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Dulcy is a main character in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. She is a dragon of a special class, known as a "protector", and is a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. She is one of the only dragons left on Mobius due to mass-roboticization of the species by Dr. Robotnik.


Dulcy is a sweet-hearted dragon that is very much a child at heart who is trying to come to terms with adolescence. She tends to be clumsy, loud-mouthed, and a bit ditzy and absent-minded, but she is extremely kind, helpful and loyal towards her friends. She occasionally gets disoriented, often thinking that she is talking to her "ma" Sabina. She is also claustrophobic, meaning that she does not like tight spaces. When she goes to sleep, she has a habit of sucking her thumb.

Powers and abilities

Dulcy has powers beyond those of normal dragons and is one of the most powerful Freedom Fighters next to Sonic. However, due to her inexperience, she often does a poor job when it comes to landing, often crashing.

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Archie Comics


  • According to writer Ben Hurst, Dulcy was introduced to the series during Season 2 because the show's staff wanted another female character in the show's main cast.[citation needed]


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