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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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For the episode in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series, see Dulcy (episode).

I'm coming home, ma.

— Dulcy, "Dulcy"

Dulcy is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. She is a dragon of a special class, known as a "protector",[1] and is a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. She is one of the few dragons left on Mobius due to mass-roboticization of her species by Dr. Robotnik.[1]


Dulcy is a green-eyed anthropomorphic dragon with primarily light blue skin, a disproportionally large lower body, and scaly wings on her back. She also has peach orange skin on the stomach, the front side of her neck and the inner side of her wings. Dulcy also has a round peach orange fin, reminiscent of hair, on her head, and scales of the same color on her tail. She also has a marsupial-like pouch which can hold anything she can carry. She also has small, white and feathery wings growing out of her ankles. For attire, Dulcy wears a black nose ring and a brown vest for a saddle.


TV series


Dulcy was born as the daughter of Sabina. Under the watchful eye of her mother, Dulcy learned how to fly, although she had trouble with her lessons on how to land. She also felt like a social outcast at times because her friends would laugh at how she would spout smoke from her ears, not knowing that it was a sign that she a protector-class dragon. Sabina, however, would comfort her daughter on the matter and tell her that it meant that she was special. After Dr. Robotnik came to power in Mobotropolis, Dulcy lost her mother (presumably to the mass-roboticization of her species). Eventually, Dulcy ended up as one of the few dragons left on Mobius who remained free.[1] Also, at some point, she joined the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Season two

Dulcy and Sally in Robotropolis.

While the friends rummaged the swamp for parts for the De-Roboticizer, Dulcy and Tails were put on guard duty in the watchtower. There, Dulcy played a joke on Antoine, who was reciting his poem for Sally, by scaring him. Soon after though, Dulcy saw some Swat-Bots chasing a ram named Ari around and sent Tails out to let Sonic know. Later, during the night, Dulcy played cards with Antoine by the camp fire. The next day, Dulcy carried Sally, Antoine and Tails back to Rotor's workshop on her back while Sonic stayed to help Ari free his Freedom Fighters from a fortress. However, Dulcy hit a tree along the way and ended up crash-landing in the workshop. There, Bunnie tended to the injured Dulcy. Soon after, she would carry Sally to Dr. Robotnik's fortress in the outlands in order to warn Sonic that Ari was luring him into a trap. The pair arrived too late, however, because Ari would lock the doors into Robotnik's fortress in front of them. In an attempt to open the doors to the fortress, Dulcy put on a magnetic field generator, with the intention to keep the magnet in place while it pried the doors open. However, instead, the magnet pulled Duly into the doors. When Ari later opened the doors and flew to Robotropolis in a Hover Unit, Duly and Sally decided to follow Ari when they failed to get into the fortress in time. Using her "crack the whip" maneuver, Dulcy caught up to Ari's Hover Unit with Sally. After arriving in Robotropolis, Dulcy and Sally snuck into the air duct leading through Robotnik's headquarters. There, they saw Robotnik cheat Ari by going back on his word to release Ari's Freedom Fighters in exchange for Ari's services. As Ari was being taken to the Roboticizer however, Dulcy and Sally decided to intervene. Dulcy herself began taking in so much air that the air duct collapsed under her. Now in front of Robotnik and his lackeys, Dulcy froze both the doctor and Snively. Later, after saving Ari, Dulcy, Sally and Ari went to save Sonic from the fortress. In the end, Ari and the whole fortress were sucked into the Void by a portal, but Sonic managed to survive and escape.[2]

Dulcy would later watch the entrance to Rotor's workshop. There, she kept Tails from introducing on the Knothole Freedom Fighters' test run of the De-Roboticizer, as requested by Sonic. Later, after the roboticized Uncle Chuck kidnapped Tails and Antoine, Dulcy took Bunnie and Sally with her to pursue him. They could not catch him, however, so they returned to Knothole Village to get Sonic's help. Later, Dulcy flew into the swamp with Sally and Bunnie to save Sonic after he got stuck in a pool of Mega Muck. There, Dulcy tried to land perfectly, only to crash once more. Soon after, she helped get Sonic out of the Mega Muck. Returning to Knothole afterward, Dulcy would help clean up remains of the destroyed De-Roboticizer.[3]

Dulcy, Sally and Bunnie later waited for Sonic, who was supposed to bring them a letter from Chuck, in Robotropolis. When Sonic finally arrived with the message, Bunnie and her group learned that the Roboticizer had been moved somewhere else, which meant that they had to abort their mission. Dulcy, Sally and Bunnie thus returned to Knothole while Sonic went to get a chili dog. When Sonic did not return, however, Dulcy went looking for him, but could not find him despite looking everywhere for him. She thus went back to Robotropolis with Sally and Bunnie, where Chuck helped them in their search. It was soon after discovered that Sonic had been hit by a Memory Scrambler and that Snively was now using the amnesiac Sonic to locate Knothole. Dulcy thus flew back to the Great Forest with Sally and Bunnie, but crashed into a tree along the way. After returning to Knothole, they notified all the Freedom Fighters about the threat Sonic posed to them. However, Tails was not among those they warned. Dulcy thus flew off to warn him. However, she was too later, as Tails had already taken Sonic back to Knothole. Eventually, Dulcy and Sally found Tails, and the former was left to explain everything to Tails. When Snively later approached Knothole while Sonic tried to gather all the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Dulcy and her friends hid in an underground shelter, with Chuck joining them in the shelter. There, Chuck revealed that they could restore Sonic's memory if they gave him a Power Ring. Dulcy and the others thus stayed in the shelter while Sally, Chuck and Tails went to get a Power Ring. Eventually though, Snively found Bunnie and co. and treated them to the Memory Scrambler. Fortunately, Snively was stopped by Sonic.[4]

Dulcy carrying Sonic and Sally up to the Floating Island.

Later, Sonic and Sally contemplated on the idea of overthrowing Robotnik before he came to power. Upon hearing this, Dulcy suggested that they used the Time Stones, which lay on the Floating Island which she had found during her travels, to travel back in time. Despite Sally's doubts about the possibility of time travel, she and Sonic decided to undertake this expedition. Dulcy thus flew Sonic and Sally to the Floating Island, where she blew away the clouds that obstructed the view of the island. While Sonic and Sally then began wondering about how to enter the palace on the island, Dulcy decided to take a nap. However, she was soon awoken by the Gargoyles when they began chasing Sonic and Sally. After Sonic and Sally jumped off the Floating Island in a successful endeavor to rid themselves of the Gargoyles, Dulcy flew in and brought her friends back to the Floating Island. When she tried to land there, however, she crash landed, causing Sonic and Sally to be launched into the palace.[5] Dulcy's history was later slightly altered when Sonic and Sally went back in time with the Time Stones. In the past, the two met Sabina and young Dulcy when they were surrounded by Hover Unit in the newly-formed Robotropolis. Upon seeing Sabina in trouble, Sonic saved her from the Hover Units, thus allowing her to take young Dulcy to safety.[6]

Dulcy and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters later searched for Antoine after he went missing, Upon finding him however, they discovered that he had become the king of the Nasty Hyenas. When they tried to convince him to return, Antoine decided to resign from the Freedom Fighters. Despite this, Dulcy and her friends later saved Antoine when the Nasty Hyenas tried to eat him. After returning to Knothole, Dulcy listened to Antoine's story about how he fought the Nasty Hyenas. At one point, however, Antoine accidentally stepped on Dulcy's foot, causing her to destroy much of the furniture in the room while she winched in pain.[7]

Dulcy looking after a dragon egg.

Dulcy later helped Sonic and Chuck get into Robotnik's warehouse for a mission. Along the way however, Dulcy experienced a strange twitch that made her wings flap by themselves. Regaining control over herself, Dulcy saved Sonic in front of Robotnik after the former got caught by the Mega Muck Units, by freezing everyone present with her freezing bolts. Afterward, she flew back to Knothole with Sonic, only to crash while landing. Fortunately for Dulcy, her friends made some organic bandages for her knees which she had injured during her unsuccessful landing. While her friends congratulated her for the rescue she pulled off though, Dulcy suddenly experienced another strange twitch, prompting her to fly into the ceiling. Taking Bunnie's advice about sleeping it off, Dulcy went to sleep. At night, however, Dulcy entered trance and heard the voice of her mother, who told her to go to Dragon's Nest. While Dulcy flew over the Great Plain in her trance-like state however, two Hover Units caught her. Fortunately, Sonic and Sally came to the rescue and helped Dulcy wake up. After rescuing her friends from the Hover Units, Dulcy flew back to Knothole. There, she told her friends about hearing her mother's voice in her dreams, and Sally used Nicole to display information about Dragon's Nest and the migration habits of dragons. As it turned out, adult dragons lay their eggs in Dragon's Nest. In addition, younger dragons incapable of laying eggs could be called there. After Dulcy later went to slept, Sonic and his friends used Nicole to watch her dreams, which showed that Dulcy was reliving her memories of her time with her mother. When Dulcy later woke up, she went straight to Dragon's Nest, ignoring the warnings of her friends. When she arrived in Dragon's Nest though, she found a dragon egg there. As she tried to incubate it, Sonic and Sally came and told her that Robotnik had caught the Mother Dragon, whom the egg belonged to. Deciding that she would defend the egg, Dulcy took it with her as she flew back to Knothole with Sonic and Sally. While flying through Deep Canyon however, Robotnik appeared with his forces and started chasing them. Fortunately, Dulcy managed to loose them. Arriving in Knothole later on, Dulcy landed perfectly for the first time, which she attributed to the fact that she was carrying an egg. Dulcy and Sally subsequently left the dragon egg in the care of Bunnie while they went to Robotropolis with Sonic to set up an ambush for Robotnik in order to rescue the Mother Dragon. After rescuing the Mother Dragon and returning to Knothole with her, a baby dragon would hatch from the egg. It also turned out that the baby dragon was a protector-class dragon, just like Dulcy. After saying goodbye to the Mother Dragon, who left for a place with her baby where Robotnik would never find them, Dulcy received a gift from Rotor in the form of purple knee protectors.[1]

During winter, Dulcy tried to land in Knothole during a snowstorm, with Sonic and Antoine helping direct her. However, Dulcy ended up crash landing and destroying several huts in the process, including Sonic. Later, Dulcy and the other Freedom Fighters gathered around Antoine's hut after hearing Antoine's deranged screams and yells coming out of it. Shortly thereafter, the heroes saw a huge tree collapse on top of Antoine's hut.[8]

Soon after, Dulcy, Sonic, Sally and Antoine came to the Great Unknown in search of the Freedom Fighter group known as the Wolf Pack. Upon receiving the shortest route Nicole had to the Wolf Pack's headquarters, Sonic ran ahead of his friends without warning. Dulcy carried Sally and Antoine with her as they pursued Sonic, but Sonic stopped them when they approached a field with perpetual lightning storms by grabbing Dulcy's tail and pulling her in the opposite direction. With the storm field in their way, the Knothole Freedom Fighters followed the second route Nicole pointed out for them. Upon reaching a dead end though, the group found some inscriptions that Nicole translated, revealing them to be a warning about a curse. Horrified by the threat of a curse, Antoine found the entrance to an underground tunnel by chance while panicking. Because of her claustrophobia, Dulcy was afraid to go inside the tunnel, but she suggested that she could fly to the other side of the canyon and meet up with her friends there. Sonic advised against that, however, because the Great Unknown was unexplored and potentially dangerous. Instead, he told Dulcy to go back to Knothole, which she did.[9]

Dulcy later flew Sally to Robotropolis, where they met with Chuck and learned that Robotnik was looking for the Deep Power Stones in Drood Henge. Sally herself could not get information about the stones because of the time lock her father had put on Nicole, which kept her from accessing the info she needed until she came of age. Afterward, Dulcy came with Sally and started looking for Sonic with her in order to warn Sonic about Robotnik's plan. After searching all night from the air, Dulcy and Sally finally found Sonic and Tails when they were heading towards Knothole. Dulcy subsequently flew after them. Sometime later, Dulcy got ready to take Sally and Sonic to Drood Henge to fool Robotnik with a fake Deep Power Stone. Before they left however, Sonic convinced Sally to let Tails aid them with their mission. Moved by how Tails was coming along on his first mission, Dulcy would shed tears of happiness. After arriving in Drood Henge, Dulcy sent a signal to Sally after she had seen Tails catch Robotnik's attention. After Sally and Tails then returned to her, Dulcy took them along with her as she rescued Sonic from Robotnik, whom Sonic had tricked into giving up his search for one of the Deep Power Stones by destroying the fake Deep Power Stone in front of him. Returning to Drood Henge afterward, the heroes dug up the second Deep Power Stone and kept it to themselves. Dulcy was then moved to tears when she heard that Tails was the one who came up with the idea to use the fake Deep Power Stone, which earned him a place among the Freedom Fighters.[10]

Some time after, Antoine asked Dulcy to take him to Robotropolis so he could warn Chuck of a trap that Robotnik was setting for him. When Antoine did not find Chuck in his hideout however, he decided to look for him elsewhere. Although Dulcy did not believe he had the guts for it, she nevertheless allowed him to look for Chuck. She subsequently hid herself in Robotropolis, and after a while, she saw Sally and Bunnie leave an intercepted Hover Unit. As she ran up to meet them, she met Sonic, who told her to take a shaky Antoine back to Knothole. After hushing the shaky Antoine, Dulcy did as Sonic told her.[11]

Dulcy taking Ari and Lupe to attack the Doomsday Machine.

After the Doomsday Project was initiated, Dulcy took Ari and Lupe with her on an attack on the Doomsday Machine. While Dulcy flew over the Doomsday Machine, Ari and Lupe unloaded several mannequins with parachutes to serve as a distraction. Afterward, Dulcy returned to the Great Unknown, where she awaited Sonic's return together with Sally, Tails, Antoine and Chuck. When Sonic finally did return, he revealed that he had failed to destroy the Doomsday Machine. It was then that Chuck suggested that they used the power of the Deep Power Stones to destroy the Doomsday Machine. After Sonic and Sally destroyed the Doomsday Machine and defeating Robotnik, Dulcy returned to Knothole to celebrate their victory.[12]


Dulcy is a calm, sweet-hearted and composed dragon that is very much a child at heart who is trying to come to terms with adolescence. She tends to be clumsy, loud-mouthed, and a bit ditzy and absent-minded, but she is extremely kind, helpful and loyal towards her friends, family and fellow dragons. She occasionally gets disoriented, often thinking that she is talking to her "ma" Sabina after flying into something and crash landing.[2] She is also claustrophobic, meaning that she does not like tight spaces.[9] She is also naturally very protective of dragon eggs.[1] When she goes to sleep, she has a habit of hanging upside down with her tail wrapped around a tree branch or a horizontal pole while sucking her thumb.[1][5]

Powers and abilities

Dulcy is one of the strongest Freedom Fighters. She is a powerful dragon, and her powers outweigh even those of ordinary dragons. For this reason, she is called a "protector".[1]

Dulcy can fly at dizzying speed,[1] and can even accelerate further by whipping her tail in midair in order to bounce herself forward, a maneuver of which she has dubbed "crack the whip".[2][10] Although she can get tired from prolonged flights, flying comes so natural to her that she can fly in her sleep.[10] When pushed to the extreme, Dulcy is even able to outfly several Hover Units at once.[1] Duly also possesses impressive strength, as she is able to carry around many passengers on her back without any strain.

Dulcy breathing fire.

Dulcy's main powers are her elemental affinities. She can breathe fire hot enough to destroy metal,[1] and blow freezing bolts from her nostrils that can instantly freeze both organic and robotic beings solid in an instant.[1][2] She can also inhale massive amounts of air by flexing her chest, causing her to grow to balloon-ish proportions, although this process takes time for her as it is not an easy trick to pull off.[2] With the air she has inhaled, Dulcy can use it to increase her own mass or create gale-force winds with enough force to blow away heavy metallic objects when exhaled.[2][5] As a "protector" class dragon, Dulcy can also use her air manipulating abilities to produce smokescreens, which she can use to obscure her enemies' sight.[1]

Due to her short arms, Dulcy also possesses a highly dexterous tail that can easily wrap around objects and be used as a whip.[1][2]

Because Dulcy is a dragon, her mother instinct can stir up in her head, calling her to Dragon's Nest. While she is still too young to lay eggs, she can be called upon to look after them.[1]


Although a great flier, Dulcy has problems with landing and usually ends up crash landing, resulting in her getting scrapped knees and causing destruction in case she lands in the wrong place.[1][8] When she carries a dragon egg with her, however, she is very careful and capable of landing perfectly.[1]




In other media

Archie Comics

Dulcy in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Dulcinea the Dragon was a member of the Dragon Tribe who lived in isolation inside the great volcano of Vesuvio. During her early years, Dulcy lost her mother, Sabina, to the First Robotnik War. Despite this (and perhaps driven by her claustrophobia), she explored the outside world against the wishes of Glint, the leader of her tribe. Her explorations led to her meeting and joining the Knothole Freedom Fighters. For her actions, however, her traditional nose ring was replaced with a Power Ring, which inhibited many of her innate talents. After many years she proved pivotal in rescuing Vesuvio from an invasion by the Eggman Empire, and was given back her original nose ring. In addition, she became the ambassador for her tribe.

Dulcy had a very sweet, child-like nature. While normally endearing, it landed her in trouble when she met the violent and unstable Zan on Pyro Island. She thought she had found love and a mate, but she could not bring herself to acknowledge she was being abused. Dulcy was rescued by her Freedom Fighter friends while Zan died in combat with G.UN.'s then-premier unit, Sigma-Alpha 2. After that, she was free of Zan and the restrictions of her tribe. She would still pay frequent visits to New Mobotropolis, but otherwise spent her time exploring the world.

After the Super Genesis Wave rebooted the multiverse, Dulcy became a member of the Eastern Forest Clan, one of many clans in Yurashia that feuded with each other. Dulcy hated these feuds and eventually ran away from home, making it all the way to Westside Island where she first met the Freedom Fighters. Dulcy's encounter with them inspired her to return home and start her own team of Freedom Fighters and unite the clans through fighting a common enemy: the Eggman Empire. In time, she formed her own team: the Shijin Warriors.


  • According to writer Ben Hurst, Dulcy was introduced to the series during season two because the show's staff wanted another female character in the show's main cast.[citation needed]

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