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Dynamite Plant

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Dynamite Plant is the seventh arena in Sonic the Fighters.


The level seems to have been inspired by both Chemical Plant and Oil Ocean from the 16-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. You can see various gimmicks from both of the Mega Drive levels in this arena since the background appears to be various bits of art from the Oil Ocean level with a Chemical Plant styled building. You can also see Cogs in a building which look similar to the ones in Metropolis Zone, also from Sonic 2. Bean the Dynamite is the opponent for this level. Once you have defeated him you will receive a Green Chaos Emerald and will proceed to the next round. If playing Bean, Dr. Robotnik will come in and create an alternate clone of him. Also in this level, since it is called Dynamite Plant, bombs fall down randomly more than usual when playing Bean. Like most levels in Sonic the Fighters, the Dynamite Plant is not an original level design.



Name Artist Length Music Track
Dynamite Plant (Try Again) N/A 2:43
Dynamite Plant (Try Again)
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