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Sonic Underground
Dunes Day (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Dunes Day".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]
Aleena (narrating): Sometimes, in the fight against tyranny, we find friends in the most unlikely places.
Manic: Dude, talk about the middle of nowhere! Couldn't we have just sent these guys a card?
Sonic: It may not look like much, but the nomads out here have been fighting Buttnik for years! Legend has it the tribe's chief Ifyoucan was captured by Buttnik, but escaped. The Resistance needs anyone who can get away from Buttnik!
Sonia: But how can anyone live out here? There's no water, no shade, no air-conditioned malls, and you go through an awful lot of sun screen.
Sonic: Whoa, it is toasty! I'm havin' a meltdown! [engine beeps] [gasps] Hey!
Manic: So's the engine.
Sonic: Uh, S-Sonia, uh, how much of that sun screen did you bring?
Manic: It's no good! I don't have the tools to fix it.
Sonic: Looks like we're walkin'.
Manic: Great(!) A million square miles of beach, and no ocean. Show me the city! I can't stand all this wide open space! Show me the city!
Sonic: Get over it, bro! Nobody said bein' in the Resistance was a walk in the park.
Manic: Yeah, but it wasn't supposed to be a hike through the desert, either. What good could a bunch of nomads who live in a sandbox be to the Freedom Fighters?
Sonia: [coughs] [finds a jewel] Oh, I don't know, it's not all bad. A girl could get used to this place. [a SWATbot shoots the jewel] Ahh!
Sonic and Manic: [gasps]
Sonia: Hey! [sees the SWATbots] [gasps]
Sonic: SWATbots! It's juice and jam time. Stand back!
Sonia: Huh?
Sonic: I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt. [a SWATbot shoots him down] Whoa!
Manic: [gasps]
Sonia: Sonic!
Sonic: Wah! [muffled screaming]
Manic: [strains]
Sonic: [coughs] Is it just me, or are those SWATbots' aim getting better?
Manic: I think we're gonna find out!
Nomads: [warbling]
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: [gasps]
Manic: Whoa, these guys are good!
Ifyoucan: Fortunately for you, we came along. I am Ifyoucan, chieftain of the Azcan Tribe. These are my bodyguards: Amir and Jamal.
Manic: Hoho, like this guy needs bodyguards(!)
Ifyoucan: Come! We must go quickly, before Robotnik sends another patrol.
Sonic: Uh, Ifyoucan? Think you could give us a hand with our van?
Ifyoucan: Certainly!
Manic: I gotta hand it to you guys, this ride's pretty smooth, and the fuel mileage is rockin'!
Ifyoucan: What brings you here to this dangerous desert?
Sonic: We've heard that your tribe has no love for Robotnik.
Ifyoucan: 'Tis true. Robotnik and the SWATbots are our sworn enemies!
Sonic: Well we're Freedom Fighters, and the Resistance needs your help against Robotnik.
Ifyoucan: If you are truly an enemy of Robotnik, you must still prove yourself worthy to be an ally. One of you must join our tribe.
Sonic: Where do I sign up?
Manic: Somethin' about Ifyoucan gives me the creeps. I don't trust anybody who hides his face all the time.
Sonic: Get your eyes checked, bro! Did you see how he blasted those bots?
Ifyoucan: Sonic the Hedgehog wishes to join our tribe.
Nomads: [warbling]
Ifyoucan: But first, he must pass the initiation test!
Sonic: [gulps] Test? Wait a Mobius minute there! Nobody said anything about a test!
Sonia: [gasps]
Manic: Oh, man...!
Nomads: [gasps]
Ifyoucan: To join the tribe, you must defeat... the Kar-lek!
Sonic: Why did I know you were gonna say that? [sighs]
Manic and Sonia: [gasps]
Sonic: Back in a Sonic second! [jumps into the pit to confront the Kar-lek] Whoa! Now I know how a chili dog feels! [a pincer tries to grab him] Uh! Uh! Argh!
Sonia: [gasps]
[the crowd cheers]
Sonic: Hey, no biggie.
Ifyoucan: Sonic the Hedgehog, you are now a member of the Azcan Tribe!
Nomads: [warbling and cheering]
Sonic: Thanks! I'm honored.
Nomad: Three cheers for Sonic!
Nomad: Congratulations, Sonic!
Sonic: I think this calls for a serious jam!
["True Blue Friend" plays]
Manic: I still don't trust Ifyoucan. First he hides he face, and then he didn't dance when we played!
Sonic: You worry too much, bro.
Sonia: Give it a rest, Manic! If I don't get a good night's sleep, my eyes will get puffy.
Manic: You sleep if you want to, but I've got a chief to check out. [opens the flap of Ifyoucan's tent] Okay Ifyoucan, let's see who you really are. [notices Ifyoucan's robotic eye] [gasps] Roboticized! Oh, no! I've gotta warn- [Jamal grabs him and covers his mouth] [muffled shouting]
Sonic: Manic?
Sonia: Manic? [Sonic returns from searching] Any sign of him?
Sonic: Not even a drumstick, and I've been all over camp! Manic said he was gonna check out Ifyoucan. Maybe we'd better talk to the chief. [enters the tent] Have you seen Manic? We've looked all over camp for him.
Ifyoucan: I have not seen your brother. Perhaps he went for a walk and became lost.
Sonic: We'd better go look for him.
Ifyoucan: No. My people will search. The desert is much too dangerous for those who do not know its ways.
Sonic: I've got a bad feeling about this. Manic wouldn't just wander off - he hates the desert!
Sonia: You're right! It's not like him. Maybe Manic was right. There may be more to Ifyoucan than appears!
Sonic: Yeah, I think we'd better find out what he's hiding under that hood.
Ifyoucan: You did WHAT?!
Sonic and Sonia: [gasps]
Jamal: We had no choice. We had to leave him in the desert.
Ifyoucan: Without food or water?! Manic is the brother of a member of the tribe! Or did you forget that?
Jamal: But he saw you, Ifyoucan! If he told the tribe your secret...
Amir: You would be an outcast!
Sonic: Time to face the music, Ifyoucan! Where's Manic?
Sonia: [gasps]
Sonic: Roboticized! I don't get it! You're supposed to be Buttnik's enemy.
Ifyoucan: Robotnik is my enemy. The roboticizing process malfunctioned. I have my free will, but Robotnik's machine left me... changed. Only Jamal and Amir know my secret. I fear the rest of the tribe would never accept or trust me if they knew the truth. Amir and Jamal were only trying to protect me. I am sorry for what they have done to your brother.
Sonic: Hey, "sorry" doesn't chill the sauce, know what I mean? We've gotta get Manic back!
Ifyoucan: Amir and Jamal left him in the Sun Snare Drum.
Sonic: Sun Snare Drum? At least he'll feel right at home.
Ifyoucan: No! It is the hottest part of the desert. He will not survive there for long! I will show you the way. We must go quickly!
Sonic: I'm waitiiing! [Ifyoucan kicks him in the head] Argh! Watch your feet! You know I can do this myself.
Ifyoucan: You would never find him alone. Besides, you are a member of the tribe; it is my duty.
Sonia: Take this! Sonic can't carry you and Manic both.
Ifyoucan: We'd better hurry. The Sun Snare Drum is no place to linger!
Sonic: No prob! Hurry's my middle name!
Ifyoucan: [startled cry]
Manic: [pants] Oh man, I've never seen so much nothin'! I'm too cool to be hot!
Sleet: Hedgehogs! Find a smashed SWATbot, and hedgehogs can't be far away.
Dingo: [sniffs] [growls] Look Sleet, tracks! [Sleet pushes him away] Heh?
Sleet: Look, tracks! They should lead us straight to Sonic.
Dingo: Er, that's what I said, Sleet.
Sleet: Quiet, Dingo, I've got hedgehogs to catch!
Sonic: How much farther, chief?
Ifyoucan: At this speed, not much!
Manic: I had a bad feeling about this from the beginning... [collapses] Ugh! [a vulture lands and he throws sand at it] Ah, beat it! Dude, nobody rang the dinner bell yet. So thirsty...
Manic: Lemonade! [sits on mirage stool; it disappears and he falls] Oof! Huh? Not fair, dude! All I wanted was a glass of lemonade!
Sleet: Those hedgehogs! I just knew it!
Dingo: Gosh, Sleet! Can I look through those? Can I? Can I?
Sleet: Maybe you'd like to be turned into a sand flea.
Dingo: [gasps] No!
Sleet: There's Sonia... but where is Sonic?
Dingo: Sonia?! Oh, let me see!
Sleet: Sonia! It's always "Sonia" this and "Sonia" that. Just get the SWATbots into position. Don't let anyone get out of that camp!
Dingo: Gee Sleet, you got no sense of romance.
Sonic: Manic!
Manic: [groans]
Sonic: Are you all right?
Manic: Water...
Sonic: Drink this, Manic!
Manic: [gulps and splutters] [recuperates] Mmmm, that's the wettest water I've ever tasted! Thanks, bro!
Sonic: Think you can ride your hoverboard?
Manic: Does a SWATbot need oiling? [gets up and feels dizzy] Whoa, maybe not.
Sonic: You'll have to try. We gotta haul haunch outta here!
Manic: Hey, don't you work for Robotnik?
Sonic: He's on our side - always has been. He let me out here to save your sorry butt! Now unless you'd rather be sandblasted, let's haul!
Manic: Whoa, oh!
Manic: What, no reception committee?
Ifyoucan: Amir? Jamal? Where are my people?
Sonic: I don't like the looks of this. Somethin's wrong! [finds Sonia trussed up in the tent] [gasps] Sonia!
Sonia: [muffled shouting]
Nomads: [straining and grunting]
Sonic: What happened?
Sonia: [muffled speech]
Sonic: Huh?
Sonia: It's a trap, Sonic! Sleet and Dingo-
Sleet: Did someone call? Give up, Sonic! I can't believe I bagged you this time!
Sonic: No way, Sleet! Just watch my feet!
Sleet: Huh?!
Sleet and Dingo: Argh!
Dingo: Where'd they go?
Sleet: Aw, shut up!
Ifyoucan: This way, hurry!
Manic: Whoa!
Sonic: Huh?
[nomads panic]
Sonic: All right! Time to juice 'em and reduce 'em.
Nomad: [warbling]
Sonia: Hee-yah! [kicks a SWATbot down and it explodes] Whoa! [lands in a crate] Oof! I guess Buttnik should've sandproofed ya.
Manic: Take it easy, fellas! Can't we just talk this over? [backs up to the Kar-lek's pit] Uh-oh... [avoids the Kar-lek's claws] Whoa! [the Kar-lek grabs and eats the SWATbots] Phew, that was close. [the Kar-lek wraps a tentacle round him] Hey! Great, guess I'm the dessert! [tries to resist] Argh! [strains] [a gunshot sets him free] Whoa, oof! [sees the bodyguards] Huh?
Sleet: See? I told you it was this way.
Dingo: Er... Sleet?!
Sleet: [gasps]
Dingo: Maybe we should've stayed in the tent!
Nomads: [warbling and growling]
Sleet and Dingo: Whoa! Ahhhhh!
Manic: Thanks, Jamal! That oughta do it.
Ifyoucan: Sonic, we want to thank you and your siblings for your help. After yesterday, Robotnik should not trouble us for quite a while.
Sonic: Hey, we couldn't have done it without ya.
Ifyoucan: And I apologize for the way your brother was treated.
Manic: Hey chill, Ifyoucan, no harm done.
Ifyoucan: No, I take responsibility. I no longer deserve to be chief. I have deceived you.
Nomads: [gasps]
Ifyoucan: By the tribe's law, I will go now to wander the desert as an outcast. You must elect a new chief. Sonic, as newest member of the tribe, you must cast the first vote.
Sonic: I choose... Ifyoucan!
Amir and Jamal: Ifyoucan! Ifyoucan!
Nomads: Ifyoucan! Ifyoucan! Ifyoucan!
Manic and Sonia: Ifyoucan! Ifyoucan! Ifyoucan!
Ifyoucan: But, my robot parts... They are...
Sonic: Hey, do you lead with your body or your mind? You're a great leader no matter what the package looks like!
Ifyoucan: YES!
Everyone: Ifyoucan! Ifyoucan! Ifyoucan!
Sleet: Dingo, you are completely useless!
Dingo: Phew! Sure wish we could find some shade, don't you, Sleet? Er... Sleet?
Sleet: Shade... hmm... yes!
Dingo: Uh-oh! [Sleet morphs him into a parasol] Hey!
Sleet: Ah, much better!
Dingo: I'm gonna get a sunburn! Have you got any sunscreen, Sleet? Sleet?!
[The credits roll]