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"Dulcy" is the twentieth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It first aired on 22 October 1994.







The episode begins at night with Uncle Chuck emerging from a manhole in the streets of Robotropolis. There, Sonic gives him the signal from the top of a building that says that the coast is clear and that he can go on. Dulcy, who is observing the area through a pair of binoculars, signals to Sonic that enemies are approaching. Sonic subsequently passes the signal onto Chuck. Chuck, in return, manages to hide in time behind some trash cans when a Hover Unit comes passing by. Meanwhile, Dulcy's wings begin to flap for no reason, but she manages to get control of herself. Down in the streets, Chuck manages to break into a building, triggering an alarm in the process. He then opens up a ventilation shaft grille when Sonic comes running and gives their successful operation a thumbs up. Snively, however, detects Sonic on the monitor and contacts Dr. Robotnik, who is sleeping in his chambers. Robotnik promptly wakes up and tells Snively to activate all the Mega Muck Units. Soon after, every Mega Muck Unit is flying out of the hangar.

Meanwhile, Chuck is closing the grille on the ventilation shaft and whistles, thus warning Sonic of the incoming flying Swat-Bots. Sonic proceeds to run away from the Swat-Bots as they pursue him Meanwhile, Snively is watching the chase on the monitors and yells at the Swat-Bots to get Sonic. At the same time, Robotnik arrives in his night gown and watches the chase on the monitors. As Sonic gets away from the Swat-Bots, Mega Muck Units appear and get in his way, allowing the Swat-Bots to catch up to Sonic. In response to the opposition, Sonic runs around in circles, thereby creating a whirlwind that sucks in all nearby machines and destroys them. Sonic then begins to run away from the next wave of vehicles that are chasing him. At the same time, Dulcy is flying above Sonic, urging the hedgehog to keep running. However, Sonic soon finds his road blocked by another convoy of Mega Mack Units that begin spewing Mega Muck. Soon after, Sonic has been immobilized by the Mega Muck. Robotnik's hovercraft then arrives, and out of it comes Dr. Robotnik. Sonic then jokingly comments on Robotnik's night gown. Meanwhile, Dulcy starts to shake vividly, but she manages to regain control of herself and begins flying down to rescue Sonic. Down on the ground, Sonic is locked in a capsule by two Swat-Bots and Robotnik expresses satisfaction with having captured Sonic. However, it is then that Dulcy arrives. Taking in a deep breath, Dulcy blows her ice breath out of her nostrils, freezing both Robotnik and the nearby robots. Breaking his frozen capsule, Sonic proceeds to grab onto the legs of Dulcy, who pulls him free of the Mega Muck and flies him to safety.

Later in the Great Forest, Dulcy is trying to land with Sonic. Down on the ground, Bunnie is trying to guide Dulcy so that she will have a soft landing. While Sonic has a feeling that Dulcy will have a succesful landing this time, Dulcy herself doubt this. Her fears are soon after confirmed when she lands so suddenly on the ground that she sinks her knees into the ground. Meanwhile, back in Robotropolis, Robotnik tells Snively that if there is still one dragon left, there might be more. Snively thus contacts the Crystal Mine, where Swat-Bots are watching a Worker Bot dragon. Robotnik then orders Snively to activate the Mind Probe and use it on the Worker Bot dragon so that he can learn all about the dragons' weaknesses. Unbeknownst to Robotnik and Snively however, Chuck has been eavesdropping on their conversation in the ventilation shaft. Not liking the sound of Robotnik's plan, Chuck hurries out of the ventilation shaft. Meanwhile, back in Knothole Village, inside Rotor's workshop, Sonic is telling Sally, Bunnie and Rotor about how Dulcy rescued him while Rotor is treating Dulcy's injured knees. Afterward, Sonic, Sally, Bunnie and Rotor praise Dulcy. Suddenly though, a bright light surrounds Dulcy's head and the dragon flies up into the ceiling. Coming down again, Dulcy lands on one of Rotor's machines that Rotor turns off. Dulcy then admits to her friends that she has been having these spells lately where she cannot control her wings. Bunnie suggests that all she needs is a nap. Taking Bunnie's advice, Dulcy latches her tail onto a tree branch and goes to sleep hanging upside down. Suddenly, however, she breaks into an uncontrollable flying fit again and takes off into midair.

Later, while most of Knothole's residents are sleeping in their beds, Dove comes to Sally's hut with a message from Chuck. Reading the message, Sally is left deeply shocked. Getting Sonic, he and Sally begin looking for Dulcy. Unable to find her at first, they soon see her flying strange and controllably through the night sky in the moonlight. Sally subsequently says that they should follow Dulcy. Agreeing to this, Sonic takes Sally in his arms and runs after Dulcy. As Dulcy flies through the sky, over the Great Plain, a Surveillance Orb is shown following her. Snively subsequently informs Robotnik about the discovery of Dulcy, and Robotnik orders all patrols to be sent to the area to bring in Dulcy. Not long after, while following Dulcy, they see two Hover Units following Dulcy. These two vehicles proceed to fly alongside Dulcy before shooting ropes at her, tying up her arms and legs. Dulcy, hoeever, does not notice this, as she seems to be in a trance. In order to reach Dulcy, Sonic runs up a titled tree with Sally and jumps into the air. Landing then on one of the Hover Units, Sonic starts using a laser to burn through one of the ropes holding Dulcy. Meanwhile, Sally climbs onto Dulcy's back in order to bring her back to consciousness. Eventually, Sonic cuts one of the ropes, only to fall and be left dangling from the rope still attached to Dulcy's leg. In addition, Sonic starts to come under fire from a flying Swat-Bot, who, after several shots, manages to cut the rope that Sonic is holding. Sonic begins to fall, but Sally manages to wake Dulcy from her trance. Breaking free of the ropes holding her, Dulcy manages to catch Sonic in time. With the Hover Units continuing to pursue Ducly though, Dulcy begins to belch, causing thick smoke to emit from her ears. With this, Dulcy creates a smokescreen that causes the Hover Units to lose track of the Freedom Fighters.

Back in Knothole, Dulcy tells her friends about the strange dream she had. In that dream, her mother told her repeatedly to come to Dragon's Nest. Upon Sonic's inquire, Dulcy explains that Dragon's Nest is where all the lady dragons go. Curious, Sally uses Nicole to display information about the dragon's migration cycle. Nicole proceeds to explain that dragons, upon reaching a certain age, enter a trance-like state and fly to the Dragon's Nest to lay their eggs there. Although only adult dragons can lay eggs, adolescent dragons can also be called to Dragon's Nest. Sonic, however, does not understand the advanced explanation Nicole is spitting out, so Sally explains it to him in a simpler way. Nicole proceeds to continue her explanation. At the same time, Snively is giving the same explanation to Dr. Robotnik after receiving the information from the mind of the Worker Bot dragon. As explained by Snively, the Dragon's Nest is located in Deep Canyon. Upon hearing this, Robotnik decides to go to Dragon's Nest to overthrow the last monument to the civilization of dragons. Meanwhile, Chuck is eavesdropping on the conversation from his hiding place. He soon after learns that Robotnik has ordered his Command Ship to hunt for dragons. Chuck then calls upon Dove, and writes another letter for it to deliver to Sonic and his friends.

Back in Kntohole, Dulcy is sleeping. Sally thus uses this opportunity to use Nicole to show them what Ducly is dreaming about. Nicole proceeds to display a holographic video of Dulcy's dream. In her dream, Dulcy is recalling the days where she was still small and learning how to fly under the watchful eyes of her mother, Sabina. While young Dulcy makes an unsuccessful landing, her mother appreciates it anyway. Young Dulcy then explains that all of her friends are laughing at her when she let smoke out of her ears. Sabina, however, tells young Dulcy not to worry about it and that she must remember that she is special. At the end of the dream, Dulcy has a vision of dragons flying to Dragon's Nest. Waking up immediately afterwards, Dulcy says that it is time and heads for the door. Sonic stops her for a moment however, and Sally informs her that they now know why this is happening to her. However, Dulcy concludes that her friends must then understand why she has to go, before flying through the roof. Sonic, Sally and Bunnie proceed to run outside, where Dove flies over to them and delivers the message from Chuck, who tells them to warn Dulcy about Robotnik moving towards Dragon's Nest.

Under the cover of night, Robotnik's Command Ship arrives in Deep Canyon. Upon arrival, RObotnik orders Snively to activate the camouflage. Obeying Robotnik, Snively turns on the camouflage, rendering the Command Ship invisible. Meanwhile, Sonic and Sally have run in search of Dulcy, but are unable to find her. In order to catch up Dulcy, Sally pulls a Power Ring out of Sonic's backpack and gives it to him. Tapping into the Power Ring's power, Sonic runs towards Deep Canyon with Sally in his arms with enhanced speed. The next day, the duo arrives in Deep Canyon, but Sonic does not know where to go next until Sally points towards the top of the canyon. Grabbing Sally, Sonic runs up to the top of the canyon without a problem. Upon arriving there, however, Sally sees Robotnik's Command Ship kidnapping a dragon and flying away. Sonic and Sally are afraid at first that the kidnapped dragon is Dulcy, but they then see Dulcy arrive moments later and landing on Dragon's Nest. Going inside the nest, Dulcy finds a dragon egg there. She does not know what to do with it at first though, and when she mentions frying it, the egg jumps onto her foot. Soon though, Dulcy comes up with an idea and begins laying on the egg by holding onto it. Sonic and Sally arrive immediately after on the scene, and Sally tells Ducly that this egg cannot belong to her since she is too young. As such, it must belong to the dragon that Robotnik just captured. While Dulcy reacts vividly to the fact that another dragon might be around, the egg begins to jump. In response, Dulcy wraps her tail around the egg to calm it down. Sonic and Sally then suggest that they get out of here because Robotnik is still looking for Dulcy. Dulcy, however, does not want to go, because the egg still needs care and that it would soon hatch.

In Robotropolis, Robotnik is keeping the Mother Dragon bound in a cage while he interrogates her. Robotnik wants to know how many dragons with powers are at large, but the Mother Dragon tells him that the doctor already have them all. However, Robotnik hits the cage and accuses the Mother Dragon of lying, claiming that he can sense that more dragons are still out there. Robotnik then shows the Mother Dragon a video recording of Dulcy attacking, shocking the Mother Dragon. Robotnik then asks her how to capture Dulcy, but the Mother Dragon refuses to tell him anything. In response, Robotnik decides to send the Mother Dragon to the Roboticizer, causing the Mother Dragon to start crying. Meanwhile, back with Dulcy, Sonic and Sally are flying through the canyon onboard Dulcy, who has the egg tied to her back. Sonic does not like the fact that he has to look after the egg however, so Sally decides to switch places with him. As such, Sonic takes Sally's place in Dulcy's pouch. Unbeknownst to the heroes however, a Surveillance Orb is following them. While onboard his Command Ship, Robotnik detects the heroes and orders the force-field nets to be deployed so he can catch the Freedom Fighters. Spotting Robotnik's Command Ship however, Sonic warns Dulcy of the incoming danger, making Dulcy dive into the canyon with Robotnik's ship flying right behind her. Refusing to let Robotnik have the dragon egg, Dulcy flies steadily though the canyon, slowly escaping Dr. Robotnik's Command Ship. Eventually, Ducly and her friends escape Robotnik's Command Ship completely after flying through a narrow tunnel leading out of the canyon. Having lost the heroes, a furious Robotnik tells his Swat-Bot crew to find the Freedom Fighters again.

Back in Knothole, Bunnie tries to guide Dulcy again from the ground as she tries to make a landing. Despite the fears of Sonic and Sally though, Dulcy manages to make a perfect landing, which she contributes to the fact that she is carrying an egg. Soon after, Dulcy and Sally leave the dragon egg in the care of Bunnie, and they tell Bunnie that if the egg hatches, she must hold the baby dragon down to keep it from flying away. Bunnie, however, asks when they are coming back, to which Dulcy promises they will come back when they find the mother. Now alone with the egg, Bunnie tries to calm it down, only for the egg to throw her up into the ceiling.

Some time later, Sonic finds himself in an alley in Robotropolis, where he knocks a brick against a pipe several times. The door to Chuck's hideout then opens, and Sonic hurries inside. Inside the hideout, Chuck informs Sonic that Robotnik has returned and that he is transferring the Mother Dragon to the dragon Roboticizer. In addition, Chuck knows the exact route Robotnik is going to take, which will enable Sonic and the others to carry out an effective ambush.

Later, the Mother Dragon is being escorted by two flying Swat-Bots, several hovercrafts, Surveillance Orbs, and various Mega Muck Units. Inside one of the vehicles are Robotnik and Snively, who are awaiting the arrival of the Freedom Fighters. In the meanwhile, Robotnik tells Snively to warm the spare Mega Muck Units, which Snively does as ordered. At the same time, Sonic, Sally and Dulcy sneak up on a Mega Muck Unit from behind in an alley that said vehicle is stationed in. There, Dulcy uses her fire breath to fry the Mega Muck Unit's antenna. She then uses her tail to destroy a Surveillance Orb that was about to reveal their location to Snively. Fortunately, the Surveillance Orb is destroyed before Snively discovers the heroes' presence. Back at the Mega Muck Unit, a Swat-Bot steps out of said vehicle, only for Dulcy to freeze it with the ice breath coming out of her nostrils. She proceeds to do the same to the second Swat-Bot who stayed onboard the Mega Muck Unit. With the Swat-Bots taken care of, Sally goes into the Mega Muck Unit while Dulcy takes off to handle her next assignment. Meanwhile, Sonic cockily waits around the corner when a Surveillance Orb detects him. Snively proceeds to inform Robotnik of his discovery of Sonic. After Sonic destroys the Surveillance Orb, Robotnik orders his minions to switch to automatic tracking and activate his robots. Mega Muck Units proceed to fire a stream of Mega Muck at Sonic, but Sonic manages to escape them with the aid of a Power Ring. Meanwhile, a little further ahead, Chuck sneaks up behind one of the two Mega Muck Units that hide inside some alleys along the road in order to launch an ambush. Using a rope, Chuck ties the rear cockpit on the Mega Muck Unit to a wall, before running away. A while afterwards, Robotnik orders these Mega Muck Units to prepare for Sonic's arrival. Meanwhile, Sonic runs smoothly between the Swat-Bots trying to squirt him with Mega Muck, causing the Swat-Bots to hit themselves when taking aim at Sonic. Eventually, Sonic stops up to provoke Robotnik, who orders Snively to make the hidden Mega Muck Units attack Sonic. However, one of these vehicles is taken over by Sally, who makes it fly in a different direction, and the second one gets torn to pieces when taking off due to having its rear tied to a wall, causing the two Swat-Bots piloting it to be flung into the street. Afterward, Sonic stands somewhat bored in the street while two Swat-Bots approach him from behind. However, those Swat-Bots gets squirted with Mega Muck by the Mega Muck Unit piloted by Sally. The same vehicle is then used by Sally to cover Robotnik and Snively's Mega Muck Unit in Mega Muck, leaving them suck where they are. Dulcy then comes in and saves the Mother Dragon from the Swat-Bots holding her captive. Landing her Mega Muck Unit, Sally meets up with Sonic and exchanges a high-five with him. However, with more Mega Muck Units approaching, Sonic grabs Sally and runs away with her, although not before mocking the furious Robotnik. Reminding Sonic that they have to go though, Sonic takes his leave with Sally, leaving Robotnik to throw a fit.

Back in Knothole, the dragon egg keeps jumping beneath Bunnie, who is sitting on it. Eventually though, the egg bounces out from under Bunnie and lands at its mother's feet, just as she arrives. The Freedom Fighters then gather together and watch as the baby dragon hatches from the egg. Later, out on the meadow, it is revealed that the baby dragon, just like Dulcy, is able to emit smoke from her ears. The Mother Dragon explains that her child is a special kind of dragon called a "protector", and that the fate of all dragons depends on her and Dulcy. The Mother Dragon then thanks everyone for their help and prepares to leave. Sally offers the Mother Dragon a chance to rest, but she insists that they have to go, as she knows a place where even Robotnik will be unable to find them. Before leaving though, the Mother Dragon tells Dulcy that her mother would be proud of her. She also promises that they will meet again. After the heroes say goodbye to the Mother Dragon, Rotor gives Dulcy a wrapped gift. The gift turns out to be purple kneepads, which Dulcy likes very much because of their color. Sonic then remarks that "it was either that or carpet the meadow", making all of his friends laugh.



Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Russian Далси Dulcy


  • This is the only episode where Tails does not have a single line of dialogue.

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