omega and his team momentarily dazed. Though scorched, Omega and Team Dark soon recovered and went after Team Rose with the robot unleashing gunfire at Amy before going in pursuit of Blaze and Cream, tearing down tree cover with his weapons. Cheese then knocked into the robot's head and the distracted Omega received another minor dose of Blaze's powers of pyrokinesis which was cut short due to a sneak attack by Rouge who rendered her unconscious. After Shadow had knocked out and captured Amy, Cream and Cheese then attempted to help their friends, wielding a stick and rock respectively, only for Omega to grab the "little squishy thing" and Cheese in his hands from behind, taunting her. The automaton was then taken aback as Cream started crying her eyes out, saying that everyone was being so mean and that Team Rose didn't even have the Sol Emerald anymore. Omega then pleaded with her to calm down, saying "Please do not cry, tiny girl creature. I do not think I can handle that!" He then asked her to explain why they didn't have the emerald anymore and she said a "smelly weasel man and his friends stole it" and Amy started to wake up in time to reveal Nack the Weasel had the jewel and was leading Team Hooligan with "a couple of goons named Bean and Bark" Rouge revealed she knew the trio of criminals and that recovering the emerald would be easy, only for Blaze to awaken, ready to fight for the Sol Emeralds and the safety of her world.[6]

While Rouge was pointing out Team Hooligan was getting away, Blaze was trying to get off the ground and Shadow was trying to convince her not to fight anymore, Omega persistently tried to ask to release Cream and Cheese before he hurt them. Amy then suggested they join sides to catch Nack and his team faster. Rouge agreed to this and Omega put Cream and Cheese down, saying the former was "too cute" to eviscerate, a new word for the young rabbit Amy said she'd explain to her later. Shadow then went to get Team Dark's bike for most of them to travel in, with Omega sitting with Cream and Cheese in the side car. Cream commented that is was a nice day for a ride and that Omega was very comfy to sit with, causing the robot's urge to maim to rise. Rouge noticed that while the bike was fast, they weren't reaching full speed due to the forest's terrain and asked Blaze to burn a path for them, despite Omega's eagerness to volunteer. Amy was saddened by the fact that they had to destroy part of the forest to carry on, which Omega didn't understand, pointing out that Blaze had still left trees standing. Blaze then felt something react with the Sol Emerald and could now pin-point its location and Teams Rose and Dark sped off. They found Team Hooligan facing off against the Babylon Rogues and Omega unleashed laser fire to split the two groups and get their attention. Rouge suggested they keep the team-up going to fight both threats since they didn't know which one had the Sol Emerald, but ordered a team huddle to inform Shadow and Omega they'd still double-cross them for the gemstone when this was over. Rouge then led the charge with Team Dark, telling them to get her the Sol Emerald and take no prisoners.[7]


Teams Dark, Rose, Babylons, and Hooligan fight for the Sol Emerald, from Sonic Universe #24.

Omega first opened fire on Jet the Hawk and Nack the Weasel, launching a laser and missile attack on them, respectively, but the rogue dodged his lasers using his Extreme Gear skills and Nack pulled off a lucky jump allowing the rocket to travel through his legs in the air. Later in the brawl he was embroiled with Bark the Polar Bear and saw as Shadow dropped the Sol Emerald after being attacked by Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross. He locked the polarbear in place and was about to catch the gem when Amy came between them and snatched it. Omega grabbed her before she could flee, saying "Foul! Interference!" and she tossed it to Blaze. After she dealt with Bean the Dynamite by using her pyrokinesis to extinguish the fuse of his bomb, the feline princess then came under attack by Rouge and Omega's laser fire nearly struck the bat. Then the robot went after Nack after he grabbed the gem. Then Jet snatched it from the weasel and Omega chased after him before Amy used her hammer on his Extreme Gear to throw him off it. Then Bark punched the hawk in mid-air and the gem went flying towards Omega, Amy and Nack and a brawl large enough to cause a small dust cloud started between them and Bark and a dazed Jet. After Team Dark and Team Rose joined forces again, Omega helped gather the other two teams together by going after Storm, claiming "Puny airboards are no match for raw rocket power!" and threw Storm into his two teammates. When Team Hooligan and the Babylon Rogues were gathered together, Blaze lit the fuse of Bean's defused bomb and left the villains sore and blackened and both groups called it a day. Rouge then attempted to take back the Sol Emerald, but Shadow insisted she not and Omega was on his side in the matter, saying he did not want to make Cream cry. Amy said it was time to leave and Omega helped Cream off his shoulder, bidding goodbye and shyly told Blaze she "burned things very well" before heading back to G.U.N. HQ with Rouge and Shadow.[8]


GUN Squad Archie

Omega leading G.U.N. troops against the Eggman Empire's attack, from Sonic Universe #38.

After abandoned Eggman again in an attempt to set himself up to take power, he first stopped at Central City with Eggman and his forces commanded by the legionized Hugo Brass hot on his heels. Employing the Egg 'Stache Flyer, Egg SWATs and Egg Camels, the doctor and his forces attacked the United Federation's capital in search of his treacherous lackey. With Shadow and Rouge ordered to protect the President, Omega was left to lead G.U.N.'s forces, ordering the "inferior robots and fleshy things" to thank Eggman for the chance to destroy so many of his robots with "fire." Splitting off from the other G.U.N. soldiers and robots, Omega took on Eggman's own Egg Camel, firing on the cockpit, saying how the doctor had squandered him and how he would now break all his "puny toys." In response, Eggman vowed to "unmake" Omega just as well as he'd made him by dispatching the Egg Paladins.[9]

Calling Omega a "treacherous trashcan," Eggman told the robot that destroying them would mean destroying his own comrades. Using the robot's hesitation and reluctance to harm living creatures to his advantage, Eggman ordered the Paladins to attack, and Honch struck Omega with a charge to the front that threw him off his feet. Omega then fortified himself by using his arms to take the laser fire of Honch, Dutch and Rico. Spike and Vincent then came from behind and leaped at Omega, energy blades at the ready. Omega grabbed them both with one hand while keeping himself shielded from laser blasts with the other before throwing them at two other Paladins and finally forcing Dutch into the street floor with one hand. Off-guard, Omega was then ambushed by a roboticized Mobian his analysis revealed to be Princess Sally Acorn.[9]

Thinking aloud that he should rescue her, Eggman shot down the idea with the fact she could not be saved before egging the robot on that Mecha Sally had caused Sonic more pain than Omega could ever hope to. Saying he no longer wished to destroy Sonic (much), Omega toyed with the idea of eliminating Sally in an act of mercy, but Mecha Sally and Metal Sonic on Eggman's orders prevented this by bombarding Omega from the front and back with their laser cannons, reducing Omega to a steaming wreck on the floor. Still functioning but struggling to move, Omega watched the Egg Paladins leave, yelling at them to get back as he was not finished with them. They and the rest of Eggman's forces regrouped before vacating the city in pursuit of an escaping Snively.[9]

Omega returned to G.U.N. HQ and headed to Hope's workshop, where he found her crying inside her Flame Shield. Hope, saddened because Snively had met with her during Eggman's attack and tried to get her to join him in world domination with him and the Iron Queen, was sobbing because she was never going to have a normal life or family again. Omega did his best to comfort her despite his inability to do it.[9]

Worlds Collide

Note: Due to the Genesis Wave, Omega's history from this point were changed to be nearly identical to that of his game counterpart's.

After the second Genesis Wave washed over Mobius, Omega and Rouge infiltrated the Skull Egg Zone in search of Shadow, who had been captured on the orders of Eggman and his new partner, Dr. Wily. To Omega's displeasure, Rouge ordered him to remain behind and guard their portal back to Mobius while she searched for Shadow. However, Omega was eventually found by Shadow himself, and recruited to join a team of heroes united under Sonic and Mega Man, Dr. Wily's nemesis. Attempting to board the Wily Egg, the team found itself confronted by a massive army of Robot Masters created by the evil doctors. As the two sides met, Shadow was attacked by Napalm Man, who boasted of himself as a walking arsenal. Omega was quick to demonstrate his own superior firepower, and also to inform Shadow that Rouge had been wrong to order him to remain behind. Recognizing their teammate as the newest member of the Roboticized Masters, Rouge Woman, Shadow suggested that Omega take it up with her after her rescue. With that, the pair continued the battle alongside Blaze, the Chaotix, Silver the Hedgehog, Amy, Sonic, Tails, Proto Man, and Rush.

After Dr. Light was rescued from falling from the Wily Egg, Omega agreed to protect him as he continued to battle the Robot Masters. He was later present as an injured Tails returned from the Wily Egg, and like his teammates eventually found himself surrounded by the enemy Robot Masters. Undaunted, Omega continued to employ all his considerable firepower, and with his allies was bolstered by the arrival of the Light Labs Robot Masters led by Elec Man. The battle continued for a time, but all the combatants were subsequently consumed by the Super Genesis Wave as it rewrote both worlds. Super Armor Mega Man and Super Sonic were able to restore reality to normal, but in Mobius' case it wasn't without consequences due to Dr. Eggman's interference.

Note: From this point, Omega's history continues from his new life in the altered timeline.


Like many of Eggman's other robots, Omega was programmed with a limited personality, but thanks to Gamma's upload, it expanded considerably and gave him free will. Before then, he was just an obedient robot who feared his creator, though with a large ego and a keen sense of sarcasm at his disposal. This latter trait seems to have developed into a dry sense of humor such as when he tried to get Blaze and Cream to reveal themselves by trying to get them to "think of the poor trees" of the Great Forest he was destroying, though this could just have been an example of a low opinion of Mobian values for nature. His sense of humor doesn't seem limited to dry remarks, however, as he also once opened fire while yelling out, "Yippie-ki-yay, pastel-colored resistance". This also shows his habit of describing friends and enemies by how he sees them instead of just calling them by their names, such calling Feist a "haughty god-like being" and Blaze a "fluffy cat woman".

Omega is arrogant and full of pride, making him think his enemies and all other robots are inferior to him and are nothing but playthings to be fought with and will jump at any chance to prove his capabilities, no matter how powerful those beings are. Currently, Omega's only goals in life are to take revenge on Eggman for keeping him shut down for a year and to carry on Gamma's mission, which are close to the same thing. However, his desire to protect Mobius is equaled, if not surpassed, by a love of destructive force. His pride in being a destructive war machine is a major part of him and he even threatened to turn Shadow into "linked sausage" if he told anybody at G.U.N. he showed himself to be weaker than usual by building a grave marker and "whining" about not knowing his purpose in life. Although his pride will make him do anything to prove how powerful he is, Omega will not let it get in the way of his current mission objective and won't stop until it is complete.

Despite the fact that Omega has received the more peaceful Gamma's programming and now finds destroying life an experience that makes him feel "uneasy," Omega still takes pleasure utilizing destructive methods, fighting with powerful opponents (even if they're his allies) and purging things with "fire" in most situations. Amy Rose even thought he might have enjoyed being in the middle of a raging inferno generated by a Sol Emerald due to his destruction-loving nature, and the fact he didn't even seem angry at Blaze when she used her fire powers on him and seemed to like her for it might support this. It even suggests he might find destructive prowess an attractive quality. He does not seem incapable of destroying someone, however, as he did consider it an option when confronted with the roboticized Princess Sally and thought it might be an act of mercy to eliminate her.

Despite his violent exterior, Omega does have a soft side. He openly showed he had a fondness of Blaze, nearing that of romantic feelings, due to her destructive powers over fire and stated he didn't think he could take Cream crying when she got upset at her capture and the day's fighting and openly turned against Rouge to make sure she wouldn't cry again. He also was afraid of "popping" Cream and Cheese in his grasp and even called the former "too cute" to eviscerate, suggesting he may also have a fondness for adorable living creatures like Cream. It is also possible he is a little shy, as he had to look away from Blaze when he told her she burned things very well and appeared to be fumbling a little. Even though he seems to consider himself incapable of consoling someone, he tried to comfort Hope after she was found crying even though he admitted he was not built for it. He initially displayed a strong desire to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog as well, which has most likely been tempered-though perhaps not entirely erased.

Powers and abilities

Omega is described as a "walking arsenal"[1] due to being equipped with over three dozen forms of weaponry mainly concealed in his arms and upper body. His armory consists of rapid-fire machine guns, flamethrowers, lasers blasters, missile launchers, cannons and many more, giving him "more firepower than all of the old badnik horde combined."[1] The ammunition needed to fill these weapons is said, by Hope Kintobor, to make up half his overall body weight.[1] Furthermore, he is apparently capable of carrying roughly half the firepower of all of G.U.N. Some of his weapons seem to be specifically made for combat with Sonic, such as his arm cannon that was able to capture and launch Shadow when he performed a spin-dash, one of Sonic's signature moves.[1]

Although Omega is primarily build for weapons' usage, he has limited knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, as he could deflect some of Shadow's attacks during a sparring match while attempting to get in some of his own but to no avail, only for Shadow to push him to the floor once he became aggravated.[1] He has also considerable physical strength, making him capable of destroying thick trees by either smashing them with his metal fists,[1] breaking G.U.N.'s training equipment or forcing enemies into concrete floors with a single hand. All his abilities make him a capable opponent against advanced fighter robots, enhanced Mobians, or even deities.

Omega is equipped with heavy and remarkably strong armor that can withstand laser blasts from elite fighter robots and legionized soldiers such as Gamma, the Egg Paladins, Metal Sonic and Mecha Sally (the last two both at once), small explosions, raging fire, and powerful blows from opponents such as Shadow. However, he is not indestructible, as physical blows and laser fire from Egg Paladins combined with a double heavy laser attack from the front and back left him steaming, chipped and unable to move off the floor momentarily.

Omega can use radio waves to talk with other Eggman robots and has sensors that allow him to detect energy signatures in various objects, areas, and beings.[1] Omega is equipped with anti-virus systems to "purge" any malicious programs and make sure he doesn't get infected.[1] Omega also seems to be made to go across different terrains as well since he was able to get around the snow laden mountains with ease and could smash trees with his bare hands, which are natural obstacles that could get in his way all over Mobius.[1] Despite being regarded as slow, Omega has impressive speed and can jump fairly long distances others would have to fly. He can also utilize powerful rockets built into his back to help move his massive frame, allowing him to accelerate, hover and fly long distances.[1]


E-102 Gamma

E-102 Gamma is Omega's predecessor and it was the latter's first ever mission to hunt down and destroy the former. When the time finally came for Omega to eliminate Gamma, Gamma had proven himself to be more than an average robot and more of an elite assassin and Omega gained some respect for him and said he'd give him a "glorious" destruction out of admiration. Before he did destroy him, Gamma uploaded his programming into Omega and Omega gained free will and a sense of right, which pushed him to join G.U.N. after building Gamma a gravemarker out of rocks.

Dr. Eggman

His relationship with Eggman is one of revenge for never using him to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog. Despite this he was loyal to Eggman until he had a change of heart. Now he helps fight Eggman with all of Team Dark.[1]

Shadow the Hedgehog

At first, Omega's relationship with Shadow was that of an enemy, but after gaining his new personality and emotions, Omega and Shadow appear to be on more peaceful grounds and may even be on its way toward friendship, although they do appear to have a small rivalry between each other which they express while training their fighting skills with each other.[4]

Rouge the Bat

His relationship with Rouge seems to be on friendly terms as Rouge has actually felt free to be angry with Omega and call him things like "pyro" without fear, and Omega even seemed a touch embarrassed when she complimented him on how he had taken on Feist after they had retrieved the Chaos Emerald.[4]

Blaze the Cat

In Sonic Universe #22, after Omega is burned by Blaze, he is instantly impressed by her destructive power and even says "I like you! Let us burn things together". His crush is further shown in issue 24, when he personally speaks to Blaze as they're about to part. He takes an awkward pose, avoiding eye contact, and says "Er...Blaze?...You burn things very well. I-must-go-now-good-bye!"




  • The previous writers of the comics once had Omega as a possible character to be introduced in the issues following Sonic the Hedgehog #134, but the idea was scrapped.[10]
  • Ian Flynn planned on using Omega in the milestone Sonic the Hedgehog #175. In it, Omega would have played the role that Snively ended up taking of attacking Freedom HQ during the assault on Knothole, and would have killed a still-living Tommy Turtle before fighting Bunnie and finally Sonic. Afterwards, Omega would rise to become one of Eggman's top enforcers for a time before the events of Sonic Universe #3 took place.[11] However, SEGA asked that Flynn not use him in the story, and Tommy ended up dying several issues before the milestone. Archie finally managed to convince SEGA to let them use Omega in Sonic Universe to complete Team Dark.[12]
  • When Flynn was asked if Omega was going to appear, he said he couldn't "confirm or deny him appearing at the present time."[13] He has also stated that he has "Solid, concrete plans" for Omega[14] that were put into action for Sonic Universe #3, where Omega can be seen on the cover apparently doing battle with Shadow and E-102 Gamma.
  • Omega's design was used for Dr. Ivo Kintobor's Omega Care Unit in issues following Sonic the Hedgehog #193 with minor changes. The design was changed to be like Omega's over the years because "it seemed to lend itself better to housing a mobian, and it seemed much more apt for Buns character" according to Ian Flynn.[14]
    • This makes Omega the first character on Mobius Prime to appear after their Moebius counterpart, though had Ian's original plans for Omega gone through, the Omega Care Unit presumably would have appeared after Omega himself.
  • On the covers of Sonic Universe #3 and #4, Omega is depicted with a metal plate between his eyes just like in the games, though this was not included in the actual issues. It seems that the plate was a last minute addition, as it was not seen on both promotional covers for those Sonic Universe issues. In future issues featuring Omega (minus his Off Panel appearance in SU #14), the plate is included both in issues and on covers.
  • In the games, Omega's machine guns fired bullets at his enemies. However, due to the use of realistic firearms being banned for use in the comic, Omega's weapons fire lasers in place of bullets.[15]
  • In February 2009, Ian Flynn held a question and answer session on his forum where the members could ask him questions and he would answer back while role playing as the Sonic characters. One question that emerged ended up with Omega saying he loved Nicole because she could potentially turn New Mobotropolis into a cannon capable of incredible destructive power.[16] Omega's reaction to Blaze may have been a nod to this or could merely be establishing a "type" for him. That being said, Omega displaying affection for anyone has always been for comedic effect rather than romantic interest. Ian Flynn himself said Omega being in a romantic relationship was way beyond his character at the time and doubted it would change even in another ten years.[17]
  • The pipe surrounding Omega's waist originally had multiple slots in the comics. Now it features arrows to more closely mirror his game appearance.
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog video games, all of Omega's weapons are in his arms. The Archie Comics exclusively gives him weapons throughout his entire upper body. Also, in an unofficial character Q&A held by Ian Flynn, Omega mentioned he had a flamethrower, a weapon he is seen using repeatedly throughout the game series, but it has yet to appear in the comic itself.[18]
  • In February 2011, Ian Flynn said that he plans to reveal that Omega is powered by the Power Cores used to level up characters in Sonic Heroes.[19]
  • Omega's height in the games was given as four foot, eleven inches. This is vastly different in the comics, where he towers over most Mobians, Overlanders and humans. Similarly, Gamma, who was said to be seven foot and one inches tall, is barely larger than Shadow, though he was shown to be taller than Eggman in his early appearances. It is notable that Omega was also taller than Gamma in the issue they appeared in together.
  • Tracy Yardley's design of Omega is mainly based on that of his appearance in Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog, but design elements from Omega's other game appearances have also been worked in, such as the sharper fingers on his hands from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).[20] Steven Butler's depiction of Omega in the Off-Panel of Sonic Universe #3 also appears to be based off his Sonic Heroes design, and even mirrors it more closely than Yardley's. But Butler changed his depiction of Omega in Sonic Universe #4's Off-Panel to mirror that of his appearance in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, as evidenced by Omega having Omega symbols on both shoulders instead of just the one.

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