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Dude, Where's My Eggman?

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"Dude, Where's My Eggman?" is the tenth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 17 December 2014 in France and on 24 January 2015 in the United States.


Orbot and Cubot wake up with no memory of the previous day's events. On top of that, Eggman is missing. The two bots set out to find Eggman by figuring out exactly what happened the day before.








Inside Dr. Eggman's lair, Orbot and Cubot wake up lying on the floor, disoriented, and discover that their memory files of yesterday have been erased. They search for Dr. Eggman to get some answers, but the doctor is nowhere to be found. While Cubot relishes in their chance at freedom, Orbot insists that they should find Eggman by trying to figure out what happened yesterday.

Orbot and Cubot start by asking Sonic and Knuckles at Sonic's Shack if they battled with Eggman yesterday. Both Sonic and Knuckles confirm this, but Knuckles exaggerates that he single-handedly defeated Eggman with his "superpowers" while Sonic was a clumsy coward, thus earning him the affections of Amy and Sticks as well as the title of governor. Sonic attempts to correct Knuckles, then tells the robots that Eggman went to the marketplace afterwards. There, Orbot and Cubot meet Mike the Ox who tells them that he called the police when Eggman tried to return a broken umbrella he bought from him. They therefore decide to ask the Beaver Policeman, a police officer, for the whereabouts of Eggman, whom Orbot describes as a "loud, stocky fellow with an evil laugh" and long facial features. The Beaver Policeman tells them that they caught such a person last night.

Seeing that they have to get Eggman out of jail, Orbot suggests they raise bail money. The duo first try earning money by performing as a musical street band in the village, but only get pity money from Tails. They then try tricking Amy into giving them a donation for an elderly robots' charity. While Amy gladly hands her savings over, she tells them how she initially planned to donate them to fund for baby penguin sweaters as a part of Operation: Toasty Beak. Ridden with guilt, Orbot and Cubot refuse to take the money, and additionally donate the money they received from Tails.

For their next attempt, Orbot and Cubot try selling the Eggmobile. They find a customer named T.W. Barker, who convinces them that if they let him take it out for a test drive, they could name the price. However, after waiting a full day for Barker to return, they realize they have been tricked. Losing patience, Cubot decides to simply break Eggman out of jail. The person found in jail, however, is a walrus who looks similar to Orbot's description of Eggman to the police. After escaping the police, the walrus, named Willy Walrus, thanks them for the jailbreak and tells them that he met Eggman yesterday and joined forces with him to break into the helium warehouse. However, shortly after they got into the warehouse, the police arrived and they got split up while Willy was arrested. Orbot and Cubot go to the warehouse to look for Eggman where they find his Disintegrator Ray and what appears to be his mustache, which make them deduce that Eggman must have dropped his ray in the panic and disintegrated himself.

Heartbroken over Eggman's death, Orbot and Cubot return home, where they find Eggman with his robots who surprise them with a party. While very overjoyed over Eggman being alive, Orbot and Cubot voice their confusion over where he had been this morning, to which Eggman explains that he went out for a breakfast burrito. Orbot also explains how they found that mustache they had, but Eggman reveals to them that it is a fake mustache for his "pin-the-mustache-on-the-Eggman" game for their party, which he had set up to improve their morale. Orbot is moved by Eggman's act, but Eggman admits that he had the pair do all the work and erased their memories of it afterwards so he could trick them. Eggman shows them how he erased their memory banks by pressing a button on each of them, causing both to shut down. Orbot and Cubot soon after wake up in the same manner as they did earlier, with no memory of their adventure and therefore could not recall the whereabouts of the stolen Eggmobile when asked by Eggman.


  • Willy Walrus is introduced. He would subsequently return in later episodes as a prominent member of the Lightning Bolt Society.
  • T.W. Barker is introduced. He would subsequently return in later episodes as a prominent antagonist.


  • When Eggman walks away from Mike the Ox's shop, his mustache is smaller than normal.
  • When Orbot and Cubot are reunited with Eggman in the lair, Orbot notes how Eggman was gone that morning. This statement is wrong, as a day passed while Orbot and Cubot waited for T.W. Barker to return, meaning that Eggman disappeared the morning before.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Brazilian Portuguese Cara, Cadê Meu Chefe? Dude, Where's My Boss?
Chinese 寻找艾格曼 Looking for Eggman
Finnish Mitä eilen tapahtui? What happened yesterday?
French Hé, il est passé où mon Eggman? Hey, Where is my Eggman?
German Hey, wo ist mein Eggman? Hey, where is my Eggman?
Hungarian Hol lehet Tojáshegy? Where is Eggman?
Italian Dov'è il dottor Eggman? Where is Dr. Eggman?
Japanese エッグマンはどこ? Where is Eggman?
Korean 에그맨을 찾습니다 Eggman is Missing
Polish Stary, gdzie jest mój Eggman? Dude, where's my Eggman?
Portuguese Onde Se Meteu o Eggman, Meu? Where did Eggman go, man?
Romanian Frate, unde e Eggman? Brother, where is Eggman?
Russian Куда делся Эггман? Where did Eggman go?
Spanish (Latin America) Viejo, ¿Dónde Está Mi Eggman? Dude, Where's My Eggman?
Turkish Eggman'i Gören Oldu mu? Have you seen Eggman?
Ukrainian Друже, де мій Еґмен? Where is my Eggman?


  • The title and plot of this episode is a spoof of the movie Dude, Where's My Car?.
  • When Orbot reset Cubot after he malfunctions while checking his memory array, Cubot's startup music sounds like the Windows XP startup sound.
  • The song Cubot was singing for their street band was "Daisy Bell".
  • This is the first episode of the series to center around Orbot and Cubot.
  • When Knuckles is re-telling events of their recent clash with Dr. Eggman, Knuckles jumps into the air to perform a charging pose. This pose resembles the super transformation sprite of Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles.
    • However Bill Freiberger said that it did not have to do with Super Knuckles and was just Knuckles exaggerating.
  • Alan Denton, one of the writers of this episode, tweeted a joke that Knuckles' "infinite jump" glitch in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was made canon in Sonic Boom. To justify this, a fan made a funny video comprised of clips from Knuckles' fantasy with in-game pauses to show this in effect.[3]
  • This is the first episode where Sonic and Tails are minor characters.
  • This is the first episode that Sticks does not speak in.
  • Due to Eggman's umbrella being burnt when he was attempting to return it, it hints at the possibility that Knuckles' fantasy was actually at least partially true.
  • This episode was originally conceived after "Circus of Plunders", but aired before it due to it finishing production first.[4]
  • Concept artwork for this episode appeared in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.


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