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I'm no machine! I'M A ROBOT! It's different!

— E-10000B, Sonic Free Riders

E-10000B is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He appears to be on the same frequency as E-10000G. He also replaces Omega as Team Dark's power character. Near the end of the game, he is revealed to be Metal Sonic in disguise.


Sonic Free Riders[]

Shadow and Rouge have just come for the World Grand Prix and attempted to join. However, Omochao refused because they needed three members in order to participate. Rouge then randomly picked E-10000B who agreed to join their team. After a little while, E-10000B started to wear out, but was selfishly ignored by his teammates, scolded for this treatment by their opponents. Later on, E-10000B malfunctioned, broke down, and appears to explode. This exposed him as Metal Sonic. It is unknown if E-10000B was a disguise for Metal Sonic or if Metal Sonic somehow got inside and took control of him.


Rouge the Bat[]

Rouge is E-10000B's teammate along with Shadow. Rouge first found E-10000B in Frozen Forest and asked him to join her and Shadow. However, she selfishly exerted him past his limits in order to get the cash prize.

Shadow the Hedgehog[]

Well, for a random robot we picked up of the street I'd say he's doing pretty well.

Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Free Riders

Shadow is E-10000B's teammate along with Rouge. He held no empathy for his robotic teammate.

Cream the Rabbit[]

Cream was worried about E-10000B breaking down and was outraged at Shadow and Rouge for calling him a "junk-heap" and a "dead-weight". Cream was shown to be the most caring towards E-10000B.

Knuckles the Echidna[]

I know what I saw! He was making these weird clicking sounds and moving around all funny-like!

Knuckles, Sonic Free Riders

Knuckles confronted E-10000B, growing suspicious when he heard clicking sounds and saw funny-like movement. In addition, Knuckles is shown to dislike and distrust E-10000B, but was still sympathetic to his treatment from his teammates.

Storm the Albatross[]

Storm complimented E-10000B, but he did not receive a response, becoming annoyed. When a dismayed Wave chided him for arguing with a machine E-10000B told her by imitating Storm, "I'm no machine! I'M A ROBOT! It's different", Storm got angry at him. When E-10000B gave Storm a downgrade, the bruiser tried to pound him, only to recoil in pain from the robot's durability.





  • E-10000B is the only character in story mode to not be playable in multiplayer mode, being replaced by E-10000G.
  • E-10000B has the exact same body model type as E-10000R and E-10000G.
  • When racing against E-10000B in Story Mode, he will have his own racing sprite (which is a blue recolor of that of E-10000G), but he will erroneously use E-10000G's character image instead of his own.





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