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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
Dulcy (transcript)

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This is the transcript for the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Dulcy".

[Scene: Robotropolis.]

[As the camera moves through the streets, we see a manhole open up and Uncle Chuck climbs out. He looks up into the sky, and sees Sonic on the side of building. He looks around, checking to see if the coast is clear, and finally gives his uncle thumbs up. Chuck runs to a nearby building and takes cover. Above him, we see Dulcy looking through a pair of binoculars, and gives Sonic a signal with her hands as she does so. Sonic nods, and waves his hands at Chuck, who ducks in an ally as some guards fly by. Finally, he makes a run for his destination. The camera cut back to Dulcy, as her wings begin to act up, and against her wishes, start lifting her in the air.]
Dulcy: HEY! [Gets a hold of herself] OOF! Whew, I better cut out the chocolate.
[The camera cut to two bots flying down the street.]
Robot: Perimeter sweep report. Sub sector 3-Dash-Bravo clear.
[The robots fly off, and Chuck runs up to a locked door. He pulls out a device and hack it open, which sets off an alarm. Sonic meets him there, and Chuck pulls out a screw driver and walks over to barred vent.]

[Scene change: Control room.]

[Snively sees the alarm, and pulls up a video feed, where he spots Sonic.]
Sonic: All right! Freedom fighters are number one! Whoo-hoo!
Snively: Miserable hedgehog….
[Snively pushes a button and switches over to Robotnik, who’s asleep in bed.]
Snively: I’m sorry to wake you, sir, but we have a hedgehog alart! Sub section 3-Dash-Bravo!
[Robotnik rises out from his covers.]
Robotnik: Very well, Snively. Activate all Mega Muck unites.
[A series or red droids with nozzles in the front all come to life and speed off.]

[Scene change: Robotropolis.]

[Chuck is in a new location, as he’s re-attaching the hatch. As sirens begin to go off, he lets out a whistle. Back to Sonic, who has a series of lasers shot at him, which is his cue to run.]
Robot: Code blue. In pursuit of hedgehog sector delta niner-

[Scene change: Control room.]

[Robotnik is out of bed and in a purple robe with black slippers. He walks into the control room.]
Robot: -heading North East. Hedgehog now bearing 3-0-0-sector Victor Zulu.
Robotnik: This time, you are mine, hedgehog!

[Scene change: Robotropolis.]

[Sonic continues racing through the streets, as the Mega Muck robots head him off. Dulcy sees the ambush.]
Dulcy: Uh-oh! Trouble!
[Sonic comes to a stop.]
Sonic: Woah! Doh, bummer!
[Sonic stops for a second, and then begins to speed around, causing a huge tornado.]
Sonic: Look like it’s bowling for Swat-bots time!
[The huge forces sucks them all in, and throws them aside.]
Sonic: STRIKE!
[A new set of robots show up.]
Sonic: Ahhh, so many hover heads, and so little time. OUTTA HERE!
[Sonic blasts off, and Dulcy sees the whole thing.]
Dulcy: Woah! GO SONIC!
[Eventually, Sonic runs into a spot of trouble as a bigger set of bots head him off.]
Dulcy: Huh!?
[The robots begin firing Mega Muck at Sonic, and he finds himself neck deep in it.]
Sonic: Oh MAN! Mega Muck….
[A ship lands just a head of him.]
Sonic: I smell a BIG bald guy.
[Robotnik steps out, still in his robe and slippers.]
Sonic: A big UGLY bald guy! Yo Robuttnik, cool jammies!
[Back on Dulcy, as her wings start acting up again.]
Dulcy: What’s happening? Whoo-wee! This is making me crazy. Sonic!
[Dulcy swoops down.]
Robotnik: I do hope you like the accommodations, dear boy.
[The hover bots drop a pod over Sonic.]
Robotnik: It was the best I could do on such short notice. I hope you understand.
Sonic: Lousy view.
Robotnik: From here, it is splendid. Heheh- WHAT’S THIS!?
[Dulcy dives in, takes a deep breath, and fires her ice beams from her nostrils, freezing Robotnik and the robots. Sonic grabs her by the feet, and the two fly out of there.]
Sonic: Way past, Dulce!
Dulcy: He needed to chill, heheheheh!
[Robotnik is left frozen and shivering.]

[Scene change: Knothole Village.]

[Dulcy is coming in for a landing as Bunnie guides her in.]
Bunnie: Come on Dulcy-girl, straighten it out! That’s it, straighten it out! Okay, okay, that’s it! Now just scosh left!
Sonic: This is gonna be the perfect landing, Dulcy! I can feel it!
Dulcy: Great, how come I can’t?
Bunnie: Okay, come on- WOAH!
[Bunnie dodges to the side as Dulcy comes in.]
Sonic and Dulcy: WOOOOAAAAAAH!

[Scene change: Control room.]

[Robotnik and Snively (who’s at the computer, typing away) are in the control room.]
Robotnik: Snively, if there is one dragon… there could be more. A possibility I’m not particularly fond of.
Snively: Crystal mind data link online sir.
Robotnik: Activate mind probe.
[The shot zooms up to the screen of the computer, and the viewer sees a pair of Swat-bots working on a mechanical dragon. Cut to Uncle Chuck, who’s listening in on the whole thing.]
Snively: Activating probe, Sir. What exactly are we looking for, Sir?
Robotnik: What we ALWAYS look for, Snively… heheheh… WEAKNESS!
[Uncle Chuck heads off to warn the others.]
Chuck: I don’t like the sound of this….

[Scene change: Rotors workshop.]

Sonic: And there I am, stuck in the ol’ Mega Muck! Then, Dulce’ comes JAMMIN’ IN and freeze drives Sneevly, and Robobuttnik with one very coooool blast!
Rotor: is mending up Dulcy’s knee’s.
Sonic: Way, WAY PAST, DULCE’!
Sally: Great work, Dulcy!
Bunnie: All right, Sugah-dragon! Nice job!
Rotor: Nice work Dulcy!
Dulcy: Thanks! Now if only I had a new pair of knees, those landings are killing me!
[Suddenly a sun like glow forms around Dulcy’s head, and she shoots up into the air and crashing her head through the ceiling.]
Sonic: Dulce, what’s up?
Dulcy: Hello, mom…
[Dulcy shakes her head rapidly, snapping out of it, and fall straight to the floor.]
Bunnie: What the who-hah happened?
Sally: Dulcy, are you alright?
Dulcy: I don’t know! I’ve been having these really weird spells where I can’t control my wings!
Bunnie: Maybe y’all just need a nap, it’s been a long day.
Dulcy: [Yawns] Yeah, I am kind of pooped…
[Dulcy heads out, raps her tail to the branch of a tree and goes into a snorey sleep, but just then, her wings freak out again and shoot her up in the air.]

[Scene change: Sally's hut.]

[The camera focuses on Sally’s messenger bird. It zooms past the other freedom fighters who are all asleep, all except for Sally. She hears it calling, and heads to the window and removes the message.]
Sally: Oh my gosh!
[Cut to Sonic and Sally outside.]
Sonic: Where’d Dulcy go?
Sally: I don’t like this, Sonic.
Sally: There she is!
[Dulcy continues to ascend though the air against her will, zipping all over the place.]
Sonic: Mondo weird, even for Dulce’!
Sally: Sonic, we have to follow her!
Sonic: You got it, Sal!
[Sonic grabs Sally and speeds off.]

[Scene change: Great Plains.]

[Dulcy continues flying through the night, with a Surveillance Orb following her.]
Dulcy: [in a trance] I’m coming home, Ma.
Snively: Very good. Sir, we located the dragon above the Great Plain!
Robotnik: Transmit coordinates! Vector all patrols to the area! Bring the dragon in.
[Sonic and Sally are on Dulcy's trail.]
Sally: DULCY! [points in the air] Sonic, look!
[An air craft catches up to her, followed by two others.]
Sonic: HANG ON!
[The crafts begin to lasso Dulcy's arms and legs up, but she’s still in a trance.]
Sally: She doesn’t even know they have her!
Sonic: Get ready to rocket, Sal!
[Sonic storms up a tree, launches off and straight into the air, landing on a one of the crafts.]
Sally: WOAH!
[Sonic pulls out a laser and fires it at the rope while Sally gets on Dulcy's back.]
[It is not working. She then climbs up to the side of her head, for a better shot.]
Dulcy: [still dazed] Huh!?
[Sonic gets the rope free, and latches on as he swings through the sky.]
Sally: SONIC!
[A bot comes at him, firing a laser.]
Sonic: WOAH!
[Sonic tries making it to Dulcy, only to have the rope shot off at the other end.]
Sonic: Definitely not cool. [drops down] WOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!
Dulcy: Hello.
Sally: Dulcy, get Sonic! He’s falling! HURRY!
[Dulcy turns.]
Dulcy: Huh?
[As Sonic plummets to the ground, Dulcy swings around and releases herself from the ropes.]
[Dulcy flies downward and catches Sonic while the crafts follow.]
Sonic: Nice catch, Dulce!
Dulcy: No problem!
Sally: Here they come!
[The crafts come at them firing lasers. Just then, Dulcy lets out a belch of smoke, creating a smoke screen.]

[Scene change: Knothole Village.]

Dulcy: Then I had this really strange dream, where my mom was telling me, “Come to Dragon's Nest. Come to Dragon's Nest.”
Sonic: “Dragon's Nest”?
Dulcy: It’s were all the lady dragons go.
Sally: Nicole, access dragon behavior. Emphasis on migration.
Nicole: Searching, Sally. One area found. Onset of migrational pattern behavior during adolescence.
Sonic: Onset of WHAT during WHO?
Sally: Display, Nicole.
[Nicole projects an image of a dragon.]
Nicole: During adolescence, dragons enter a trance like state which draws them to their nesting ground. Although only adult dragons lay eggs, adolescents have survival patterning which draws them to dragons nest and...
Sonic: D’oh! Wait a Sonic-second! Can we do this in ENGLISH?
[Sally smiles and rolls her eyes and sighs.]
Sally: Dulcy has dreams that tell her to go to Dragon's Nest, their nesting place.
Sonic: Got it.
Nicole: May I continue?
Sally: Please.
Nicole: Dragon's Nest is located in Deep Canyon which is the…

[Scene change: Control room.]

[Snively is viewing the same information.]
Snively: … nesting area where adult females lay there eggs.
Robotnik: Oooh, Dragon’s Nest! Of course that’s where the dragon was headed. The very cradle of their civilization. I think it’s time for the cradle to FALL!
[Cut to Chuck listening in on the plan, writing everything down.]
Robotnik: Ready my command ship, Snively. It’s Dragon hunting season.
[Chuck finishes the message and calls out to the messenger bird.]

[Scene change: Knothole Village.]

[Back in the hut with the Freedom Fighters as Dulcy sleeps.]
Sally: Nicole, can you monitor dream sleep frequencies?
Nicole: Generating frequency sensitive hologram.
[Nicole pulls up a hologram of Dulcy's dreams and we see a baby Dulcy hovering over a grassy field.]
Bunnie: Well, isn’t she just cuter than a chipmunk’s cheeks?
Sonic: Aww… look at that.
Sabina: Oh my baby. My bab- OH! Now more right wing, Dulcy!
Dulcy: O-okay mom!
Sabina: Good girl! Good girl! Now, ease up a little!
[Dulcy starts laughing, but then flops to the ground.]
Sabina: Oh! That was wonderful!
[Scene switches, and the two are face to face]
Sabina: Good Dulcy! Very, VERY GOOD!
Dulcy: I don’t like it, mom! All my friends laugh at me when I do this!
[Dulcy then spouts smoke from her ears.]
Sabina: Oh Dulcy, don't mind them. Just remember that you are special.
[The image changes to a swarm of dragons entering Dragon's Nest, and then Dulcy wakes up, crashing to the floor.]
Dulcy: Oh boy! It’s time!
[Dulcy heads out of the hut, and Sonic follows.]
Sonic: WOAH! DULCE! Wait a second!
Dulcy: Out of the way, Sonic! I gotta go!
Sonic: Hey, we all gotta go sometime! Just CHILL a minute!
Dulcy: Okay, WHAT?
Sally: Dulcy! We know what’s happening to you!
Dulcy: Then you understand why I’ve got to go!
[Dulcy leaps through the roof, and into the night sky, just as the messenger bird passes. Sonic, Sally and Bunnie run out the door after Dulcy and Sally receives the note.]
Sally: “Warn Dulcy. Robotnik on route to Dragon’s Nest.”
[Sonic and Bunnie gasp.]

[Scene change: Deep Canyon.]

[Robotnik’s ship passes.]
Robotnik: Activate camouflage!
Snively: Activating, Sir!
[Cut to Sonic and Sally looking for Dulcy.]
Sally: No sign of her.
Sonic: I had no CLUE she could crank like that! Better slap me some power, Sal!
[Sally pulls out a Power Ring.]
[It is now dawn, and Sonic and Sally are still looking and now in further in the canyon, surrounded by cliffs.]
Sonic: WOAH! Mondo huge! Were to?
Sally: The top!
Sonic: Why did I know that? Grab your socks, were hitting the rocks!
[They storm up the cliff.]
Sally: OH NO! SONIC!
[Sally points to the ship with a shadowy figure hanging from the rear as it flies off.]
Sonic: Sal, we’re too late.
[Just then, Dulcy flies through the air and toward Dragon’s Nest.]
Sally: Oh my gosh, is that Dulcy?
Sonic: No way!
[Sonic and Sally smile, and high five.]
Sonic & Sally: It’s Dulcy.
[Dulcy walks into the nest, and finds a rapped up egg.]
Dulcy: I don’t get it. Is this my egg? What am I supposed to do, fry it?
[The egg hops in the air and slams her on the foot.]
Dulcy: OW! I was just kidding, okay! Don’t have a cow. I got it!
[Sonic and Sally come in.]
Sonic: Yo, Dulce’! Who’s is that?
Dulcy: How do I know? I don’t even know how I got here.
Sally: It can’t be yours Dulcy, you’re too young. That other dragon?
Dulcy: What other dragon?
[The egg jumps and catches her by surprise.]
Dulcy: Okay, Ma! I got it know!
Sally: Dulcy, I sorry but we can’t stay here! Robotnik captured the mother and I think he’s still looking for you!
Dulcy: But- But when the egg hatches, the baby’s gonna need her milk!
Sonic: Well, how long before it hatches?
Dulcy: Soon….

[Scene change: Robotropolis.]

[Robotnik has the dragon from earlier held captive.]
Robotnik: Now tell me, how many dragons are left, and how many females with powers!?
Dragon: I know of no other dragons, Robotnik. You have us all now.
Robotnik: YOU’RE LYING! There are still more out there. I can feel them.
Dragon: I hope you’re right.
Robotnik: SNIVELY! Play the surveillance tape!
Snively: Yes sir!
[The computer boots up a video of Dulcy firing her freeze breath. The dragon gasps.]
Robotnik: I thought THIS was you, but I was mistaken. This one remains free and she has the powers! Now how do I find her?
Dragon: Even if I knew, Robotnik, I WOULD NEVER TELL YOU!

[Scene change: The sky.]

[Back on Sonic and the others flying through the sky, Sally in Dulcy’s pouch, and Sonic hanging on to the egg rapped around Dulcy’s back screaming.]
Sally: Alright, Sonic! I’ll take over.
[Sonic pulls her up, and slips in the pouch.]
Sonic: You’re a princess, Sal!
[A Surveillance Orb catches sight of them.]
Robotnik: Well, well. A three for one sell. The fates are smiling. PREPARE THE FORCE FIELD NET! I WANT THEM ALIVE AND WELL!
[The ship chases after the three.]
[Dulcy takes a dive into the creases of the mountains, and Robotnik follows.]
Sonic: WOAH! Cool moves, Dulce’!
Sally: SONIC!
[Sonic and Sally continue screaming through the chase.]
Sonic and Sally: DULCY!
[They finally lose Robotnik.]
Swat-bot: Target off radar, sir.
Robotnik: THEN FIND IT! A dragon can’t just disappear!
[Back to Sonic, Sally and Dulcy.]
Dulcy: Hang on, Sally! We’re going home!
[Dulcy comes in for a landing, Bunnie guides her in and jumps out of the way like last time. As Dulcy makes a good landing.]
Sally: Incredible….
Sonic: Serious. Dulcy, y-you made a perfect landing!
Dulcy: Sure. I was carrying an egg.
Sonic: Cool!

[Scene change: Knothole Village.]

[Bunnie is stuck with egg sitting duty.]
Bunnie: So what happens if it hatches?
Sally: Bunnie, just make sure it doesn’t fly away.
Bunnie: But, when are y’all coming back?
Dulcy: Soon as we find the mother. Good luck Bunnie.
Bunnie: Nice egg. That’s it.
[The egg buckles, sending her straight in the air.]
Bunnie: WOAAH!

[Scene change: Robotropolis.]

[Sonic storms in, looks to see if the coast is clear, and signals for his uncle to open up the hideout.]
Sonic: Yo, UNC’!
[Chuck waves his hand for silence.]
Chuck: Robotnik’s back.
Sonic: What about the mother dragon?
Chuck: He’s moving her to the dragon Roboticizer.
Sonic: Well, where’s that?
[Chuck points to a map.]
Chuck: He’ll take this route, I’ll set up right here.
Sonic: How much time?
Chuck: Ten minutes.
[The camera shows a slew of crafts flying the tied up dragon to the roboticizer.]
Snively: E.T.A. 90 seconds, Sir. No sign of the hedgehog or the dragon.
Robotnik: Patience, Snively. They’ll be here. Alert the backup unit.
Snively: Unit 2 approaching position.
Swat-bot: Roger. Standing by.
[Sonic, Sally and Dulcy arrive right behind the backup unit, do the secret hand shake, and split up with Dulcy and Sally sneaking behind the backup unit. Dulcy fries the antenna, and before they can get caught on camera, Dulcy trashes the spy-eye with a swipe of her tail. She then knocks on the door of the craft, and just as the swatbot opens it, she freezes everything.]
Sally: Haha! Swat-cicles! Nice work, Dulcy! Good luck.
[Sally heads into the craft.]
Dulcy: You too! [flies off]
[In another section of the city, we see a huge swarm of robots building up as Sonic just chills by the side of a building.]
Sonic: Ahhh, I love a parade!
[A Surveillance Orb catches him on camera, and he waves to Snively.]
Snively: The hedgehog, Sir!
Robotnik: I have the control, Snively! HEHEHEH!
[Sonic then Swat-bots the camera with a plank, wiping it out.]
Robotnik: Switch to automatic tracking! Activate Worker-Bots!
[The bots give chase, firing mega much at Sonic. He pulls out a Power Ring and tears through the city. Uncle Chuck comes, and starts tying another craft down to a led pipe.]
Robotnik: [watching Sonic] It’s working. Have units 2 and 3 stand by!
[The robots try, but they can’t stop Sonic.]
Robotnik: Right there is perfect, hedgehog, just where I want you. SNIVELY!
[Cut to the frozen Swat-bot’s craft being controlled by Sally, and the other craft coming to a stop thanks to Chuck, causing the Swat-bots to fly out.]
Sonic: A ragtop, cool!
Robotnik: SNIVELY!
Snively: Unit 2, attack!
[Sally pilots the craft through the air, and Sonic lets out a yawn as two Swatbots close in on him.]
Robotnik: Why is he just STANDING THERE, SNIVELY?
[The craft shoots out some Mega Muck, and stops the Swat-bots.]
Snively: That’s why, Sir.
[The craft swings around and fires at their ship, grounding them. Dulcy swoops in and rescues the dragon as Sally lands.]
Sonic: Nice flying, Sal!
Sally: Uh-oh, trouble!
[A group of air crafts fly in, and the two take off. But first, Sonic has a quick jab at Robotnik.]
Sonic: Next time, you won’t have back up! You’ll be mine!
Sally: Sonic, let’s GO!
[With that, they are gone, leaving Robotnik in a fit of rage.]

[Scene change: Knothole Village.]

[Bunnie is being thrown around by the egg.]
[The egg shoots her off, and hops out of the hut to its mother.]
Dragon: It won’t be long now.
[The egg begins to crack, and everyone watches in amazement, and once it’s hatched and in her mother’s pouch, they keep admiring her. Eventually, the little dragon has smoke erupt from her ears.]
Dragon: She’s a protector. The fate of all dragons rest on her, and the other protector, Dulcy. Thank you all! We won’t forget you.
Sally: Oh, you’re so welcome. But don’t you want to rest?
Dragon: No, Sally. It’s too dangerous here. I know a place where even Robotnik won’t find us. Dulcy, your mother would be proud. We’ll meet again. You’ll know the time.
[The dragon flies off.]
Dulcy: Good luck!
Rotor: AHEM!
[Dulcy turns and see Rotor holding a gift.]
Rotor: I, uh, I made you a little present, Dulcy.
Dulcy: For me? Wow, what is it?
Rotor: Open it!
[She opens it, and pulls out knee pads.]
Rotor: Uh, knee pads. I thought maybe you could use them.
Dulcy: Thanks Rotor! Purple’s my favorite color.
Sonic: Well, it was either that or carpet the meadow.
[Everyone laughs.]