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Quotation1 Destroy all Eggman robots! Nature and origin are irrelevant! Quotation2
— E-123 Omega, Sonic the Hedgehog #19

E-123 Omega is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is a Super Badnik created by Dr. Eggman who has since gone rogue and now seeks to hunt down and destroy all Eggman robots.[1][2] He is also a member of Team Dark.


Omega is a humanoid metallic robot with a stocky upper body and arms. He possesses no neck, his head and torso coming together in an almost ellipsoid shape. His upper torso and lower abdomen are black and he has a wide red stripes around his torso where his chest section is. On each side of his chest area, he has two small horizontal vent holes, and down the middle of his chest he has a strip of silver metal that runs from his head to his stomach. Speaking of his stomach, the front of his abdomen is covered by a clear gray plate. Also, on his upper back he has a green horizontal stripe, and on his lower back he has two small rocket exhausts. He also has black, block-like shoulders with a visible Greek omega symbol (Ω) on the front of the left and back of the right with red handlebars on the top. His forearms are thick and black and red with yellow wristbands that are adorned with silver spikes, yet his upper arms are silver and thin. He also has silver, five-fingered hands with sharp claws.

Around Omega's waist he has one circling pipe with two red flaps attached on the sides of his body and a red pelvis section with a green recess on top. Also, his legs are rather short compared to the rest of his body. His thighs are silver metal bars and his shins are fairly human-shaped and possess a red and black color scheme. He also possesses two-toed black feet with a green space between his toes and long heels. Lastly, there is his head, which is small and platform-like with a yellow shade and red cylindrical eyes.


Crisis City

When Dr. Eggman headed towards Sunset City in his Faceship to create a Zombot outbreak in the city, Omega began heading there to intercept Eggman with the aid of his team.[3] Unfortunately, a colossal Zombot outbreak soon erupted in the city. Omega thus went to work fighting the Zombots. When Sonic later arrived and tried to clear out some Zombots keeping some civilians trapped in a building, Omega beat Sonic to it by attacking the Zombots first. Deeming the Zombots resilient, Omega considered using heavier ordnances as he voiced his intention to eliminate them. Sonic tried convincing Omega not to destroy the Zombots, but Omega disregarded Sonic's attempt, having reasoned that all Zombots were ultimately robots created by Eggman and thus had to be destroyed, and continued to attack the Zombots. Fortunately, Omega's artillery did not really damage the Zombots. Regardless, Omega continued to pummel them, thus giving Sonic the opening to get the civlians to safety. When Sonic returned, he informed Omega that they should defend the hotel where Rouge was organizing the survivors. In return, Omega informed Sonic that there were too many targets for him and that the Zombots were approaching from two sides. Sonic tried to give Omega a hand by fighting the other horde, but then Shadow arrived with a truck, which he used to knock the Zombots away. Omega was soon after ordered by Shadow to focus on safeguarding the truck while Rouge got the evacuees onboard. As such, while Omega kept the Zombots close up at bay by firing at them from the top of the truck, Shadow fought the other Zombot horde. However, when Shadow got overwhelmed by the Zombots, Rouge asked Omega to cover Shadow with his firepower. Unfortunately, Omega was unable to shift focus since keeping the growing wave of Zombots away from the truck required all his firepower. Not long after, Shadow got turned into a Zombot.[2]


Omega is driven by a revenge-based desire to hunt down and destroy any and all robots created by Dr. Eggman. To him, a robotic being's nature and origins are irrelevant: as long as it is a robot created by Eggman, it deserves to be destroyed by his hands. As such, he will not hesitate to bring out brutal, if not deadly force against a perceived Eggman robot. He even seems to take emotionless joy in destroying Eggman robots, as he once approved of a plan that meant he would get to destroy his fair share of Eggman robots. Omega also shows a sense of deadpan sarcasm at times, having noted when he fought the Zombots in Sunset City that there was "too many targets, not enough bullets". However, this goes almost unnoticed due to his lack of expressive emotions.[2]

Being robotic in nature, Omega speaks using a slightly robotic and computer-based speech pattern. He also talks rather directly and matter-of-fact-ly. Sometimes, he also displays a slightly macabre mindset, like when he said he would make a "wall of bodies" from the Zombots he fought in Sunset City when Sonic told him to hold the line against the incoming enemies.[2]

Omega has little interest in gratitude, as Sonic has noted that Omega is not the type of guy who needs thanks.[2]

Powers and abilities

IDW 19 Omega Fire

Omega's rotary cannons.

Omega possesses a number of ordnances that he conceals in his arms which he can switch at will by reconfiguring his forearms or hands. One of these ordnances include rapid-fire rotary cannons.[2]

Weapons aside, Omega also possesses enhanced physical strength, enough to throw around Zombots like they were ragdolls.[2]





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