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The Dusty Desert[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a vast desert that holds one of Dr. Eggman's abandoned bases.


Not much of the Dusty Desert has been revealed. What is known is that it possesses a hot climate and dusty skies. It is also seemingly filled with different ruins.[1]



At some point in the past, Dr. Eggman built a pyramid base in the Dusty Desert, only to later abandon it, along with the treasure inside. Eventually, some anthropomorphic animal villagers settled down in the base and lived happy lives there. In addition, the villagers would defend themselves against robbers using the legend of a curse, the pyramid base's trap, and Egg-Golems.[1]

Curse of the Pyramid

Rough and Tumble later came to the Dusty Desert in search of Eggman's pyramid base so they could raid it of the treasures, weapons and technology that Eggman had left behind. Eventually finding it, they promptly entered the base. There, they came across Rouge, who had come to the Dusty Desert to find Eggman's treasure as well. Slowing Rouge down, Rough and Tumble went deeper into the pyramid, only to come under attack by an Egg-Golem that was secretly being controlled by the local villagers. When Rouge found the villagers and learned of their situation, she helped scare Rough and Tumble away after they destroyed the Egg-Golem. As thanks, the village elder allowed Rouge to help herself to Eggman's treasure.[1]

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