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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Eggman not friend. Delete. Delete. Must help friends. Must help them.

— E-102 Gamma, "Revenge of the Robot"

E-102 Gamma (E-102 “ガンマ” E-102 “Ganma”?) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It is a robot created by Dr. Eggman, and the second unit in the doctor's E-100 Series.[2] Gamma, along with its brethren, were created during the Chaos incident to aid the doctor. However, Gamma would in time rebel against its creator and set out on its own to free its brethren from their allegiance to Eggman, a mission of which it completed at the cost of its own life.


E-102 Gamma was a humanoid robot colored in mainly red and white. It possessed no neck, its head and torso coming together in an almost ellipsoid shape. Its torso was red with a wide and white vertical stribe down the middle, and possessed a head light with a hexagonal gray frame on the right side. It also had gray mufflers surrounding the pelvis area, and had the number "102" painted in white on the right of its large vertical stripe and the left side of its rear. Its head meanwhile was small and platform-like with a yellow shade and green cylindrical eyes. It also had a hexagon-shaped disk hovering behind its neck, and a laser targeting scope on the right side of its head.

Gamma's shoulders were black vertical cylinders. Attached to each of them were Gamma's arms, which were long and designed with two joints; its left arm held Gamma's black-gray blaster while its right arm had a tri-digited hand with two points of articulation on each digit. Also, Gamma's right upper arm was red with yellow-orange cuffs, while the parts between its upper arms and forearms were gray. Gamma also possessed two long and inverted legs with five points of articulation and large, black feet with two sharp toes and roller wheels on the heels. The upper sections of its legs in particular were red while the rest of them were gray, except from its calves, which were thick and red with gray and yellow-orange cuffs.



Chaos Saga

Gamma after coming online.

E-102 Gamma, along with Beta, Delta, Epsilon and Zeta, were created by Dr. Eggman as a part of the Doctor's new line of E-Series robots; The E-100 Series. Each of these four used small animals as batteries (Gamma himself received a pink bird). Upon its activation, Gamma was given a shooting-range test, which it passed with flying colors, before being given its codename.[3]

Gamma and the rest of its brethren were soon after assigned by Eggman to find a frog with a tail, which was essential to Eggman's plans. While looking for the frog in the wilderness, Gamma spotted it with Big and Chris. Taking the frog from the two heroes, Gamma returned to the Egg Carrier, where Eggman praised it for a job well done. However, because Gamma's brethren had wasted Eggman's time by bringing him the wrong frogs, Eggman had them discarded, a sight of which worried the silent Gamma.[4]

Gamma starting to experience new feelings.

For its next task, Gamma was ordered by Eggman to retrieve a bird called Lily from the prison cells. On the way there however, it had visions of Lily. Gamma soon after came across a robotics lab on the way to the cells where it saw Beta, whose parts laid scattered about, undergoing a torturous remodeling procedure. Though somewhat disturbed by this sight, Gamma returned to its mission. Arriving in the prison, Gamma found Lily in the care of Amy, and demanded that she handed Lily over. However, Amy refused and instead pleaded for Gamma to release them. Unable to understand Amy's devotion to Lily, Gamma refused out of its obligation to obey Eggman. After this, Lily flew up to Gamma and looked into its eyes, sensing that the bird powering Gamma was its lost relative. Experiencing new emotions, Gamma destroyed the cell holding Amy and told them to flee. Amazed, Amy told Gamma that it was not like Eggman's other robots and left with Lily.[4]

Gamma facing Sonic.

Still plagued by visions of Lily, Gamma was called by Eggman to the Egg Carrier's control deck. There, Gamma was tasked by Eggman to kill Sonic, who had just invaded the Egg Carrier. In spite of Amy's protests, Gamma quickly fought Sonic, but was soon defeated. Before Gamma could be destroyed however, it was saved by Amy when she stood in Sonic's way and convinced him to spare it. Recovering soon after, Gamma found Amy looking over it and asked her why she saved it, to which Amy replied that she was just returning the favor. As the Egg Carrier then began to crash, Gamma saw Amy being taken to safety by Tails before flying off the Egg Carrier itself.[1]

Down on the ground, Gamma reflected on everything it had been through, eventually concluding that its fellow E-101 Series brethren needed to be saved from Eggman. Deleting Eggman from its master registration, Gamma set off to find its brethren, its plan being to reprogram each of the E-100 units by removing Eggman from their master registration and shut them down, as well as releasing the animals powering each unit. Locating Delta in Windy Walley, Gamma proceeded to Epsilon after "saving" Delta. Finding Epsilon in a cave, Gamma "saved" it as well before destroying a sculpture of Eggman in the cave. Unable to detect Zeta and Beta however, Gamma headed to the crash site of the Egg Carrier, suspecting that both robots were sill onboard.[5]

Amy witnesses Gamma's final moments.

Onboard the ship, Gamma found and "saved" Zeta. Immediately after however, Beta, now having been rebuilt into E-101 "Kai", appeared and attacked Gamma. Gamma tried to convince Beta that Eggman was the enemy, but Beta, unable to verify Gamma's deleted master registration, ingored him. Eventually, the robots shot each other through their torsos at the same time. After watching Beta's bird being released, Gamma declared its mission complete and succumbed to its wounds following one last vision of Lily and its family, causing it to blow up and release its bird too, which reunited with its family afterward. Having watched Gamma's final moments at the scene, a grief-stricken Amy gave Gamma's remains, whose hand had joined E-101's, some heartfelt parting words.[5]


Unlike most of Dr. Eggman's other E-Series robots, Gamma possessed a mind of its own and a degree of emotional capacity, being capable of being frightened and disturbed.[4] Initially however, Gamma started out as a seemingly emotionless automaton with a limited personality, which was very serious, bland, monotonous, somewhat patient, and determined to accomplish its missions.

Having only Dr. Eggman's master entry, which dictated that it should remain loyal to its creator, to go on, Gamma was blindly obedient towards Eggman and would follow his orders without question.[4][1] Gamma would therefore also ignore subjects not related to Eggman's orders, like when it ignored Big and Chris when they trespassed on the Egg Carrier after being told by Eggman to get Lily.[4]

Despite having a robotic mind, Gamma did have an personal connection to its E-100 Series brethren. Gamma thus slowly began to develop an identity of its own after witnessing the extend of Eggman's cruel treatment of its brethren, which shook Gamma internally. Amy's further display of bravery in the face of mortal danger let to Gamma questioning the morality of its actions. However, it was somewhat uncomfortable to vivid emotions, to the point that the emotional conflict of its loyalty pained it.[4] Later on, after further interactions with Amy, who showed it kindness by saving its life and advising it to not do the bad things Eggman told it to, Gamma came to gain a basic understanding of right and wrong, which led it to delete Eggman as its master and become a fully sentient individual who viewed Eggman as its enemy.[1][5] Even so however, Gamma still maintained its robotic demeanor.[5]

After becoming sentient, Gamma gained a new mission in life: "save" its brethren from their allegiance to Eggman by erasing their master entry and shutting them down so their animal batteries could be freed. Even after gaining a free will though, Gamma still held a rather regimented attitude and devotion to its mission. It considered its life less important than its brethren's and was shown to fight selflessly for the sake of them. Gamma was even ready to sacrifice itself to free the animal powering itself.[5]

Befitting its nature as a robot, Gamma spoke in a drone-like robotic dialect.

Powers and abilities

Among the E-100 Series units, Gamma was specifically designed for shooting.[2] As such, Gamma came equipped with a single-barreled handgun on its right arm that could fire laser shots and missiles.[3][5] The power of Gamma's shots were great enough to destroy boulders, blow apart metal and even shake the Egg Carrier itself.[1][4][5] To complement its shooting skills, Gamma also possessed accurate marksmanship.[3] In addition, Gamma was also equipped with a hover disk on its back that granted it the ability to fly.[4][5]



Dr. Eggman

Amy Rose




  • Gamma's portrayal in the English version of Sonic X was received negatively by many fans. Some of the main reasons were how Andrew Rannells' voice and performance were such a departure from Steve Broadie's take on Gamma in Sonic Adventure in terms of pitch, delivery and voice editing. Along with this the English translation of the script gave Gamma very simplistic dialogue that some felt took away from the character's complexity.

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