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E-10000R,[2] also known as Robo 1,[3] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a red robot jockey made for Extreme Gear racing by Dr. Eggman. It also serves as the leader unit for the E-10000G models.[2]

E-10000R can be unlocked as a playable character after fifty hours of gameplay.


Sonic Riders[]

Right before the Egg Factory race, E-10000R accidentally walks into a fight between Knuckles and Storm after getting confused about Storm's Extreme Gear, the Type-S. It gets severely damaged when Knuckles accidentally knocks it from behind while winding up a punch. When Storm tries to give Knuckles a real punch, Knuckles dodges, and E-10000R takes the hit, causing it great damage.

E-10000R is then next seen confronting Tails, Knuckles, Wave, and Storm at Babylon Garden with a gang of E-10000Gs. During this confrontation, it had visible damage from the earlier battle. It chased the four, but they eventually got away.

Powers and abilities[]

E-10000R is a capable Extreme Gear rider, who can move expertly at high speeds, perform both complex and impressive tricks while in mid-air, and engage in combat with other Extreme Gear riders while riding its own Extreme Gear. In addition, it is equipped with the same kind of engine as Metal Sonic, enabling it to go even faster and move with great maneuverability.[2]

E-10000R also possesses a detachable head which it can use to distract opponents. It can even use its head as a weapon, namely by tossing it at an opponent, after which it will fly back to its body. It also possesses parental authority to give direct instructions to all E-10000G command systems.[2]


E-10000R uses a unique Extreme Gear called E-gearR, which is an enhanced, high-end Gear.


  • In Story Mode, E-10000R sounds just like the E-10000Gs, but when playing as it, its voice sounds a little higher-pitched.
  • Like all the other robots from the E-Series, this one has other robots that look similar to it, but with different colors patterns and numbering. For example, E-10000G is the clone of E-10000R, but in the color green, a single stripe on its hat, and the number 01 on its back rather then red, two stripes on its hat and the number "00" like 10000R. Also, there are two other robots in the Egg Factory course that appear to be yellow or purple clones of E-10000G except with a floating body in place of legs.






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