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The Dude-Mobile[1] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is the personal tour van of Dude-itude.



The Dude-Mobile is a yellow van with yellow seats, a red roof, a flat front, and the image of a green pineapple depicted on each side. The side windows are covered in thick orange grids, and on the roof are a pair of roof racks with a beach chair and a blue-white surfboard tied to them. The van also has a gray van ladder on each side leading up the roof, and an additional ladder on the right side leading up to the front seats. In the front, the Dude-Mobile has a pair of front lights, a wide black bumper, a winch, and a pair of wing mirrors with beam-emblazoned yellow caps on the backs. The entire vehicle itself stands on tall suspensions with medium-sized black wheels. Also, on the rear is a green hatch with a compartment behind it that is big enough to hold the Blue Force One. The inside of the Dude-Mobile is decorated with various pictures.

Features and abilities

The Dude-Mobile can reach speeds at about 95 mph, and its suspensions allow it to drive across rough terrains and withstand drops from great heights without taking damage. It also has retractable rockets on the sides that can be used to give the vehicle a boost in speed.[1]


TV series

Season two

Dude-itude onboard the Dude-Mobile.

The Dude-Mobile was provided to Dude-itude by Tails so they could get their gear to a concert on the other side of Seaside Island. As the crew took turns driving the van to the concert though, they got sidetracked by tourist traps, stops, the police, and the Bike Chain Bandit. When they later got accused of being the Bike Chain Bandit's associates, the crew used the Dude-Mobile and its contents to find and catch the bandit when he tried to flee, clearing their names. However, Dude-itude discovered that they were a month too early for their concert when they arrived at the site in the Dude-Mobile.[1][2]


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