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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Destroy all Eggman robots! Nature and origin are irrelevant!

— E-123 Omega, Sonic the Hedgehog #19

E-123 Omega is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is a Super Badnik and the last model in the E-100 Series created by Dr. Eggman who has since gone rogue and now seeks to hunt down his creator and destroy all Eggman robots.[1][2] He is also a member of Team Dark.


Omega, from Sonic the Hedgehog #19.

Omega is a humanoid metallic robot with a stocky upper body and arms. He possesses no neck, his head and torso coming together in an almost ellipsoid shape. His upper torso and lower abdomen are black and he has wide red stripes around his torso where his chest section is. On each side of his chest area, he has two small horizontal vent holes, and down the middle of his chest he has a strip of silver metal that runs from his head to his stomach. Speaking of his stomach, the front of his abdomen is covered by a clear gray plate. Also, on his upper back he has a green horizontal stripe, and on his lower back he has two small rocket exhausts. He also has black, block-like shoulders with a visible Greek omega symbol (Ω) on the front of the left and back of the right with red handlebars on the top. His forearms are thick and black and red with yellow wristbands that are adorned with silver spikes, yet his upper arms are silver and thin. He also has silver, four-fingered hands with sharp claws.

Around Omega's waist he has one circling pipe with two red flaps attached on the sides of his body and a red pelvis section with a green recess on top. Also, his legs are rather short compared to the rest of his body. His thighs are silver metal bars and his shins are fairly human-shaped and possess a red and black color scheme. He also possesses two-toed black feet with a green space between his toes and long heels. Lastly, there is his head, which is small and platform-like with a yellow shade and red cylindrical eyes.



E-123 Omega was created by Dr. Eggman as part of his E-100 Series. At some point, Omega defected from the Eggman Empire and took it upon himself to openly oppose Eggman and seek out to destroy all of his creations.[2][3][4]

Crisis City

Omega protects the truck of survivors, from Sonic the Hedgehog #19.

When Dr. Eggman headed towards Sunset City in his Faceship to create a Zombot outbreak in the city, Omega began heading there to intercept Eggman with the aid of his team.[5] Unfortunately, a colossal Zombot outbreak soon erupted in the city. Omega thus went to work fighting the Zombots. When Sonic later arrived and tried to clear out some Zombots keeping some civilians trapped in a building, Omega beat Sonic to it by attacking the Zombots first. Deeming the Zombots resilient, Omega considered using heavier ordnances as he voiced his intention to eliminate them. Sonic tried convincing Omega not to destroy the Zombots, but Omega disregarded Sonic's attempt, having reasoned that all Zombots were ultimately robots created by Eggman and thus had to be destroyed, and continued to attack the Zombots. Fortunately, Omega's artillery did not really damage the Zombots. Regardless, Omega continued to pummel them, thus giving Sonic the opening to get the civilians to safety. When Sonic returned, he informed Omega that they should defend the hotel where Rouge was organizing the survivors. In return, Omega informed Sonic that there were too many targets for him and that the Zombots were approaching from two sides. Sonic tried to give Omega a hand by fighting the other horde, but then Shadow arrived with a truck, which he used to knock the Zombots away. Omega was soon after ordered by Shadow to focus on safeguarding the truck while Rouge got the evacuees onboard. As such, while Omega kept the Zombots close up at bay by firing at them from the top of the truck, Shadow fought the other Zombot horde. However, when Shadow got overwhelmed by the Zombots, Rouge asked Omega to cover Shadow with his firepower. Unfortunately, Omega was unable to shift focus since keeping the growing wave of Zombots away from the truck required all his firepower. Not long after, Shadow got turned into a Zombot.[2]

Omega asks Tails for a jaw mechanism, from Sonic the Hedgehog #20.

Omega continued to protect the truck until all of the uninfected citizens were onboard. Once Rouge drove off with the truck, Omega stayed behind to continue fighting the Zombots. Omega soon observed Sonic's growing infection and suggested that he retreat. Sonic refused as he did not wish to leave another friend behind. Omega corrected him to say that they were not friends and he was in his way. Sonic suggested that they both retreat since Omega could not actually destroy the Zombots but he refused. Omega thus began fighting Shadow and showed him as much mercy as the other Zombots. Unfortunately for him, Shadow ripped Omega's chest open and two other Zombots tore his arms off. Sonic helped keep Shadow off of him and suggested retreating again but Omega still refused. Soon, Miles "Tails" Prower and Silver the Hedgehog arrived on the scene and the latter used his psychokinesis on the Zombots. Tails then removed Omega's head from his severed body and took off with Silver. Later at Restoration HQ, Sonic checked up on Omega who was incredibly angry with his current status. Tails told Sonic that he would supply Omega with a temporary body at a later point once he had the supplies and the time. Omega suggested a jaw mechanism so that he would bite off the ankles of the Zombots.[6]

The Last Minute

Restoration HQ was soon overrun with Zombots, resulting in an emergency evacuation for the survivors. Gemerl was tasked by Amy to retrieve Omega's head from Tails' lab and take him to the Rescue Shuttle that was preparing for take-off.[7]

All or Nothing

The Rescue Shuttle eventually went to Angel Island. While there, Eggman, Dr. Starline and Metal Sonic had abruptly arrived via a portal after a run-in with the Deadly Six. While the others discussed current events, Cream carried Omega's head outside to see Whisper; the wolf was attempting to shoot Eggman which Cream and Omega discouraged (as Omega wanted to destroy the doctor himself). After Cream was able to calm Whisper down, she promised that she and Omega would stay by her side so that she would not be lonely; Omega noted from this that he was not lonely, but he was enraged.[8]

Out of the Blue

After Super Sonic and Super Silver managed to avert the Metal Virus crisis by sending it into the sun via the Warp Topaz, Eggman decided to make a swift escape using the Restoration's Rescue Shuttle. Aboard the ship, Orbot found Omega's head, who asked him to use his head to bludgeon both himself and Cubot. This was ignored, and Eggman instead stated that he had a plan to use him against Sonic's allies.[3]

Omega built into the Giga Omega mech, from Sonic the Hedgehog #32.

Some time later in one of Eggman's labs, Eggman outfitted Omega with a new body but kept the robot in stasis to prevent him from attacking him. Eggman told Omega that he would be using him for a new special project later, which only increased Omega's hate for his creator. Eggman subsequently hardwired Omega into his Giga Omega mech as its core, which he used to attack Spiral Hill Village with.[4] As Eggman commenced with his attack, Omega remained attached to Eggman's mecha, forced to attack his allies. At some point, however, he rebelled, wanting to destroy his creator while at the same time wanting to destroy Eggman's enemies. Eventually, Omega ceased firing, thus giving the others a chance to attack Eggman. Charmy in particular tried to free Omega, asking him to fight Eggman's control. However, Eggman managed to rein in Omega, forcing him to make Giga Omega attack again. Eventually though, Sonic arrived and released Omega, who unleashed all his ammunition and destroyed Giga Omega before falling partially apart. After Eggman had left, the broken Omega was pulled into a hug by Tangle.[9]

Chao Racing and Badnik Bases

The broken Omega was later delivered to Tails' Workshop. While Amy brought in his parts, Rouge presented Tails with Omega's encrypted blueprints taken straight from Dr. Eggman's personal files. When Tails noted that Omega needed a full rebuild though, Omega admitted that it was good thing he was a robot, because if he was an organic being, he would experience increased levels of stress. In the end, Sonic and Tails decided to get the cipher for Omega's blueprints from an old Eggman base near Windmill Village, while Amy and Rouge would go to White Park Zone to trade E-100 Series spare parts from the local Chao racing champion, Clutch the Opossum. Omega was brought with the latter by Rouge in her suitcase, who urged him to stay quiet during their trio. Regardless, Omega spoke out after Rouge's meeting with Clutch, who would let her take anything she wanted from his collection if he handed Cheese over to him. Noting that Cheese was not her property, Omega wondered if she was going to take the parts through violence. Rouge, however, did not intend to give Cheese to Clutch, after which she told Omega that she had a plan and that she would need his help.[10]

Omega startling Dr. Starline, from Sonic the Hedgehog #36.

Left in Clutch's suite, Omega eventually spotted Shadow in there and asked him if Rouge had made changes to her plan. Later, Shadow would carry Omega's head when he attacked Clutch during the opossum's negotiations with Rouge. Omega then admitted that Shadow's plan was far superior to what Rouge had come up with.[11] Omega was later being held by Dr. Starline onboard a roller coaster when Rouge gave him their earlier codeword. This prompted Omega to give off a loud alarm sound that startled Starline and made him fall off the roller coaster. Rouge then took Omega to the White Park Grand Chateau, where Amy and Cream had secured Omega's spare parts. Rouge also asked Omega to encourage the hotel guests to evacuate before the impending avalanche, which Omega did. After the avalanche had collided with the chateau, which withstood the impact, Omega was left outside the chateau while Rouge looked for Sonic and Shadow, much to Omega's displeasure. Later on, back at Tails' Workshop, Omega was rebuilt with Belle the Tinkerer's help. Tails then offered him to try out his new body by sparring with Gemerl, although Omega could not guarantee that his opponent would survive.[12]


Omega is a warlike and direct robot driven by a single-minded, revenge-based desire to hunt down and destroy Dr. Eggman or any robots created by him. This attitude extends to the where Omega feels entitled to his destruction.[8] Due to his intense hatred for Eggman, a robotic being's nature and origins are irrelevant: as long as it is a robot created by Eggman, it deserves to be destroyed by his hands. As such, he puts no inhibitions on himself and will not hesitate to bring out brutal, if not deadly force against a perceived Eggman robot.[2] He will similarly take any opportunity to take on and destroy anyone of Eggman's creations with glee, no matter what the circumstances might be.

Omega has frequently shown a preference or even favor of overall more direct and heavy-handed approaches, whether he or his allies are dealing with Eggman's robots or momentary foes, and actively enthuses any plan that involves a physical confrontation. He once admitted that Shadow's direct attack on Clutch was far superior to the element of surprise that Rouge had planned, and he once approved of a plan that meant he would get to destroy his fair share of Eggman robots.[2][11] Omega also shows a sense of deadpan sarcasm at times, having noted when he fought the Zombots in Sunset City that there was "too many targets, not enough bullets". However, this goes almost unnoticed due to his lack of expressive emotions.[2]

Being robotic in nature, Omega speaks using a slightly robotic and computer-based speech pattern, both face to face and when factual. He also talks rather directly and matter-of-fact-ly. Sometimes, he also displays a slightly macabre mindset, like when he said he would make a "wall of bodies" from the Zombots he fought in Sunset City when Sonic told him to hold the line against the incoming enemies.[2]

Omega seems to shy away from anything resembling amiable behavior, such as refuting being considered Sonic's "friend," objecting to calling fighting alongside Sonic "helping" him, calling verbal support being "patronized" and refusing to show mercy on Zombots that were once innocent civilians and allies.[2][9] He is also incredibly determined, if not stubborn, to the point of where he would rather be destroyed in battle than retreat, recognizing only victory or death, even if he is at a major disadvantage or if his determination leads to his detriment.[6] He also does not recognize any form of help. Additionally, he does not let his setbacks get to him; while he was deduced to only a head during the Zombot apocalypse, he still maintained his belligerent demeanor and thirst for violence.

Omega also possesses a sense of superiority towards "weak" organic beings, inherently feeling that being a robot means he would remain calm in times of personal crisis (such as being decapitated) whereas organics would suffer from elevated stress. He likewise also exalts himself above all other robots. While he is also willing to listen to Shadow and Rouge's suggestions, he has enough common sense to know when to disobey a command and prioritize in order to achieve a goal. Furthermore, his priority is to destroy as many Eggman's robots as possible, even if he cannot do too much harm to them.[4]

Powers and abilities

Omega's rotary cannons, from Sonic the Hedgehog #19.

Outfitted as a battle robot, Omega possesses a number of ordnances that he conceals in his arms which he can switch at will by reconfiguring his forearms or hands. Some of these ordnances include rapid-fire rotary cannons and missile launchers.[2][9] Together, these weapons pack enough power to destroy a mecha at the size of Giga Omega in one blast.[9]

Weapons aside, Omega possesses great physical strength, enough to throw around Zombots like they were ragdolls. His metallic body is also quite durable, but by no means invulnerable, as he was once physically ripped apart by Zombots.[2][6]

Omega's head is equipped with some form of loudspeaker that can be used to louden Omega's voice or emitting a deafening noise loud enough to serve as a non-lethal weapon capable of disorienting an opponent.[12] Omega also seems to have an independent power source located in his head that allows him to function even without a body.[6] He is also equipped with a range of sensors that allow him to detect such things as the Metal Virus and its rate of infection.[6]


Despite possessing a highly destructive arsenal, Omega carries a limited amount of ammunition within him.[9]


Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman is Omega's creator and his sworn enemy. Once regarded as one of his strongest robots, Omega became wayward and began to oppose Eggman and everything he created. As such, he has been passionate about his vengeance, wanting to destroy Eggman and all his robots, no matter what their nature or origin may be. Due to this, Eggman continually began to treat Omega as one of his many enemies. Omega always makes it clear how much he wants to destroy Eggman, but the doctor does not take him that seriously.[2][3][4][6]

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog is one of Omega's trusted team members on Team Dark. Shadow knows he can count on Omega to do his job to the best of his ability, leaving the two on good terms. Omega similarly respects Shadow and accepts his plans, which he usually likes better than Rouge's.[2][11] However, he will not hesitate to fight Shadow should he become hostile; when Shadow became a Zombot, Omega was ready to destroy him despite their good relationship.[6]

Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat is one of Omega's comrades on Team Dark. Although Omega can be stubborn and tactless, he will go along with Rouge and listen her plans if the situation allows him, even though her plans involve less of the violence that Omega craves.[10]

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is an ally to Omega, should he consider it in certain scenarios. However, he has clarified that the does not reciprocate their relationship, no does he consider him a friend, having openly declared him an obstacle in his warpath. While Omega is often subject to Sonic's jokes or comments, Omega will disregard him entirely with his bleak sense of unconventional remarks or matter of thought. They often do not get along well either, and their views on how to treat Zombots are as far apart as day and night. Omega's stubbornness likewise makes him refuse to listen to Sonic's requests, nor does he want to be patronized by him.[2][6][9]




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