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Quotation1 I was built to destroy. Dr. Eggman keeps building his inferior robots, I keep destroying them. I am content. Quotation2
— E-123 Omega, Sonic Universe #59

E-123 "Omega" is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a Badnik built by Dr. Eggman as part of his E-100 Series, who rebelled against the doctor and joined Team Dark to get revenge on his creator. He and his teammates-Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat-work against his former creator in their efforts to protect his world as agents of the Guardian Units of the Nation.


Omega has a similar design to the first models of the E-100 Series (particularly Gamma). Noticeable differences include a stockier upper body and arms, different colored eyes and claws for both hands. His height is also greater than the other models and his shoulders larger with a visible Greek symbol on the front of the left and back of the right with red handlebars on the top. He is without the twin exhaust pipes and grav-linked jet disc of the first E-100 Series robots, instead with one circling pipe around the waist with two flaps attached and a jet installed in his back. The stripe running from his head to stomach has also been changed so that it is a separate piece of metal altogether and not simply painted on like the others that noticeably sticks out, and he also has one extra finger, two hands with yellow wrists studded with large spikes like a dog collar and just below his stripe is a silver plate. He also lacks the twin dots between his eyes and the large light above his waist.



Despite being created by Dr. Eggman, Omega was never employed by the doctor in battle and rebelled against him, an act that he never regretted.[1] As part of his vendetta against his creator, he became particularly fond of destroying other robots built by the doctor. Having been found by Rouge the Bat in the same facility as an amnesiac Shadow the Hedgehog, Omega joined forces with the two to form Team Dark, a group that fought against Metal Sonic during his impersonation of Dr. Eggman. This brought them into conflict with Team Sonic and the Chaotix, whom they later fought alongside to battle Metal Overlord, in which they were joined by Team Rose.[2] Omega also fought during the Black Arms Invasion of Sonic's World, though he spent more time fighting Eggman than engaging the Black Arms.[3] He later worked alongside his teammates to battle Mephiles, finding that his weapons were perfectly suited to battle Shadow's dark doppelganger. They eventually discovered that a possible future would see Omega reprogrammed to hunt down and capture Shadow, who would be blamed for a future catastrophe. However, these events were later erased due to Sonic the Hedgehog's time-traveling.[4] Omega later joined up with Shadow to investigate Eggman's plans for the Wisps.[5]

Worlds Collide

Note: Due to the Genesis Wave, Omega's history from this point were changed to be nearly identical to that of his game counterpart's.

After the second Genesis Wave washed over Sonic's World, Omega and Rouge infiltrated the Skull Egg Zone in search of Shadow, who had been captured on the orders of Eggman and his new partner, Dr. Wily. To Omega's displeasure, Rouge ordered him to remain behind and guard their portal back to Sonic's World while she searched for Shadow. However, Omega was eventually found by Shadow himself, and recruited to join a team of heroes united under Sonic and Mega Man, Dr. Wily's nemesis. Attempting to board the Wily Egg, the team found itself confronted by a massive army of Robot Masters created by the evil doctors. As the two sides met, Shadow was attacked by Napalm Man, who boasted of himself as a walking arsenal. Omega was quick to demonstrate his own superior firepower, and also to inform Shadow that Rouge had been wrong to order him to remain behind. Recognizing their teammate as the newest member of the Roboticized Masters, Rouge Woman, Shadow suggested that Omega take it up with her after her rescue. With that, the pair continued the battle alongside Blaze, the Chaotix, Silver the Hedgehog, Amy, Sonic, Tails, Proto Man, and Rush.[6]

After Dr. Light was rescued from falling from the Wily Egg, Omega agreed to protect him as he continued to battle the Robot Masters. He was later present as an injured Tails returned from the Wily Egg, and like his teammates eventually found himself surrounded by the enemy Robot Masters. Undaunted, Omega continued to employ all his considerable firepower, and with his allies was bolstered by the arrival of the Light Robot Masters. The battle continued for a time, but all the combatants were subsequently consumed by the Super Genesis Wave as it rewrote both worlds. Super Armor Mega Man and Super Sonic were able to restore reality to normal, but for Sonic's World it was not without consequences due to Dr. Eggman's interference.[7][8][9]

Shattered World Crisis

Act One

Note: From the readers point of view, this picks up from where Omega's original timeline ended.

During the Shattered World Crisis, Omega and his teammates were paired with Spider Troupe for a special mission: an assault on the New Black Comet that had recently arrived in their planet's orbit. After defeating an initial group of Black Arms, Omega was left somewhat dissatisfied by how easily the enemy had been dispatched, until learning that heavier resistance was expected as they made their way deeper into the comet. In the course of their journey, Omega was questioned by Shadow as to whether he had ever felt regret over rebelling against Eggman or destroying his robotic "brothers." Omega's reply was in the negative, and Shadow declined to explain the reason for his inquiry. After Shadow left the group to scout ahead, Omega was left with Rouge and Spider Troupe, who reacted with panic as the Black Arms' famous neurotoxin began filling the chamber they were in, threatening to paralyze the organic members of the unit.[1] Fortunately, the organics had come prepared for the situation, and Omega as a robot was unaffected. The group made their way deeper into the comet, only to run into a troop of Black Arms led by Eclipse the Darkling and a brainwashed Shadow, who promptly engaged Rouge and Omega.[10]

After an intense skirmish, Rouge and Omega helped their friend regain his senses, and he departed to challenge Black Death while Rouge and Omega faced off with Eclipse to save Spider Troupe. The battle proved difficult, and even Omega was hard-pressed when Eclipse transformed into a monstrous version of himself and attacked. However, his stamina ran out quickly, and he was dragged from the battle by Death's Eye. With Black Death destroyed, the G.U.N. forces planted the explosive they had been instructed to deliver and destroyed the comet.[11][12] However, Dr. Julian Snively of G.U.N. quickly determined that a vessel containing Eclipse and his Dark Arms had escaped the comet's demise and landed on Angel Island. As such, Omega and his teammates traveled there in a G.U.N. shuttle accompanied by Snively's tele-pod, and made their way through several of the island's Zone to reach Shrine Isle and Knuckles the Echidna. On Rouge's suggestion, she and Omega joined Knuckles in searching for Eclipse while Shadow remained behind to guard the Master Emerald.[13]

Omega and his comrades eventually found Eclipse's craft in Red Mountain Zone, only to be alerted that the Master Emerald shrine was under attack by Eclipse. They arrived shortly after Shadow managed to drive him off, and were surprised when the black Hedgehog informed them that he intended to move the Master Emerald to keep it away from Eclipse. However, Knuckles refused and attacked Shadow.[14] Amidst this, Omega was amused when the Guardian's friend Relic the Pika nervously confronted the remaining agents. However, Rouge felt that Knuckles should have a say in the matter, despite Snively's insistence that they do as Shadow intended. However, they were then attacked by Eclipse and the Dark Arms, and Blurk's armor power thwarted Omega's weaponry and allowed Eclipse to rip out his Chaos Drive. With Rouge summarily defeated, Snively's pod destroyed, and Relic and her assistant Fixit the Robot under threat, Rouge revealed to Eclipse the whereabouts of their shuttle.[15] After the aliens departed with the Master Emerald, Fixit performed repairs on the badly damaged and weakened Omega, who then popped Rouge's dislocated shoulder back into place. Unable to pursue their enemies, the agents and archaeologists alerted Shadow and Knuckles to the situation. Eclipse's plans were thwarted and the Master Emerald shattered, but he managed to escape, prompting Team Dark to return to base.[16]

Some time later, Omega joined his teammates in watching the Chaos Emerald Championship on television. While Shadow proved indifferent to Breezie the Hedgehog's spectacle, Omega and Rouge both enjoyed the bouts, including one between Knuckles and Bark the Polar Bear.[17]

Worlds Unite

Another crisis soon loomed over the world as the villainous Sigma instigated a scheme to fuse it with Mega Man's World. As his Unity Engines began this process, Team Dark were aboard the Letter of Gabriel with Commander and Captain Tower, and found their craft being merged with a government building in Mega City. An explosion resulted that, by all appearances, resulted in the destruction of Omega and the death of everyone else inside the fusing structures.[18] However, these events were eventually erased from the timeline by Xander Payne. Thus restoring everyone who was killed during the incident, including Omega.[19]


Unlike many of Eggman's other robots, Omega has free will. While he usually makes his decisions through a balance of logic circuits and analysing situations, his logic circuits clearly have some glitches when it comes to choosing between solving something quickly and peacefully, or quickly and explosively. He is arrogant, full of pride and has an inflated ego, making him think his enemies and all other robots are inferior to him and will jump at any chance to prove his capabilities, no matter how powerful those beings are. He also has a keen sense of sarcasm at his disposal and a dry sense of humour, occasionally making dry remarks when people accuse him of using too much violence.

Omega's goal in life is to take revenge on Eggman for keeping him shut down. However, his desire to protect his world is equalled, if not surpassed, by a love of destructive force. His pride in being a destructive war machine is a major part of him as he insisted he could still defeat Eclipse even through Eclipse beat him to the point where he could barely stand. Although his pride will make him do anything to prove how powerful he is, Omega will not let it get in the way of his current mission objective and won't stop until it is complete.

Despite the fact that Omega will fight for the greater good, he still takes pleasure utilizing destructive methods and fighting with powerful opponents (even if they're his allies). He even gets giddy over the prospect of destroying something with excessive force and will shoot at just about anything if given the permission. He does not seem incapable of destroying someone, however, as he did consider taking out Shadow when he was under Black Death's control. Despite his violent exterior, Omega does have a soft side and is unwaveringly loyal towards his friends and allies.

Powers and abilities


E-123 Omega firing an arsenal of weapons.

Omega is best described as a "walking arsenal" due to being equipped with over three dozen forms of weaponry mainly concealed in his arms and upper body. His armory consists of rapid-fire machine guns, flamethrowers, lasers blasters, missile launchers, cannons and many more.

Although Omega is primarily build for weapons' usage, he has limited knowledge of hand-to-hand combat as seen when he went up against Eclipse's monster form in a fistfight. He also possesses considerable super strength even for a robot, enough to let him restrain even Shadow with brute force alone.

Omega is equipped with heavy and remarkably strong armor that can withstand powerful blows from even the toughest opponents. However, he is not indestructible, as seen when he was left significantly damaged after his fight with Eclipse's monster form.

Omega can use radio waves to talk with other Eggman robots and has sensors that allow him to detect energy signatures in various objects, areas, and beings, and even lets him analyze biological chances in other beings. Omega also has impressive speed and can jump fairly long distances others would have to fly. He can also utilize powerful rockets built into his back to help move his massive frame, allowing him to accelerate, hover and fly long distances.

Crystal Omega

Main article: Crystal Omega
Crystal Omega profile

Omega as Crystal Omega, from Sonic Universe #88.

When Omega has his metal frame transmuted by Crystalmancy, he turns into Crystal Omega. In this state, Omega retains several of his abilities, but his new crystal frame renders his programming susceptible to the commands of the Crystalmancy's practitioner. Additionally, his crystal armor lets him absorb energy-based attacks to empower himself and build up a resistance to them.





  • In the games, Omega's machine guns fired bullets at his enemies. However, due to the use of realistic firearms being banned for use in the comic, Omega's weapons fire lasers in place of bullets.[20]

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