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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
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E-103 Delta (E-103 "デルタ" E - 103 "Deruta"?) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It is a robot created by Dr. Eggman, and the third unit in the Doctor's E-100 Series. Delta, along with its brethren, were created during the Chaos incident to aid the doctor. After failing its first mission, Delta was permanently shut down by E-102 Gamma.


E-103 Delta was a humanoid robot colored in blue and white. It possessed no neck, its head and torso coming together in an almost ellipsoid shape. Its torso was blue with a wide and white vertical stribe down the middle, and possessed a head light with a hexagonal gray frame on the right side. It also had gray mufflers surrounding the pelvis area, and had the number "103" painted in white on the right of its large vertical stripe and the left side of its rear. Its head meanwhile was small and platform-like with a yellow shade and green cylindrical eyes. It also had a hexagon-shaped disk hovering behind its neck.

Delta's shoulders were black vertical cylinders. Attached to each of them were Delta's arms, which were long and designed with two joints; each of Delta's forearms were designed as blue gun barrels. Also, Delta's upper arms were blue, while the parts between its upper arms and forearms were gray. Delta also possessed two long and inverted legs with five points of articulation and large, black feet with two sharp toes and roller wheels on the heels. The upper sections of its legs in particular were blue while the rest of them were gray, except from its calves, which were thick and blue.



Chaos Saga

Ep27 E-Series Eggman

Delta after coming online.

E-103 Delta, along with Beta, Gamma, Epsilon and Zeta, were created by Dr. Eggman as a part of the Doctor's new line of E-Series robots; The E-100 Series. Each of these four used small animals as batteries. Upon its activation, Delta was given a shooting-range test, which it passed with flying colors, before being given its codename.[1]

Delta and the rest of its brethren were soon after assigned by Eggman to find a frog with a tail, which was essential to Eggman's plans. After departing, Delta found what it thought to he the frog Eggman sought, and returned to the Egg Carrier. Back onboard with the crew however, it was revealed that Delta had gotten the wrong frog, much to the anger of Eggman. When it turned out that only Gamma had gotten the right frog, Eggman had Delta, Beta and Epsilon discarded as punishment for their incompetence.[2]

Delta eventually ended up in Windy Valley, where it got tied to a rock formation. It was soon after found by Gamma, who had set out on its own to "save" its robotic brethren. After cutting it free, Gamma reprogrammed Delta by deleting Delta's master entry of Dr. Eggman. This caused Delta to shut down and release the rabbit animal powering it.[3]


Lacking in overall autonomy but possessing a degree of emotional capacity, Delta was best defined by its loyalty to Dr. Eggman, whom it only sought to serve, as per its directive. As such, it followed Eggman's orders without question. However, it was also shown to fear Eggman's wrath.[2]

Delta was not necessarily very bright, easily believing the first frog it found to be the one Dr. Eggman searched for.[2]

Powers and abilities

Delta was equipped with twin missile launchers and possessed excellent marksmanship skills.[1] It was also equipped with a hover disk on its back that granted it the ability to fly.





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